Crimson Thirst – a Haikyu!! Vampire AU pt.03

Art by @kkumri on Instagram

The next day arrived quicker than one might have liked, as the rays of sunshine broke through the dull clouds that had brought the last evening. With all of the glimmering drops of water that still dropped onto the pavement, iridescent light gleamed from all corners of the main street to the alleyways.

My mind trailed away at the thought of alleyways, and as I looked onto the outside of my apartment from my bedroom window, my mind suddenly fogged up with weird patchy memories that made no sense to me.

What happened yesterday?

I watched an elderly woman walk by the street with a small girl in her hand that hopped from one leg to another and found myself smiling at the adorable interaction.

“Oi! Would you quit spacing out, we are already late thanks to you!”

The voice of my roommate threw me out of my daydreams as I turned around from the window to look into the hallway.

Okay I admit, roommate would be an understatement to Iwaizumi, who had been my childhood friend for so long I couldn’t quite remember.

And about not remembering…

“I have to shower Iwa-chan!”, I yelled and only heard a groan from him.

“Really? Since when are you up?”

Truth be told, I had been awake for a while actually. Somehow, my limbs felt so foreign to me that I was just tossing and turning in my bed since Iwaizumi brought me in.

At least that’s what he told me.

“Why are you lying on the floor you idiot?! You’re gonna catch a cold!”

I do remember trying not to stumble over myself as he hoisted me up on his shoulder and tried to bring me back to my room, in which I probably either fainted again or just fell into a ruthless cycle of waking and sleeping again until the sun cracked through the clouds.

“Hurry up Oikawa!”

“Don’t be so loud Iwa-chan!”, quickly I turned around to leave my room and find the bathroom before a piece of cloth hit my bare back.

“Damn it, get some clothes on you weirdo!”, Iwaizumi bellowed and already sat on the small dinner table to eat breakfast. 

“Riiiight~”, and with that I disappeared into the bathroom and quickly landed under a douse of lukewarm water that quickly turned ice cold.

“AHHHHH-”, I stepped out of the shower for a quick moment to compose myself and only heard a dull snicker from the direction of the kitchen.

“That’s not funny!!”, I screamed and braced myself to quickly wash up under this freezing cold water.

After scrubbing, washing and drying myself I took a quick look in the mirror and then frowned as the mirror fogged up.

Like the smoke of the engines that lingered in the night sky yesterday… 

I shivered at the thought and shook my head to clear it, I had no time to think over broken memories if I was getting late to work. I probably just worked late and slipped in the rain yesterday.

What else could it have been?

With quick steps I went to my wardrobe and slithered into some navy slacks and tucked a white shirt underneath. With a snap I fastened the two suspenders over my trousers and quickly threw a grey tie over my neck as I searched for my vest.

“Iwa! Where’s my vest?”

“How am I supposed to know? Did you take it to the dry cleaners?”, he yelled back and it dawned on me.

I did take it to the dry cleaners.

I guess no vest today.

Scurrying to the kitchen but stopping at the hallway mirror to spritz some cologne onto my neck and wrists, I grabbed the next mug I could find to pour me a cup of coffee that was basically screaming my name at this point.

With a groan, I sat down opposite to my roomie who was too invested into the daily newspaper as I let some of the freshly brewed coffee sink into my throat. 

I couldn’t help but sigh happily, “you really make good coffee Iwa-chan”, I hummed happily and only got a weird gruffy sound back.

Sounded like he was complaining.

“So, are you ready to go?”, I asked as I sipped the last of my coffee.

The pages rustled as Iwaizumi let them fall on the table as he looked at me intently, “I’ve been ready for an hour now. You’re asking me?”

With a whistle I stood up and dragged the chair behind me, before I looked back down to meet olive green eyes staring back at me.

“Something up Iwa?”, but my smile faltered as he kept scowling and looking at my face.

He stood up slowly and came closer to my face, which made me squint my eyes.


First name huh?

“Why are you blushing?”

With a shocked look I touched my face to feel actual heat radiating from it, the touch made me flinch as I looked back at Iwaizumi who’s eyes flashed red for a second before they turned back to green.

“Did- Did you feed yesterday?”


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