Wedding Deal – Chapter 08 [Iwaizumi x Reader]

header art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

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Chapter 08:

“No sir, I mean yes but I am afraid of most things” it slipped out.

“I see”, he muttered and I felt that his gaze shifted to someone else before he nodded and almost wanted to pat my shoulder before he retreated his hand and clenching it to a fist letting it fall back to his side, “you don’t need to. I may look rough but I would never touch a woman against her will nor do I expect you to become a wife that please everyone around me”, there was a firmness in his voice that made me snap my head back up but he already turned around as the rest of them were led to the dining table.

As I also wanted to properly walk to my place I felt someone grab my arm and pull me to the side. I was shocked and anxious before I even knew who it was as I gasped but after seeing my mother’s face weirdly enough the panic got even worse.

It’s weird. My own mother made me more uneasy than all the others could have right now.

As that thought kept me busy my mother’s low yet domineering voice started to scold me in the limited time we have.

“What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to not say anything until I approve? You didn’t even look at me while you chatted away as if nothing bothers you. Do you think he would take someone like you the moment you open your mouth on your own? And he is even more weird the more I look at him it doesn’t look like he wants to ask about you at all”, one thing after another more than I could even process and still I was lost in my thoughts while I had learned to also listen to my mother.

The more I think about it my gaze wandered to the table where the others were facing us with their backs sitting but only one gaze had locked eyes with me before he looked away, the more I started to feel this must work out or I might not have much more time until I leave this place myself

“Don’t worry, I did not get on their bad side.”

“Let’s both hope for that, you are already supposed to have someone your age, if you get turned down now it will only cause rumors and your chances will drop. Do you know what they will say about our family? That Princess Y/N is a thrown out package?”, somehow every single word was a piercing dagger that slit into my heart yet that heart of mine was already bleeding for a long time now, it was used to them and still it was not.

Now is not the time

I simply nodded and we returned swiftly before the mother of the second prince waved me over to the place next to him.

Hesitantly I watched my mother sign something to me before I got the approval and placed myself with a little distance next to Prince Hajime.

As I straightened the folds in my dress and placed a napkin on my lap my eyes caught the person in front of me, intensely staring at my mother which she did not realize herself.

“Prince Tooru, are you having a question?”, I whispered as my mother was busily talking to one of the waiters.

The first prince had his gaze a tad longer on her before he looked to me and changed his expression immediately to a smile scratching his chin, “oh well I just wondered if the way you communicate here is quite different than in our Province but it seems it’s not about the country but the circumstances“, I didn’t quite understand what he really meant but his gaze fixed me with that smile as if he wanted to tell me something else.

“Cut it out already. You were here for a week wandering the city, that’s not enough for you to judge citizens and such”, Prince Hajime glared at him before Prince Tooru shrugged and pointed at him.

“At least I am not a grumpy giant like you which children and women fear. I actually talk to the citizens and listen carefully to their demands”, there was a grin on his face before Prince Hajime’s forehead showed a little vein that popped out as he still seemed as calm as before yet there was a strange pressure in his voice.

“At least I don’t lose myself in chit-chat. I simply get drained by folks and others. As you said for them I am scary, it’s not easy to get what they want from me also isn’t it just as important to help out on physical things as well and check the military once in a while instead of wasting all your time on babbling to some bakeries? “

“You are still a rookie aren’t you Iwa-chan? The more you connect to people the more Intel and allies you have in different areas”, I was surprised by the conversation they were having yet enjoyed it.

But did he call him iwa-chan?

“…”, Prince Hajime’s face seemed like his half-brother had a valid point yet he clicked his tongue, “don’t call me iwa-chan on such occasions.”

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