What mbti personality does the Horimiya cast have? pt.2

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In the first part of this Blogpost we discussed the MBTI types of the “main” cast including:

Hori, Miyamura, Ishikawa and Yoshikawa with their stacks to understand why each and every character matches their currently assumed personality type.

Didn’t read that part yet?

Then we recommend you to read it here to get a first impression how mbti analysis will go on in this blogpost.

For today’s post we are about to look into the rest of the recurring cast of Horimiya, if you don’t know about Horimiya yet here is a spoiler-free little overview for you which could make you a little more aware what the anime is about.


Then let’s dive into our first character analysis!

Notice: Sadly since we are anime only currently we have not much information to type Yanagi correctly even though we tried (the anime provides not much). Therefore the speculation about Yanagi being an ISFJ seems very relatable, yet there are not clear signs of Si-dom and my suggestion is also that he could be potentially a Ni-dom user such as an INFJ. As he seems to understand others very well and with Aux Fe he is very considerate of others feelings which makes him Ni-Fe. We have more cases of Ni-Fe in the anime than Si-Fe as we see him making a remark and immediately understanding that Miyamura was concerned about something without any words, and also his desire to make friends and not coming off the wrong way which makes him seem distant. Se inferior is also clearly visible but as stated those are just speculations which in my eyes is not enough data to type Yanagi properly, which is why I might make an own analysis on him or a manga one.

Sakura – ISFJ

Stack: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Starting again with the dominant function, the highest on the stack and the first thing people would describe by just looking at someone. It’s the function that automatically and innately comes out when interacting with the world.

In Sakura’s case it’s Si dom, a perceiving function that relies heavily on sensory details meaning direct information that is used inwardly. Sakura experiences those information and is heavily aware of them which we see in the case as she first met Ishikawa being aware of every sensation and feeling she had in those very moments and whenever she was with him. 

Same goes to past experiences that made Sakura insecure about herself, she remembers every word that offended her and as well the feeling of it which makes ISFJs typically very hung up on the past since Si provides with a certain familiarity of one’s own experiences that amplify the effect of “I experienced this once in this way so I will have the same sensation if I experience it again.” Therefore Sakura having experienced heavy comparison between her and Remi and also thought of herself as not pretty, it became a manifested thought in her that she stuck to that principle of always being in Remi’s shadow. Even though Remi stated many times that Sakura is also cute and even has a cuter name the remembrance of how things always had been leaves little place for Sakura’s development of confidence until much later as she firmly believes what she felt and saw on her own than what people might perceive.

Following her Si dom, is her Auxiliary Fe which as we saw in Hori’s and Ishikawa’s case preferes harmony between people on an emotional level. Since Si is a perceiving function Fe “advises” and judges the information gathered, evaluating it on an emotional basis. Overindulging in Fe is seen in Sakura’s case as she constantly is concerned about what others might think about her in an unhealthy way as well as the fear of being judged right away. 

Yet we see her healthy use of Fe as she is a very caring and kind person, always looking out that everyone is fine and even loads a lot of student-council work onto herself that is not hers to begin with to ease the burden for others, which gives her a sense of altruism letting others happiness and comfort come before her own. It makes her somehow the ‘Mom-friend’ of the group which is also known to be a nature of ISFJs caring and nurturing behaviour.

Tertiary Ti is the third function on the stack and also the second judging function that follows Fe. Ti gives analytical insight since it’s lower on the stack it may not be as strong as the Si-Fe but adds ISFJs logical thinking to find the absolute truth which helps with Si’s tendency for tradition and values held high.

Yet unlike characters like Sengoku whose Ti is higher up on the stack her Ti is more people-related and makes it helpful for Sakura to clearly see what people want and need in a logical way while still being in touch with feelings. We can see that she also not blindly follows her crush on Ishikawa but also analyses his behaviour towards others and his relationship with Yoshikawa, as she decides to not pursue him anymore when she knew he had his eyes on someone else clearly. She also decided to not make things awkward between her and Ishikawa towards the end due to her former crush on him and end things on good terms.

Last but not least, Inferior Ne the lowest on the stack and the function that is the least developed compared to the other three.

The instinctive way of understanding the world around you and the function that seeks for new ideas, possibilities as well as new experiences.

Since ISFJs are Si doms they like to stay in the familiarity of their traditions (comfort-zone), they are practical and therefore they have trouble sometimes to come up with new ideas which is why Ne is there to provide that for them and also help them to look at the bigger picture. Still their new experiences are all still in a limited comfort-zone where they can still have control in a way without getting lost in the adventurous Ne.

