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Wedding Deal – Chapter 03 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art by @miu_akatsuki on instagram

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 03:

He followed that gaze and gave me a glare.

“I heard your mother is looking for a suitor, at least many people in our province and the neighboring one were talking about the 3rd Princess finally being able to marry”, I couldn’t help it but my jaw dropped open as I heard for the first time that my mother was looking for a suitor.

He blinked several times as he leaned down and asked me quietly, “didn’t you know?”

I was still dazed not able to reply, what should I have told him in the first place?

That I enjoyed hanging out with my commoner friends that people looked down on while I felt the happiest among them?

That I still wanted to play with my younger siblings and show them our garden when the apple trees grew in some years?

That I actually was afraid of marrying a complete stranger just for diplomacy?

I feel… so angry or is it disappointment?

I didn’t realize that tears dwelled in my eyes before I held them back and took a deep breath ignoring those lingering feelings or rather shoving them off until I was all alone at night.

“I didn’t”, I said with a straight face and I saw that he still looked at me a mix of surprise and impressed without saying a single word and not backing off.

All he did was look at my mother for a long while as he took my hand for another dance and I understood somehow that it was his way of keeping me away from her sight as he led me into the crowd and kept me close to talk.

“Well, as you might have heard I am also looking for someone…”, he started out of nowhere.

“You also don’t look as happy to be looking for a wife, aren’t you”, I muttered my feelings still in the pits as I didn’t realize that my tone towards him changed a bit.

“…”, he didn’t say a word but only silently stared down at me, it kind of made me anxious when he did that as I couldn’t fathom what he was thinking.

“Is it that obvious?”, he rather asked himself before I answered him.

“Well compared to others who are eagerly choosing one woman after another to see if there is the perfect wife among them. And you simply danced half of the evening with someone like me who asked you out of a dire situation. Also there has been the talk that you were shoving marriage off… due to…your mother’s wish you couldn’t deny to marry at this point”, I suddenly stopped and stuttered an apology for my long talk that seemed like I was scolding him.

He just shook his head and nodded his head implying I should dance on which I did with hesitation.

“There is no need to apologize, you weren’t wrong… beside one thing but that is not important at the moment”, he looked around, “I am wondering if that crappy prince was actually searching for a wife but he is gone, did he trick me?”, he grumbled and I furrowed my eyebrows.

I also looked around to see every prince present beside one….

The first prince of Aoba Johsai… Oikawa Tooru is not around, did he mean him with crappy prince?

Then I remembered Chiaki calling him stiff and about to kill and somehow I held my breath as if it probably was him if she was right about that.

“Crappy… prince?”, I asked, wanting to make sure that my friend didn’t insult someone who could probably mean danger.

“Ah forget what I said”, he also stuttered and avoided my gaze while looking around, obviously not finding him.

As I also looked around as well he changed the topic and cleared his throat again.

“So…”, he started and somehow dodged my gaze, “what are you going to do about your mother searching for a suitor behind your back?”

That question caught me off-guard, usually beside Hiyori or Chiaki nobody really asked for my opinion and I almost tripped at the sudden inquiry before he caught me in his arms and stabilized me again, arm around my waist and holding me close while he pretended it was part of the dance.

“That was dangerous, look where you are going, okay?”, he said with a rougher voice and a glare while he blushed a bit, it went just as fast as I could apologize ten times in a row.

“I-It’s fine, you are the one who almost fell, not me…”

“So?”, he inquired again.

Ah… my suitor problem

“There is nothing to do, Sir. If my Mother wants me to marry it’s not a question of what I want . I will simply marry the person she chooses for me”, with a smile I tried to hide the unfairness of it all while I thought how it could make her happy, this little chance that my mother may be satisfied with me at some point at the cost of something much more valuable.

There was nothing I could do in the first place, from clothes to manners all has been decided from the start

He was silently watching me and I felt his grasp becoming tighter around my waist, the beat of my heart becoming slightly irregular for some seconds before I realized he was a bit angered.

“Will you give up that easily?”, he looked more than angry.

“Sir-“, he cut me off.

“Hajime is enough.”

