Wedding Deal – Chapter 07 [IwaizumixReader]

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Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 07:

She squeezed my shoulders tightly and her warm yet firm smile made me think that despite the fact she was more approachable than Prince Hajime she still shared the mysterious uneasiness that didn’t let you know clearly if they were satisfied or not. 

But before I could even think a second longer I felt the rough fabric on my hand which ended up being Prince Hajime’s leather glove before he took my hand and placed a clumsy kiss on it making my face burn up. 

I heard a chuckle in the background from Prince Tooru and his mother hid her hands behind her back as she gave him a strict gaze. 

“I’m sorry I am not used to this”, he muttered only a glare on his face before he raised his head again to face me.

“You don’t need to force yourself next time”, I stuttered and he averted his eyes.

“It’s been a while. I did want to come alone but those two insisted on coming to see you. Especially that idiot over there seemed a bit too excited to come here”, he stared at Prince Tooru whose back was facing us as he looked out of the window where the city was easily spotted.

“Does he like this city?” , I asked still keeping watch. 

“God knows… He has been coming here for a week now. While other people are buried in work he is sightseeing out here”, a sighed escaped but he faced me again. 

“Well then today is the day it will be official, huh?”, he rubbed his shoulder and I watched every movement of his, my heart beating faster and my mind wandering off. 

“Y-yes. I mean marriage… I mean uhm”, I looked at my shoes and tried to find my words. 

“Despite the circumstances I will become your wife if you didn’t change your opinion and I am certainly nervous to leave home but”, I took a deep breath, “I want to do my best to become a wife that is becoming of the second prince and would make your mother who seems to care a lot about you happy.”

He stopped completely staring down at me without me turning my gaze to him, after a while he searched my gaze and I tried to avoid it yet he found it and I could see a determined expression.

“Are you afraid of me?” 

“No sir, I mean yes but I am afraid of most things” it slipped out.

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