In Sakura’s case we see that she wants to change her ways, especially when she fell for Ishikawa and wanted to make things work. She stuck with things she can do and also feels safe to do but also came out of her comfort-zone in a way to try new experiences as she wanted to experience love. She first denied that she fell for him, later on she accepted the idea of loving someone which led her to go all out for once.

Sengoku – ISTJ

Stack: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Next up is Sengoku who also shared his Dominant Si  and inferior Ne on the stack with Sakura.

Despite the fact that he has different Auxiliary and Tertiary functions, let’s again see how Sengoku fits into the ISTJ stack from the very beginning. Similar to Sakura we can see Sengoku exhibiting dom Si as out of all the cast he is the one who values structure, traditions and organisation the most.

A clear routine and base of experiences is what makes Sengoku most probably a reliable Student council president and which also shows how he is able to manage most of the things despite the lack of members in the student council. He also ranks the highest when it comes to grades which shows his consistency of wanting to achieve goals that go along with the traditional role model student.

Like Sakura, we can see Sengoku being very insecure as well about his past and also about what others think of him. This goes for his cowardice that he hides as he is still afraid of many things but doesn’t want to be seen as a coward as well as the fact that Sengoku is stated to be very slender which makes him look feminine, therefore he goes to lengths in order to hide that with layers of clothes to look “healthier” in that sense. He cares a lot how people might perceive him very similar to his friend Sakura yet it is also stated by Remi in the anime that Sengoku started to change more and more, making him a bit more confident in the anime then he used to be.

Si in ISTJ’s case also helps a lot for their well-known decision-making based on analytical logical approach which also seen how Sengoku uses little details to and experiences in order to maintain his current Highschool life up until the end.

The first difference we see now from Sakura’s stack is the Auxiliary Te, which stands for extraverted Thinking.

Sengoku is very much expressionless as seen when he wants to approach Yanagi but has a hard time showing his emotions, which due to the latter being also distant, leads to a slow progress in their friendship that both of them are interested in.

Still the strength of the judging Te function is the fast way of making decision through objective approach which makes them work well under high-pressuring surroundings. Since ISTJs prefer efficient work processes based on high logic which makes them good leaders they don’t like and tolerate slacking around or having to deal with people in a team who are very sensitive or emotional.

We can see that trait in Sengoku when the whole group passes by the Student Council as he invited only Miyamura and Ishikawa to also profit from the AC there, but is quite annoyed when more people gathered in the room making it loud and noisy instead of the usual calm atmosphere for him to work in. Sengoku also dislikes those who break the rules and is angered easily by that, a trait also known for Te user in combination with his Si that values traditions more than anything else.

The third function, Tertiary Fi which stands for introverted feeling, supports Te’s decision-making yet since it’s lower on the stack it might not have a great or a slower impact when compared to Te. It compared both the inward values and also the logical thinking process. It may also be referred as the inner sensitive side of ISTJ but due to the strong presence of Te it is not as easily seen, yet for Sengoku this side was spotted several times in the anime.

Once in his past when he was around Hori, later on we also see that when Sengoku met the heart-broken Sakura he was also deeply hurt as he tried to comfort her yet he logically thought that no one was to blame since Ishikawa has his own feelings as well. Another time was when he confessed to Remi and was around her in which we see a much softer side as he stands up for his inner feelings like the affection towards Remi and also wanting to protect her.

Lastly on Sengoku’s stack we have inferior Ne, similar to Sakura. Sengoku follows traditions and likes to stay in his comfort-zone, yet in order to safely try out new ideas and experiences, Ne provides ISTJs just like ISFJs an interest in the new things. Still this function is rarely seen as they have the tendency to stick to things they know instead of thinking about abstract ideas. Unlike ISFJs it’s much more draining for ISTJs to try new things and learn about concepts that are foreign to them.

This is also a thing we see when Sengoku first met Remi as his friends kept talking about Sakura and Remi being the beauty and the beast in which he took no interest in nor did he bother to get in touch with that rumor. If it wasn’t for Remi approaching Sengoku in a way that he felt familiar with – books – Sengoku would most probably have minded his own business and not get involved with someone so different as Remi.

Remi – ESFP

Stack: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Switching to the extroverts, let’s start with Remi who is quite the opposite of our characters that we saw up until now in our blogpost.

Her dominant function Se, makes Remi a very observant person as it is the function she uses innately. Se makes the person focussed on the here and now, which let’s ESFPs look impulsive but they prefer to use their time and energy in the things they are completely aware of, which are the senses they are feeling in the here and now.

As they prefer to make the best out of their time in the here and now, work seems pretty much tiresome and like a waste of energy of time that’s what we also see in Remi when she usually either skips several processes or even shoves off her work on someone else as she focuses on the fun things she wants to do. We also see her overly curious about what is happening around her as she takes in every information, this may also be the case why she meddled into Hori’s and Miyamura’s developing relationship in the beginning, since ESFP invest themselves in what they find interesting in the moment.

