Anime Quote Time pt. 10

Art by @yuumei deviantart

“If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world, accept yourself and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.”

Alibaba Saluja (Magi)

As one walks through life with all trials and tribulations that come from it, one gathers experiences from all sorts of life events. From when we are born until we grow shriveled and old, before we can make our own judgements we look at others who have learned before us.

It is human nature to look at the past and not only learn from it, but to renew what has been built and overcome our weaknesses. As the intellectual being that we are, we have the innate ability to share our experiences and tell others what we think.

From that moment on, our experiences form to likes and dislikes, that build our opinions on all sorts of things.

A prized notion that stems from this, is the ability to speak one’s mind, to form one’s own opinions on all things in life as we create our own identity and personality. Especially kids start with basic needs and claims such as “I don’t like this food” or “I enjoyed this game”, which further on develops into more complex ideals.

Experience forms opinions, and opinions can be shared everywhere which again builds groups and separates one from the other.

Especially with the internet and the connectivity of social media, opinions are everywhere to be found. Trends get shared at the speed of lightning, styles and jokes die just as they have arrived and every person is ready to share their opinion on anything.

We rely on the majority of other people to review products we want to buy before even considering trying them out on our own, public opinion has become a life or death situation for all people in the entertainment industry and the anonymity of the display screen makes negative comments more and more vicious.

With ‘cancel culture’ on a high rise, communities build only to decide for the vast majority which creators are safe to consume, and the mainstream has become less of a guideline and more of a norm or standard.

Now, as social groups build, with their own ideas of what is good and bad, normally they learn to exclude what irks them as much as they include what they like. This builds the region of acceptance in the mainstream and the rejection of what doesn’t fit the set standard.

We all feel it sometimes.

As much as we try to work on our own life and the way we wish to do so set by our own values, opinions are everywhere. They can not only confuse your decision making process, but they might even overwhelm you in a sense.

There are people out there whom we trust, whose opinions we gladly pour into our decision, and others we would rather leave all together. As private as one might try to be, it gets harder and harder to shield oneself from the onslaught of other people’s ideas of what you should be doing.

It can come from your parents, your teachers, your family or friends, and as much as they want good for you, sometimes their ideas might not align with yours.

Depending on your own circumstances and surroundings, one can quickly realise that whatever they might do and however hard they might work, it is simply impossible to please all voices that have now entered your mind.

Acceptance in society is not always a given, and sometimes it can get harder and harder to ignore the yells of what other people want from you. Even though it is your life, sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

Alibaba speaks exactly to people in such situations.

“If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world[…]”, in which case this part of the quote caters to the ones who have lost their way in the minds of others as they tried their best to please everyone but themselves, one realised at the end that they couldn’t be accepted the way they are in their environment.

“[…] accept yourself […]”, as hard as it sounds, the truth still lies in Alibaba’s words. The acceptance of your own worth as hard as that may sound is the first step towards anything close to prioritizing your own dreams and flourishing into your best self. 

“[…] and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.”, this ties the quote together to form the last message.

If others only push onto you for their own gain or for their own values without taking you into consideration, as much as catering to such people will please them it will never please you. If you only live for the expectations of other people and your surroundings or the mainstream, you will never truly be able to be happy with yourself.

In the end, you cannot make everyone happy, and there will always be someone who is not satisfied with you. 

Living on those accords will never come to a satisfying conclusion unless you realise yourself what you want and what you want to achieve. Having done that, you can chase after your wants and needs in your own manner and actually attain happiness stemming from your own hard work.

Truly being free will never be completely possible in this life, since everyone feels freedom in a different way, but if you do not care about other people’s view of you and only live your life to the fullest in the extent of your hopes, you can come pretty close.

No good will come by hurrying around after other people, but your own mind should become strong as you decide for yourself what you want and what you need.

As Alibaba has said in this quote, you will not need the acceptance of others which in turn means no one can truly exclude you or make you unworthy, as long as you know your own worth and strive to become the best version of who you are.

Live life the way it should be lived, make it your own beautiful experience and learn from yourself and others as long as you do not hurt others and work hard on your own set of ideals, you will hopefully find that you are just right the way you are.

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