Oi, oi, oi! What do you think you're doing here nerd?! Ah- no nevermind please stay! Now that you're here I guess you want to know something about me? Sure, just pay me in Honey Buddha Chips okay? *transaction complete!* Let's go! * Call me Nissa/Sina/Nena (Don't you dare call me peasant, that's reserved for someone special alright?!) * INFP personally type * Age: 20 in body, 3 in mind >:3 * Occupation: studying english and german education (don't ask me about it *sigh*) hybernating and eating snacks * Quirk: using plurilingual disaster vocab * Things I enjoy doing lately : Teasing Makii with the nickname princessa (that's reserved for me ONLY) * Dislikes: not enough sleep, when my socks get wet (GRRR), people who don't appreciate dry cereal as a snack * favorite daytime: Midnight and after, Dusk * likes: my 37 husbandos * Fear: never finding my 3D anime man Be nice to my princess Makii or I WILL END U (thankies :3)

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