Scent. – a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.39


Art by @KeouChuu on Twitter

From a distant perspective, one that could look over the whole scenery of the university grounds, with students the size of ants bustling through halls to get to their next class, it is the sound of buzzing that sets the perspective closer to the ground bit by bit. 

Through lecture halls, the cafeteria left outside behind a building further away, the buzzing of what we can distinguish as a smartphone now gets closer and closer, moving through hurrying teachers and mumbling students to find the device on the floor vibrating in a succession of a couple of seconds between. 

With each buzz, the phone moved a little bit on the ground, the screen completely cracked as if it had just freshly taken a massive fall. 

The display lights up with every notification, showing the spammed messages of one contact. 

[yo] seen. 

[YOO] seen. 

A rhythm of lights and vibration continued to form, not relenting but becoming more and more urgent. 

[why did you call?] seen. 

[am I on speed dial?] seen. 

[ur not replyinnggg] seen. 

For a short moment, the screen turned black again, the messages relenting. [you cant call me and then leave me on seen] seen. 

Another short moment before the next message rolled in. 

[ok now im getting scared] seen. 

[ur in high sens, i get anxious when u are] sent. 

[if this is a prank its not funny] seen. 

[im freaking out now] seen. 

Faintly from a distance, a groan could be heard. 

[where is your phone??????] seen.

[omg] seen. 

[kiyo] seen. 

[kiyo???] seen. 

[if you don’t reply now im going to call someone] seen. 

Something akin to the sound of hurling up their last meal was distinguishable, a little closer now than before. 

Scraping on the concrete, then shuffling that sounded closer and closer 

A ringtone rippled through the phone, and with a shuddering movement, a hand slapped over it and accepted the call. 

“Kiyomi? Are you okay”, a shaken female voice resounded from the speakers. He could only whimper back. 

“Oh my god”, the voice of the girl inhaled sharply, “I’m getting help! Don’t worry, I’m almost there! I’m coming, hang on!”. 

Even is she said any more comforting words, the rest of his surroundings became a blur as he tried to stay awake, but not moving at all right now and going to sleep just felt so right… 


And then everything faded to darkness.

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