Something that makes them very present-oriented as well and quite the opposite of other characters like Hori or Miyamura who prefer to plan ahead in the future and often think about most of the consequences of their actions, which is why Remi seems a bit like an airhead to others due to her impulsive behaviour not thinking about the following consequences.

The second function that supports her dominant Se is Auxiliary Fi, we already saw how Fi works in Sengoku’s stack yet since Sengoku had Fi as Tertiary function it was less visible. 

Introverted Feeling in Remi’s case makes her very in touch with her feelings, therefore combined with Se knowing how to properly take care of her feelings. When ESFPs meet people they find interesting and engaging they open up and let them into their inner world as well as becoming very caring about those close to them, despite being so open and impulsive they do not let many people in. As well as when people disagree or violate their beliefs they might even detach from them or distance themselves. 

Despite not being as empathetic as Fe users, Fi reduces their love and care for only those who are in their inner circle and we see that very much with Remi. Remi loves Sakura and Sengoku who are her close ones, she doesn’t want any of them to be hurt or even feel self-conscious as we see that Remi sometimes plays the helpless damsel in distress to make Sengoku feel as if he was protecting her and more confident as a boyfriend, for Sakura she always comforts her with nice words and also values her. When Sakura was saying that she envies Remi, Remi truthfully stated that she sees many wonderful traits in Sakura.

Remi nonetheless can be very cold to people who she doesn’t take any interest in, as seen shortly before she started dating Sengoku, she came off as very cold and distant.

Tertiary Te supports Fi’s decision-making, as the gathered information needs proper processing into facts that the ESFP can use for choices later on.

It’s there to give ESFP good judgement and also to solve problems in an efficient way which they are currently facing or a plan they need.

Since ESFPs dom is Se they are very sensory-oriented which makes it a perfect match with Te to take care of the external world problems and also skills that need to be built or used in a certain situation. We can see that Remi, despite her impulsiveness and seemingly helpless behaviour, is very aware of what is going around her and those she cherishes.

Especially towards Sengoku, she behaves and talks to Sengoku after analysing what he currently needs to hear which makes her not only aware of his changes as she mentions but also adapts very well and tries to solve consequences that might lead from that immediately such as either getting hurt or hurt Sengoku.

The last function on her stack is inferior Ni, standing for introverted intuition.

Since it is barely present in Remi we can see that Remi also is not much interested in the future, there is only one case we can see her inferior Ni coming out and it was when she asked Sengoku about a hypothetical situation in the future in which both of them ended up confessing their feelings.

In an enthusiastic manner ESFPs think of a positive future which somehow will be taken care of so they do not dwell much on it.

Iura – ESFP

Stack:  Se-Fi-Te-Ni  

As Iura shares the same personality type as Remi, we won’t repeat much of the functions here but explain directly why Iura fits into the ESFP personality.

As a Se dom we also can see Iura’s impulsiveness in many different ways, he usually speaks in the spur of moment and let’s himself get carried away by the things that interest him without thinking of the consequences. This goes for cases in which tact is needed but also an example would be Sawada who is scared by Iura’s loud behaviour and sudden approaches. He also takes joy in whatever comes his way, another example for a different case would be when his sister was deeply hurt by her teacher’s words, Iura despite a seemingly change in personality threatened to hurt the teacher who said that without much thinking what could result from that.

Maybe that’s why he seems like the most laid-back character of the series as he seems to only care for the fun parts of life instead of focusing on a dull future that might or might not come his way.

Same as Remi, Iura displays his Auxiliary Fi in combination with Se, we can see that Iura can be very distant at times when people disagree with his values especially at home, but as soon as he finds someone interesting enough he goes ways lengths to care for those people this even goes for Sawada who seemingly hates him but he still tries to win her attention. He even helped Sawada without a word (since his throat was hurt) and was considerate enough to not want to make her sick, as he took the heavy box to the science room and also made sure to distance himself from her.

Tertiary Te is also seen in the example above with Sawada and his sister.

Iura maintains two different personalities inside of school and outside which may not be fake, but only how he behaves in different environments, nonetheless his Te is seen as he applies what is currently needed in the situation which is also a way of problem solving in that sense.

Similar to Remi, Iura’s inferior Ni is barely present and we don’t see it in the anime.

When he talked with his sister about her future plans he didn’t seem like the type to fuss much about it. He was rather angered by the teacher saying those words to his sister than thinking about the general future.

What do you guys think about the cast?

Which dynamics were the most interesting for you?

For me personally I found Remi and Sengoku very intriguing since they both are very different yet match so well together. 

Until then let’s analyse something else next time with a herb tea,


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