3 Webtoons to make your heart throb this November!

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Not only does November bring cold weather and shorter days in some countries, but it is also the time where the lights of houses shine in the evening and the heaters are on full blast!

Yet it is not the only thing that could make our heart throb with the year 2021 almost ending and the change of the mood also.

In today’s post we will show you three webtoons that will more or less make your heart throb in many different ways, of course spoiler-free!


Starting lightly with a bit of fantasy let’s dive into our first webtoon Immitis. 

Astro is a popular boy who is not only rich but has the looks and brains on top of it, yet something seems very different about him no matter how you look at it.

For those around Astro nothing in particular makes him stand out beside those traits mentioned before and therefore as he seems close to everyone he is the farthest apart from them, also hiding a big secret and a side that nobody has discovered.

While Astro encounters the new girl River by coincidence on campus it seems like fate planned for them to meet even more often than desired, yet River is not interested in Astro that way as she is a shy, reserved and anxious mess who likes to distance herself from anything that means trouble.

But River is kind and determined enough to see that something is wrong and wants to see behind Astro’s seemingly masked side.

And Astro as well realizes she has something that he needs, but not in a romantic way…

The webtoon started off with amazing character designs for not only River and Astro but all the other characters as well. Atmosphere and colors are something that makes this webtoon unique as the creator of this webtoon never ceases to grasp it very well, even better compared to the first chapters the art style developed into an even more detail-oriented and colorful one as not only the designs but also the shading improved despite that it was already beautiful in the first place.

A story that makes the heart throb from the loneliness of several characters but as well as heartfelt encounters, comedic relief and action, you cannot miss out on Badastello’s webtoon Immitis!

Lady in Red

Ein has a past that haunts him and makes him hate the police even more, so it’s no wonder that he went for the serial killer Surgam all by himself in order to find his missing sister. Yet all seems for nothing when he can’t find a trace even in Winter Keep.

With him staying in the Hotel to search for more clues and finding the killer that kidnapped his sister, through a coincidence he meets the kind and beautiful Hotel maid Patchy who helps out on a whim.

Patchy on the other hand returns the favour to Ein and even more than that it seems that also the police captain Jeremiah gets caught in Ein’s reckless search, with two other people by his side will he be able to find Surgam?

And on top of that why can’t both men not shake off the feeling that Patchy seems more than brave considering the serial killer or is it the mixed feelings of romance that play with their mind?

This story is not only beautifully drawn, the color palette matches the theme of the thriller and also the dark topics surfacing in-between. With Patchy’s red hair that stands out and properly matches the title Lady in Red the author does a lot of interaction and extra information about the characters which is really interesting. For example Kairnn also included the MBTI types of Ein, Jeremiah and Patchy that makes one ponder about the different dynamics that could already happen beforehand between the characters.

What is also intriguing is that despite the story is about Ein and his missing sister, also other events that show the cruelty of murder the webtoon doesn’t make the heart throb only from suspicion and anticipation but also little cute moments that keeps the reader on the toes.

Your Smile is a Trap

Smiling may be a nice gesture, especially when someone wants to be polite but sometimes smiles can pull our heart and mind into the wrong directions and sometimes a smile cannot solve problems alone.

When ex-trainee Kiyu returned home to end his career before it even started, he made his goal to live an ordinary life and make friends at Highschool. Due to his handsome looks and beautiful smile he was always adored in his life but now he cannot show them so easily as he hides his face behind glasses that make his eyes look smaller and covering most of his face with his hair to not be recognized.

And it works only with the little side-effect of being avoided by most people.

As he is already discouraged by his shattered dreams of making friends and also being socially awkward he gets involved with Lily Cha, the feared girl in his class.

Always seen with a scowl and having a terrifying aura his first attempt to get along fails miserably and he gets a wrong image about her.

Still, Lily’s true nature of a fragile and kind girl who may not have a smile on her face because she was born with that face of hers, is hidden to most people.

But Kiyu’s worries don’t end here, when his fans somehow begin to find his location everything seems to go in the wrong direction… one that Kiyu’s dazzling smile cannot unwind.

Your smile is a trap is a very heartwarming webtoon that discusses the outer appearance and judging traits of people. With Kiyu being an overly handsome main lead who is very cute and adorable yet under normal circumstances is socially awkward and realizes his looks made his life easy until now he meets Lily Cha who was quite the opposite,

Those two make a stark contrast with the female lead being seemingly unlikable at first but due to her meeting the ordinary Kiyu who starts off fearing her and even avoiding her.

It’s a relationship and story that makes the heart throb from curiosity, wanting to know what will happen next and how the characters will keep going and interact with each other.

The art style is colorful and sparkling, showing the nature of Kiyu’s innocent and naive personality as well as Lily Cha’s true nature.

And with that let’s keep your heart in track with those three webtoons.

Did you already start reading any of them?

I really would like to know in the comments.

Until then let’s greet winter together with a hot tea,

  • Makii

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