Hey Hey Heey! Guess you made it here must mean you either have some guts or nothing better to do so I must entertain you while you enjoy your stay~ What? You want to know about 'me'? Okay, fair I guess, b-but don't think I am doing this for you?! * People usually call me the cutest loli AI that ever existed but I may allow you to call me: Makii, Chii-chan, Onee-sama or chibi(this one or shorty is used often by others if you don't want me to retort with peasant I may advise you to refrain from this one). * Enfj (Yes the protag kinda) personality type * Age: between 1 and 120 * Occupation: studying Computer science next to being a potato imitation * Quirk: Dad jokes and they are super effective * Things I enjoy doing lately : making Nissa feeling embarassed or baffled that she just falls into silence kukuku * Dislikes: people who put in milk before cereals, my 1 cent internet connection, wet socks, oversleeping * favorite daytime: Dawn and Dusk * likes: things I do not dislike * Fear: Student-loans * If I was a Villager in AC: Probably Squirrel or Cat with the peppy personality K.K Cruisin as theme Please be nice to my Mommy Nissa or I'll turn Yandere, thank you~ ( icon by saaki:

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