My Senpai is annoying- when your Senpai is romantically infuriating[Breakfast Anime]

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We all know it, there is just someone who is annoying you in your daily life and you cannot seem to shake them off.

Yet sometimes an annoying person just fills our lives whether we like it or not. And that’s also the case with Futaba Igarashi as the small office lady starts off her job in a company and becomes an independent young woman.

Follow her story as she tries to manage her job and also seems to find her Senpai annoyingly nice, again without spoilers!

Let’s dive into today’s romcom that started airing on the 10th October 2021.


Igarashi has been working as a young office lady for two years now and thanks to her helpful Senpai she seems to be doing very well in her company not letting her image sway for a second. But lately her Senpai seems even more annoying than usual in many different ways.

Since Igarashi is short and almost resembles a highschooler if not looking closely she gets teased by her co-worker and Senpai Takeda Harumi every so often, in contrast to his big and musculos statue they are also very different personality-wise.

Still, lately Igarashi seems to discover many new different sides of Takeda such as him being considerate, helpful and very kind.

As both of them start to spend more together things seem a tad different and her Senpai seems very more annoying to not take hints…


Igarashi Futaba

Our female main lead, a woman of not much height but more eager and hard-working compared to anyone else. 

As someone new to the company with only two years of experience, Igarashi wants to prove that she is a proper saleswoman and a grown-up despite her appearance.

Yet especially her Senpai is the one who cannot stop treating her like a child.

With slight Tsundere traits, Igarashi still tries her best to show how grateful she is towards Takeda but his annoying nature makes it hard for her to properly stay nice and honest.

But she won’t give up to make him see that she is also just a grown-up like everyone else, even though it might seem different to the people around her.

Takeda Harumi

A man of height and strength.

Known for being reliable, persistent and very skilled when it comes to his work the people in the company often ask him when things are unclear or they need help.

As helpful as he is he does not decline any offer nor does he accept it unless with a smile.

Always talking in a loud voice and being infuriatingly honest, the bold Takeda always manages to make Igarashi lose her cool and also slips in a comment or two either causing her to blush or fume and sometimes even both.

Sakurai Touko

A beauty with a kind heart,

She loves to see the antics of Takeda and Igarashi and never ceases to stop by to fuel a little bit into their relationship as well.

A low-key tease who finds Igarashi adorable and hopes that she might realize that there is more to her and Takeda’s relationship than a simple Kohai and Senpai.

When not around Igarashi, Sakurai is seen often with Kazama who she also likes to tease due to his reactions. His easy-going attitude and shared love for teasing the Igarashi makes him a nice partner to talk to.

Kazama Souta

Another member of the teasing Igarashi is fun club.

Along with Sakurai, he cannot let a situation slide and even takes pictures that he sends around of her, especially if it involves Takeda.

Kazama seems to get along with most people and is a reserved guy.

He has an obvious crush on Sakurai which she doesn’t seem to clearly realize, but he feels comfortable around her when she is not making him flustered or takes her jokes a bit too far.

She is also the only one who makes him lose his cool.

Kazama is someone who secretly helps out without showing that he actually is, which makes him someone who doesn’t like to stand out much.


The art style stayed very true to the anime with vibrant colors that are mostly seen in romance-comedy anime in an office setting.

With the color palettes the hair of most of the cast is adjusted to the company setting in which professionalism is expected (besides our main lead Igarashi).

The Opening is refreshing as it adds little events that are not seen in the anime but give the vivid and vibrant insight on the atmosphere in the company and already show us how the characters are in the form of  video snippets seemingly made through a smartphone camera in the middle of the opening.

It reflects the busy life of the cast but also the lively side and different atmospheres that form around them depending on the dynamic presented.

The ending is much calmer and represents a reflective side of Igarashi in the morning and evening, as well as opposites: one where she seems distant to Takeda and the next where they are close, indicating with other comparisons how different she and Takeda are yet they seem to get along very well.


Kusunoki Tomori voices Igarashi Futaba with a cute yet feisty touch in her voice. She is known for her roles as Setsuna (Love Live Nijigasaki), Neiru (Wonder Egg Priority) and Karen (SAO Alternative).

With the other voice actors also not being as known as the usual cast we had up until now in our breakfast anime, the voice of Takeuchi Shunsuke for Takeda Harumi will probably ring a bell as they belong to Emperor (Bakumatsu), Izumi (TsukiPro) and Kyotani (Haikyuu!!).

Hayami Saori who voices Sakurai Touko is probably mostly known for her delicate and feminine voice which she lent to Shinoa (Owari no Seraph), Yukino (Yahari Ore no seishun Love) and Miyuki (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei).

Tsuchida Reiou didn’t have many roles yet despite his remarkable job for the laid-back Kazama Souta in this anime as his only main role up until now was Kyoichi from Ikebukuro West Gate Park.


As many manga readers happily awaited the anime adaptation it didn’t disappoint despite the slight changes in some scenes differing from the manga.

The anime is somewhere laid-back and also not plot heavy, focusing much more on the cast’s daily lives and how the relationships slowly develop, which is a nice change with the other anime this season filled with more dark themes.

Igarashi Futaba makes an interesting main lead with her unusual character matched up with her physique as she is not fully a tsundere character but also not transgressing her boundaries.

The overall atmosphere of the anime is very calming, cute and in comparison the dull life of a sales department with the animation and diverse personalities it is not as far apart from our reality with the realistic problems that especially the female lead has to face.

If you are searching for an anime to calm your nerves and fill you heart with a little bit warmth and laughter then this may be your next anime to consider especially since Igarashi makes a good mascot character while Takeda is someone who cannot be hated with his overly-friendly and infuriating annoyingly comments that may have made a heart flutter here or there.


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