Scent. – a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.40

anime girl crying umbrella

Art credits: Twitter: @tarokunnnn and @_tamomoko

It was the longest stretching five minutes that I’ve ever experienced.

I wasn’t even sure why I thought of looking at the clock every five seconds, but my eyes automatically darted to my wrist watch as I was waiting for an ambulance to arrive. 

My heart was thrumming through my chest, my hands cold and clammy with sweat as I prayed and prayed again for the best outcome that was possible in this situation.

My fingers burrowed into the fabric of Kiyoomi’s sweater that was the only part of his body I was unafraid to touch with him laying on the ground.

I had checked for his injuries again and again, luckily except for his busted lip and a bloody nose that wasn’t bleeding anymore there was no source of other blood loss, but his eyes were still closed and his consciousness was lost.

Everything felt quiet, the two alphas who somehow were still laying on the ground weren’t moving and I hoped that everytime one of them twitched or moved in their sleep that they would stay that way.

Please don’t wake up, please just dont!

My anger was overshadowed by Kiyoomi’s ragged breathing as I had moved him into a stable recovery position for the paramedics to arrive. 

Come on, please hurry up!

“Kiyo, please be okay”, I whispered as he stirred a little and I subconsciously held my breath before he relaxed into the pavement again.

He’s moving, that’s good right?

Or is he struggling?

I peered over his bloodied face that was cushioned in his arm to prop it up safely and listened again for the ragged but stable movements of his lungs.



He’ll be fine.

He has to be.

A sound of gravel being moved around, and heavy steps made my head snap up only to find Osamu from a very safe distance staring at the body crumpled on the floor in front of me.

“Osamu?”, I whispered as my eyes darted towards his fists that had blood dripping from them, “why are you bleeding?”

He swallowed before answering, “Its uhm-”

His sentence was cut off by the loud blaring of sirens that became louder and louder as they approached, and I started to wave both of my hands and yell for the two paramedics that I could see running towards us with a gurney.

“HERE!”, Osamu yelled with a booming voice as he looked distraught between Kiyoomi and I.


Was Osamu here with Kiyoomi?

If he beat these guys up? Why did he go away? 

Maybe he got help…

In a flurry, Sakusa was loaded onto the gurney and rushed into the ambulance and I got invited to ride with them as a young woman grabbed me by my shoulders and hoisted me into the ride.

The last thing I could see before the doors closed before my eyes was a disheveled osamu, his fists screaming of the violence he has committed and a terrifying guilt in his eyes.

Why does he look like that?

Why does he look so guilty?

Those alphas on the ground looked completely K.O. so I had hoped that it was Osamu’s doing, but then again what if he was just as involved as the others?

I don’t even know what really happened…

The ambulance’s turbulent ride and the blaring siren felt kind of dull inside my head, as if I didn’t quite register them properly.

Two paramedics moved over Kiyoomi’s body which I couldn’t even see properly, making my stomach turn at the possibility of him having more than just a bloody nose and a black-eye.

Don’t think about it.

But my mind already conjured up pictures of casts, braces, medically induced comas and death.

Great, this really is the moment to overthink Asami.

One of the paramedics moved away from the gurney so I could see the black tuft of hair and a pale arm dangling from the table.

“His arm is-”, I tried to stand up and help but I was only pushed down by that same woman who signalled to me that I had to sit down. 

With my eyes still glued at Kiyoomi I bit my lip and twiddled with my fingers as the sirens suddenly stopped and the male paramedic sat down next to me as he watched my friend as well.

“See? We turned off the siren because he’s stable. We’re watching him and taking him to the hospital nearby, and the doctors will do their best to patch him up. So far he’s just unconscious, but he’s not bleeding anymore”

Relief rushed into me as I let my head sag down and I swallowed a sob.

Then I remembered something.

“He, he needs his headphones”

“What?”, the guy asked me but the female paramedic already got up to retrieve some noise cancelling headphones in a stark yellow colour. They almost looked like the ones used on construction sites.

She placed them carefully onto Kiyoomi’s ears and smiled reassuringly at me.

At least now he’ll wake up without having another episode.

If he wakes up.

The rest of the ambulance ride continued to us being greeted by the doctors who rushed him into an observation room, and a young doctor who seemed very close to my age continued to run to me as I sat in the lounge to give me updates.

When after 40 minutes he slowly walked in with a smile on his face, tears formed in my eyes as he slowly informed me that Kiyoomi would be okay.

“He has some bruising on his ribs, and there’s a very faint laceration on his head which needed stitches. That’s why he was bleeding so much. He is still unconscious but we hope he’ll wake up soon. Do you want to see him?”

“Yes!”, I almost shouted out as I quickly walked behind the doctor who guided me into a quieter area next to the ER, with a row of blue tinted windows that led to small patient rooms.

Those are single person rooms… He will appreciate that when he wakes up.

The sight of a pale Sakusa in a hospital bed with bandages on his right eye and head lolled into a pillow were as much nerve racking as they were calming.

He’s safe.

“Take your time, and ring if you need anything”, and with those soft words the young doctor left me alone and the door closed behind me with a thud.

Slowly, I walked towards the bed, a clammy feeling in my hands as I pushed a chair from the wall next to the bed and sat down.

A heart monitor was beating calmly, as I looked into Kiyoomi’s face that looked much more relaxed without his signature scowl. I always told him to stop frowning so much, but I knew whenever he would take a nap or fall asleep on the swing in our hometown the crinkle on his forehead would smoothe out and leave a much more relaxed Kiyo.

I always said he looked like a baby.

I wasn’t sure when I started crying, but I only realised it when droplets formed on the hospital bedding that my hands were holding way too tight.

You know what?

Cry now, so you won’t when he’s awake.

So I cried, for a while actually before my head started hurting and my eyes noticed a twitch in my peripheral vision.

“Kiyo?”, I whispered as his hand moved again, and I scooted closer to see his eyes flutter and open slowly before he gasped loudly and moved forwards as his eyes took in his surroundings.

“Kiyoomi it’s me! Hey, you’re okay, you’re good!”, I panicked as I grabbed his hand.

“Wha-”, his voice was groggy but at least it was there and another wave of relief hit me which led to more crying.

“Am I”, he looked at the gown on himself, “in the hospital?”

Sniffing, I nodded while he caught my eyes, “Yeah, you were lying on the floor unconscious and bloody, doctors said you’re fine just a head-lac and some bruises”.

He groaned as he touched the bandages on his head and I grabbed his arm.

“Don’t touch it!”

“Don’t tell me-”, he cut himself off as he looked somewhere behind me and at first I thought he just zoned out but then I followed his gaze.

Behind the window outside of the room, someone was standing ominously at the very edge while peering inside.

I recognized the grey hair immediately, less so the dark clothing and grim face.


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