Scent. – a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.41

Art by @edalnem on twitter

“Do you have time for a drink right now?”

I mean, the timing was off and I did want to go to the infirmary, but at this point I was invested in the conversation. So much so, that I let myself be invited for a drink before the next appointment I had.

I made sure to check that the cafe we went to was out in the open, and I texted Mikoto the address of the place just in case.

I wouldn’t believe that Oikawa as a known athlete would have the guts to pull anything weird in public, and I was aware that my scepticism stemmed more from my previous unpleasant experiences with other alphas, and not him personally.

Talking about heatsuppresants in Alphas, I mean it seemed that he was distraught by the fact that those drugs became a party enhancer, but that doesn’t mean he’s any different from other alphas. 


Oikawa’s voice snapped me out of my cocoon of thoughts and I looked up at him with a slight smile.

“This has been bugging me for a while, since I found out previously that alphas actually take prescribed meds. It may come off as weird to you that I am asking you sudden questions like that, but I have tried to do my own research and failed miserably”.

Sounds innocent enough…

“Well, you’re probably not going to find anyone on the internet who will tell you about this directly”, I mused.

“Yeah, but the thing is, I don’t want to know anything about the drug per se, its just the fact that the concept exists is shocking”, Oikawa leaned his head back and took a sip from his coffee, “I thought you could tell me more about it since you’re well-”

“Since I’m an omega and the one suffering from this?”,  I smiled at him with a cocked brow and he sighed as he dropped his head.


“Well”, my hands found my face as I tried to formulate my next words properly, “like I said, its not a new concept. It has happened for a while now, and I even made contact with people trying to leech drugs off of other students”.

Oikawa’s eyes popped open but he didn’t talk, listening intently to my words.

I made sure my scent blocker was on my face.

“Anyways, it baffles me that you haven’t heard or come into contact with such things before, I mean you’re an alpha D1 athlete”.

He tilted his head with a question in his eyes, “What does that have to do with  it?”


Is he dense or just extremely ignorant?

“Uh, well, those are just the two most privileged positions at this university? You’re gonna tell me you don’t know of the power in your position?”

“Power? That’s ridiculous I-”

He stopped, I assume as he looked into my shell shocked face. I could see him battling with himself, not sure if he should continue or listen to my explanation, which was already more than I expected from any alpha when I explained something to him.

But he seemed truly oblivious to some of the problems arising in our community, which really was no surprise at all.

I mean if you benefit from a broken system, and you don’t know that it’s broken based on your experience of life, what else could one expect? That people educated themselves on their own?

That was a rarity that I almost never was able to witness.

Omegas and betas had to scream and shout for every piece of ground they stood on now. many discouraged from fighting their entire lives, others building safe communities against the prejudice, but it rarely came from another alpha.

At this point, I don’t even expect it anymore.

“It’s not ridiculous to me. Or to the students who’s heatsuppressant prescriptions don’t get approved anymore because of ‘misuse’, which in turn leads to more inciednts of sexual assault during heats.”, Oikawa flinched lightly at my last sentence, and I wasn’t even fully surprised. Again, nothing new.

“But I have to say your need to research and actually ask an omega about this shows you’re at least trying to educate yourself. That’s a step”.

I slurped on my own coffee as I watched Oikawa’s eyes dance from the table to the floor and then back to me.

“I wanted to know more about how the drugs worked and why the hell someone would do that, you know I mean it’s horrible”, he stopped for a moment to think and I waited patiently, “but I can’t believe it’s more than a small heap of people? Like it’s been done many times before? It’s nothing new?”

In utter disbelief, I cracked a smile at him as I set my coffee back down.

“Are you kidding? A new thing? This has been done for generations Oikawa! I mean the drug thing maybe not, but alphas taking advantage of everything they want to have their personal fill of fun and needs met? We’ve been living this life since we were born”, I grimaced at his shocked face and dropped my head a little.

As much as I got accustomed to it, it never ceased to leave a bitter taste on my tongue.

“You just never knew of these problems, because you were privileged enough to not need to.”

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