Wedding Deal – Chapter 05 [IwaizumixReader]

header art: pottetto @deviantart

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 05:

On the next day I had to be awake at 5.a.m in the morning as my mother wanted to look for new decorations, buy fabric for new dresses and even more.

Usually we needed to be awake at 8 a.m for no particular reason yet this was something I had to call when I saw her expression yesterday.

Nonetheless I didn’t hear anything from Chiaki at all nor did I see her as I worried when no message arrived, which worried me even more to a point that I couldn’t sit still this morning when my maid brushed my hair and asked me if everything was alright.

It wasn’t… What if she got caught? I can’t even sneak out to see if she is okay, my mother will do the whole programm all week.

And it was, just as I knew my mother the week filled with shopping trips, manicures, pedicures, they even removed hair from places I didn’t even know I had hair at. 

The palace looked different every day I walked through it as my mother wanted to impress our guests.

This is embarrassing despite that they are still from a bigger and more influential province …

And I stood there by my mother’s side waiting with my heart beating and trying not to get a panic attack as I stared at the door, my mother kept telling me the whole routine.

“Smile but not too much, you are not a commoner or a jester. Stand straight and push your chest out, oh god no matter how they bind your corset you don’t have much there at least try to shove it out. When we eat later take a small bite, don’t finish your food or they’ll think you are a gluttony and-“, at some point I could even narrate the whole thing so I pretended to listen and repeat after her doing all the things she needed for me to be ‘perfect’.

I really hope…really really hope… that he is right.

“Your majesty, the guests have arrived”, I almost tripped over my dress due to shock which got me an angry glare from mother before I stood straight as I saw the big white marble doors open in front of my eyes.

With the steps coming closer my heart almost jumped out of my chest as the three people and their guards arrived looking like the most beautiful and powerful family I met.

Prince Hajime unlike on the event wore a black suit with a red tie, yet the suit was embroidered with many oriental details around the buttons looking almost like a military uniform for formal events, a watch on his right wrist and his hair combed back, some of the strands still being messy on the side.

Someone who looked similar to him appeared next to him wearing a red glamorous mermaid dress with long sleeves, a little tiara on her head in gold and many necklaces around her neck and some rings, her long black hair curly as if it was perfectly arranged every single strand. She was slightly tanned and had a warm smile on her face.

The third figure that surprised me was familiar as his wave with the bright smile made the room much more illuminating, he was also the first one to speak even from far away, “Yahoo future sister-in-law and her mother~”, dressed in white with a blue tie it was no other than the first prince Oikawa Tooru who seemed to have something hidden under that smile as he approached my mother first using his charm on her.

As I was ready and gave him my hand and he leaned down he had a meaningful stare, the smile still on his face, “Princess Y/N, right?”, his voice sounded friendly yet he had a weird undertone before his eyes checked if my mother was watching.

She was occupied with who I assumed was Prince Hajime’s sister.

I nodded and smiled forcefully, “Y-Yes, I suppose you are Prince Tooru, right?”, his smile widened and he closed his eyes.

“Yes, indeed that’s me I am happy you recognized me”, I secretly thought everyone would do so, “but I wouldn’t have recognized your friend as a commoner back there”, as he slipped in that comment my eyes swiftly turned to my mother who was in the middle of an excited talk.

“W-What-“, he shook his head as he cut me off and I signed that he shouldn’t mention it next to my mother.

“No worries Princess Y/N, it’s just that let’s say… I got to know her at the party for a while”, is he the reason she didn’t contact me at all?!

“D-Did you?”, I muttered and he nodded but looked to the side while whispering, “let’s talk later when everyone leaves. I have a little deal for you sister-in-law”, the grasp of his tightened for a second before he let go and nodded with a wide smile.

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