5 Webtoons that will put a smile on your face this month

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Art credits: Twitter: @tarokunnnn and @_tamomoko

Fall has entered some time ago and blessed us with colorful change yet again. 

With the cold season drawing closer and closer, nights become longer and the day seems even shorter by then one should not forget to smile in the hustle of life.

Therefore we searched out 5 webtoons for you to enjoy this month in order to keep you smiling whether due to the comedy aspects or the wholesomeness in some.
Let’s start right away with a spoiler-free webtoon recommendation list.


In a world where Werewolves, Vampires and Humans live together seemingly peacefully the story revolves around a certain character – Kira Volkov.

She visits a school that is mostly attended by rich Vampires who look down on all others, especially humans.

Kira Volkov with her strong sense for justice and harmony doesn’t care who stands before her, she will hunt them down no matter what especially as part of the disciplinary committee.

Feared by everyone else for her strong personality and rough handling of people who break the rules, Kira is surprised to find that someone left a weird thing in her locker- more precisely saying she officially has a stalker.

While she herself is a target of stalking and targeting the one who did this to her, a journey of mysteries about Kira and the stalker starts to unfold, as well as some romance?

AntiSTALKER has romance aspects as well as comedic relief in it’s chapters also leaving the reader curious about the many relationships and lore of the world.

The unique art that has tendencies of a cartoonish yet anime-like style with bursting colors and interesting character designs as well as clear features.

Vampires have red eyes, Werewolves yellow and Human blue but they do not seem alike since they are still so various, perfect for the fall season a webtoon with fantasy aspects yet fully a school-life setting.

Artist’s official IG: https://www.instagram.com/vokivormok/

Nice to meet you

More on the cute and wholesome side of things is Nice to meet you.

It’s the story of how Mew and Daze meet through many coincidences, the first one being that Mew finds a lost student card.

Instead of returning that student card that seemingly belongs to Daze Mew does something unexpected, rather she wants to see what fate brings her if she decided to play with her luck and so she replaces his ID with hers despite not knowing who he is at all.

Attending the same university, not long before Daze finds the girl and confronts her which leads to more than anyone thought it would.

The story of Nice to meet you is a bit slow-paced compared to other slice-of-life romance plots yet very nice to follow with much time to get to know the characters who are all individual.

Character design and the cute outfits in each chapter are also a big mood maker in the overall series, with the comedy and cuteness as well as the interactions between several characters it just won’t get boring alone from the visuals.

The colors are soothing and matching the fluffy wholesome story mostly in pastel. 

Artist’s official IG: https://www.instagram.com/wishroomness


With the next one we have a little more unusual setting especially since the characters don’t even have set names yet according to the author.

But what would you do if someone you never noticed all of a sudden with no signs beforehand, confesses his feelings for you?

It happens to the female lead of Mekar… when her handsome and charismatic classmate tells her to go out with him.

Yet instead of feeling charmed and happy our female lead runs away and avoids him completely, not trusting him a single bit.

So the story starts of two people suddenly getting closer, not even in a romantic way, getting to know each other for the very first time.

The interesting part about Mekar is not only the art-style this time, which lineart for example is a bit softer and also the coloring, but also the way the author tells us the story.

Fourth walls being broken many times and a lot of memes in-between which don’t annoy the reader but on the opposite match perfectly into the situation also causing one to smile or even laugh.

It’s a slice-of-life comedy so the story does progress in a way but mainly the lives and comedy are in the foreground of story-telling.

Another nice keypoint is that the author engages a lot with the reader through extra material of the story, little mini-comics and also a lot of extra artworks for a change of pace.

Artist’s official IG: https://www.instagram.com/amoeoeo/

Romance 101

For all the romance-noobs outthere waiting for their time to bloom and also experience it- you are not alone.

Bareum also finds herself in a lonely situation as she realizes that her full-planner for a perfect life at university forgot one tiny thing, a love life.

Dwelling over this fact and seeing only love birds and couples around her, Bareum waits for her friend to finally go out and have some fun. But when she sees her friend’s attractive coworker Bareum feels that her time has finally come, her love life is about to start.

Instead she finds herself joining a programming club in order to see her new chance blossom.

Things turn out a lot different than Bareum expected as her knowledge of love is basically zero, she miscalculated some things and now she is forced to make her way out of the situation she is in.

Trying her best to get her crush’s attention, but also seemingly getting closer to a bad-tempered and lazy guy in the club things won’t seem so easy for Bareum.

Just as the title says Romance 101 shows the many struggles of someone who never experienced love and eagerly tries to find it after shoving it off until university.

As romance is not a passive thing only, Bareum’s funny attempts of realizing that she has to take an active role are pure comedy and very relatable.

The art-style is very soothing. not too much color but it doesn’t make it dull. It’s rather refreshing to see so much color with no special shading techniques in hair, skin or clothes.

Cue clothes, the author always puts in new clothes and a lot of inspiring outfits in the webtoon which makes it refreshing and creative.

Artist’s official IG: https://www.instagram.com/nam_soo_

The Gentle Way

This webtoon is all about Judo!

Or at least it seems so until Ishihada Jun enters the story and we see that despite Judo is all she thinks about, she is even below average at it.

Trying her best to improve and determined to do so in order to defeat her childhood rival, Jun takes all means to become better, yet there is one thing that obstructs her.

As a very timid and socially awkward person she has a hard time approaching people and over-thinks a lot to a point that she misses her chance every time.

An encounter with a mysterious, charming, cold yet strong young man who saves Jun from a situation makes her realize it’s her only chance to improve. The young man who saved her with the thing she wants to improve the most – Judo – shall be her new teacher.

Or so at least Jun hoped it would turn out, but will she be able to make him teach her while he coldly rejected her?

A webtoon that starts with Judo is a little bit unique with the story and also the topic since Judo is not a sport that is talked about very much unlike Taekwondo and other sports like them. Yet the author manages to pull the reader in with this topic.

On top of that here again the author interacts a lot with the audience which is really nice to see despite that the webtoon already gained some popularity.

Art-style is also close to Shoujo-manga in color but very distinct as it has a bit of a rough lineart but soft colors. Many memes and comedic moments yet again but also fears of the female lead which are very relatable if not almost the same for many people out there.

The story of a girl who simply wants to improve in Judo but turns into a story of self-growth and seeing the flaws in oneself that stops from acting in a dire situation.

All characters in the series are very charming and sway the heart of the reader, while the interactions are very wholesome yet hold realistic making it even more heart-warming.

Artist’s official IG: https://www.instagram.com/the.gentle.way/

That’s it for today’s recommendation.

Do you know any of these webtoons already?

There are even more webtoons that could have been in this post but we will slowly add a recommendation list over the time with certain topics and those were one’s in which today’s topic really fitted in.

Any recommendations on your side for a smile?

Leave your answers in the comments!

Until then don’t forget to smile once in a while,

  • Makii

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