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Chapter 06:

I had been too nervous after that little remark of prince Tooru that I didn’t even realize that the beautiful woman approached me, her fragrance engulfing me wholly a mix of elegant allure and sweet flowers before she shook my hand and placed a kiss on one cheek and then on the other as I repeated the gesture after her.

“It’s indeed a pleasure and delight to see the girl that my son chose after being against marriage for so long. And I have to say that a beauty like you delicate and reserved wasn’t what I quite expected”, the natural smile on her face that showed that she was truly happy as I felt the warmth in her hug afterwards was unlike what I was used to.

Wait did she say son?!

“Y-you are their mother?!”, it slipped out of me in surprise and I felt my own mother stare daggers at me before I grasped myself and let my expression return to a soothing one.

The woman in front of me had a soft laughter almost unhearable as she gently squeezed my shoulder and looked to Prince Hajime on her left.

“Actually I am Hajime’s mother”, then she looked to Prince Tooru who was busy asking the maids about some filled bread and where they had bought it, “but since Tooru grew up with my son he is like my own child. And like his real brother, you know I basically took care of him since his mother was ill and busy with her first child which was a daughter. So when Tooru came her illness got worse, but nowadays she is perfectly fine and his sister also married and bore a child a while ago”, when she talked like that it felt like she really loved those children despite that they were not her own.

So they have the same father but Hajime and Tooru are half brothers… No wonder he was offended by Chiaki’s remark

“I mistook you for Prince Hajime’s sister to be honest… You look very young”,I muttered and could hear a choked chuckle next to us before we turned towards Prince Hajime who hid his face by looking at a wall.

“Thank you are flattering me, I actually do not attend most of the events as the second wife but I still get to see some from time to time”, she stared at her son for a while, “yet others seem to take them a tad to lightly in order to avoid them”, he clearly had heard her but turned to my mother to give her some presents they brought.

“It’s true I often saw Prince Tooru but your son… It was my first time seeing him”, as her expression turned a bit strained she watched Prince Tooru.

“You know they are complete opposites no matter how you look at it yet they both have a problem with finding a woman.”

“They are quite popular among the females”, I stated as I saw her nod, her earrings moving along before she sighed.

“Prince Tooru is just-let’s say a tad picky, too laid-back and Hajime has only labor  in his head despite that he cannot perform much. I hope you will get him to sit down for a while and become more calm.”

The anxiety in me rose as she said her last words, obviously expecting from me something I thought was unable to change due to me marrying him and on top the fact that I would marry him just finally arrived in my head today.

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