Crimson Thirst – a Haikyu!! Vampire AU pt.02


Art by @ocaxoka

I remembered oh so clearly, every second of the encounter I had with that girl yesterday. 

Every single emotion that barreled through my brain was etched into my mind with no possibility of leaving it very soon. 

It all started with one thing in particular.


I had felt an itch in my throat for a couple of weeks, and I knew deep inside my gut that I should’ve done something about my thirst in that second.

While others of my kind just ravished any living thing be it animal or human, I have never felt a strong thirst and was blessed to be able to control myself very quickly. Keeping my natural instincts at bay, I made due with a medication that suppressed most of my urges and ate a rare steak whenever I got too uncomfortable.

The only thing that got me was scoldings from my friend, who was very cautious about how he satiated his thirst, but knew that ultimately human blood was the safest way to take care of your body.

So far, I haven’t had any problems so I continued with my rather malnutritioned diet.

Anyways, there wasn’t any time to find a human one could trust enough to suck blood from regularly, and the blood of another vampire…


As I had ignored the steadying need that was blooming inside me, I threw myself into my work, distracting the pulse in my throat with piles and piles of documents from my desk. The only thing I could see for miles was the deadlines of articles I had to send in, the lightbulb that hung over me dangling slowly.

It was a cold autumn night when the slow incline of my thirst erupted into a sudden feeling that I couldn’t shake anymore.

Heat spread through my entire body, ready to engulf me and make my own blood boil, making me stand up from my chair as my ink rolled over the desk ruining the dark wood.

I grabbed at my throat to hopefully calm the pain that made me cough uncontrollably, and I bolted out of my room and started to almost fall down the stairs with the hope that the rain outside would cool my temperature.

I’ve felt thirsty before, but this was different.

Every cell of my body screamed at me to find something, what it was I didn’t know but I was sure to find it if I just went outside.




The threshold of the apartment entrance felt like a small milestone on my quest to end this pain, as I ran against the door with the support of my shoulder to break it open. 

Tumbling into the streets with rain finally seeping through my clothes, I couldn’t help the ragged sigh that came out my mouth as I looked up to the sky that had no answer to my woes.

As if it wasn’t enough, the short relief of the cold rain only held out for so long as another wave of pain exploded in my limbs and I gasped out loud as my legs gave out and I clumsily landed between some crates and crashed onto the cobblestone.

My breath was ragged, I gasped in every breath I could as I thought I would suffocate, loosening my tie and almost dropping my coat as I panted on the floor, my clothes wet and clammy as I hoped for any sort of end to this madness.

I didn’t quite hear the ‘Hey’ properly, but the young lady in front of me extending a naked arm towards me suddenly made perfect sense.

It all made perfect sense.

Of course, this was what I wanted.

This is what I need.

It all fell into place, there was no denying this.

Even if I wanted to, even if I didn’t want to, it was no matter of deciding.

Because her arm exuded a fragrance that was impossible to deny.

It was impossible to deny.

In a flash, my arms held out to her forearm tightly and I pressed her closer to me as my mouth made contact with her delicate skin. My canine teeth burrowing deep into her flesh as she winced, but I could only grunt into her arm as the first sweet drop of her blood entered my mouth.

Greedily I licked the two protruding red dots on her arm as a rush of red liquid filled my mouth and all of my worries cleared away.

I sucked once, more blood rushing in as I gulped and a wicked smile formed around the skin between my teeth as I kept ingesting what felt like my only salvation. 

My jaw dropped open as more blood dripped down as I hoped to catch all of the liquid gold escaping from the young woman as she whimpered in pain. 


Only the slurping and gasping of mine, intermingled with a strained voice of the young woman were to be heard for me. Not even the rain was able to distract me

My tiredness left my body as I felt my arms and legs grow stronger by the seconds, my head cleared for a moment when I finally felt the pain ebb into a dull beat and then into nothingness when I finally felt satiated.

With a pop I retract my mouth from the deep bite but more before I closed my mouth around it one last time to give the ghost of a kiss out of pure instinct. My head lolled back from the woman and I collapsed into the brick wall as I tried to say something to her.

The moonlight behind her frame cast a shadow on her face, and with my now blurring vision it became harder and harder for me to decipher who she was. As my arms let go of hers, I felt the texture of something cold on my fingers before my eyes fell heavy and I couldn’t hold my head up anymore.

I wanted to say something, anything, but before I knew it her clacking heels as she ran away were the last sounds I heard before drifting off into the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had.

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