Wedding Deal – Chapter 04 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 04:

“Do you want to live a free life, Princess Y/N?”

I blinked several times and shook my head, ” I don’t quite understand what you mean. Of course my life is restricted at the moment but what are you implying to do? Kidnap me and make me escape from my current life? “, I joked and his face turned serious as he nodded.

My shoulders dropped out of disbelief and he rubbed his chin, “well not kidnapping rather marriage but you are right, that was on my mind.”

I almost fell down if it wasn’t for the pillar next to me which I leaned on and he swiftly came to my side without touching me yet his hands were ready to catch me if I had really fallen down.

“You are joking, aren’t you? “, I stuttered and he just silently stared at me with a determined expression.

“Because your face doesn’t look really like you are joking…”, I muttered and hoped he would suddenly clap my arm and agree to relieve the sudden anxiety that came with the possibility of marriage.

Early marriage with the 2nd prince of Johsai… And it’s someone like him… Never

“I was not joking, but I mean maybe I am not attractive enough-“

“You’re handsome…”, I cut him off while it slipped out of me as I was absent-minded.

When I realized that he became flustered and rubbed his neck with a red face as he looked down muttering a thank you, I wanted to die on the spot for not containing my thoughts.

“I guess it’s rather about marriage in general then, right?”, he asked, still flustered but trying to get the topic moving.

“Appearance and personality-wise you seem like someone who is too good for a mere 3rd princess and I don’t know if I could really make you happy”, I also avoided his gaze and fumbled with my fingers which reminded me that my mother also hated it when I did that so I stopped.

“What’s wrong with it? Whether it’s 2nd, 3rd or even 1st does that change anything about the inside? And either way our marriage would be more of a beneficial relationship, I get to satisfy my mother and finally regain full authority in my province in order to protect it while at our palace you can do as you please, whenever and whatever you want. I will make sure you will not be restricted in any way. And of course I won’t touch you if necessary”, he explained in a very soothing and calm manner as he looked over to my mother and back to me.

“What do you mean necessarily?”, I asked a bit suspicious as I heaved an eyebrow and he cleared his throat as he closed his eyes.

“We still need to act as a married couple of course. We cannot afford to let our parents and the province see a fake marriage happening that would destroy their trust in the government.”

“S-so you want to-“, this time he cut me off and faced one of his palms towards me as if to deny whatever I wanted to say next.

“No, no don’t worry I won’t touch you in any inappropriate way and uhm I will only do what is necessary in front of people”, I sighed out of relief when he said that.

It didn’t sound like a bad deal.

Freedom and someone like Prince Hajime as my husband… It’s actually too good to be true as I realized that he stepped closer.

“If you agree I would now talk to your mother in order to arrange a meeting the coming week”, he was dead serious and I understood that this man must probably do everything quickly and thoroughly.

“Y-yes”, was my automatic reaction and before I even realized what I had said due to the pressure of that man’s authority aura I already saw him talking to my mother who looked very pleased.

I looked for either Chiaki or Hiyori but the former was missing and the latter sat on a chair snapping for air while Ushijima patted her back as if he wasn’t the reason she had an asthma attack.

it’s too late but-

As I saw the satisfied expression on my mother’s face for the first time in ages I felt like it was the only solution that worked.

How he said we both would make them happy and I also would… I would-

“Be free”, I muttered and stared at Hiyori who was bold enough to shove Ushijima’s arm away. Something I would never dare to do but maybe now it would change

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