“H-H-Ha- Sir”, I could only bring out and the anger was replaced by irritation.

“Ha-ji-me”, he spelled it for me as if I was a child.

“I-I know, but I just cannot call you that, Sir…”, my mother would kill me.

“Because your mother is watching?”, I looked at him fixing me as I widened my eyes at his response.

“So I was right, your mother is in control of everything you do. Not that I am not a free bird as you mentioned I am here to find a wife on my mother’s behalf as well”, this time he let go of me and nodded signing it was the end of our dance which confused me with it’s sudden change from warm to cold.

“But the thing you were wrong about was dancing with you. It may have been sudden but I wasn’t unhappy about this dance and-“, he looked over to my mother.

“I might have found a solution that would not benefit only my mother”, he looked out of the corner of his eyes as my confused expression seemed to make him smile a bit.

“Do you want to live a free life, Princess Y/N?”

Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.36

Art by @suncelia on twitter

I remembered the first time my mother had lied to me.

Granted, it was a small white lie that wasn’t really detrimental to my upbringing in her eyes, but it was a catalyst to something I could never forget.

She had sent me to a summer camp when I was seven, one of those rich kid camps one would be stoked to send to if you were anyone else but me.

I remembered vividly how she reassured me that ‘“it would all be fine” and I just “needed to get out there and make friends”. 

Well, she wasn’t completely wrong.

In a sense, the “friends” I made weren’t quite friendly, but all of the mothers in her youth group sent their children to camp, so there was no way to get out of it.

The mere thought of being cooped up in a bunk bed with other kids that found my presence threatening was nauseating, but my mother told me it was fine.

I believed her.

It was the first time the concept of trust was introduced into my life, as I trusted my mother.

When I came back after four weeks, I was slightly confused but never really said anything.

The first time the concept of trust was introduced into my life, it was broken.

The last day of summer camp brought me to one realisation that still stuck with me until today. Trust is a wicked thing, and to trust someone is a sinking hole that leaves scratches on your entire body.

My blaring alarm clock threw me out my musings and I groaned at the red letters blinking into my eyes.


With slow movements, I sat up in my bed with the sunlight blaring into my room and making me squint.

My ears hurt.

It was only to be expected, the sensitivity to light and my ears blaring and throbbing although there was only the beeping from my alarm clock. 

My hypersensitivity cycle began today.

Carefully I turned off the clock and although I knew that I just turned it off, the steady sounds kept replaying in my ears even though it was quiet. It echoed in my mind and took on a distorted undertone that made my head hurt. 

“Agh-“, I held my temple and quickly rummaged in my drawers to find two tiny earplugs made out of beeswax that I placed in my ears. They already dulled whatever sounds were around me, but If I wanted to go to class that wouldn’t be enough. 

With all of the chattering and the chairs being pushed around it would literally be a living nightmare.

Finally, I found what I was looking for. 

My hands grasped around the noise cancelling headphones and briskly placed them over my head. 


These pairs of headphones were actually made for noise cancelling in careers with a lot of noise such as architects or builders, but there was always another way to use things to your advantage. 

In this case, a perfect way for me to shield and save myself from the onslaught of auditary overstimulation. 

Another thing: they were waterproof. 

After a quick shower and putting on a brown sweater and washed out jeans I grabbed my glasses and made my way to class. 

Oh, and a scent blocking mask of course. 

I opened the door and waited for a moment to check for the level of noise that would still dimly make its way through my eardrums, but it was pretty much bearable. 

I should take an aspirin later just to be sure. 

A faint touch in my back made me almost jump, but as it turns out it was just Asami waving at me. 

She said something, but then her eyes trailed up to my obvious choice of head accessory and she opted to communicate differently. 

[Hi! Your cycle?] 

Her hands moved around the air fluently as she signed to me, which was another positive thing about her teaching me sign language when we were younger. 

[Yes, I have class now] 

She nodded with a smile. 

[Is everything okay? No problems?] 

Her hands stayed close to her torso as she kept them up and I nodded too. 

[I’m fine, nothing new. I got my headphones] 

[Okay, text me if something happens] 

She stopped for a second to indicate that her destination was somewhere else and I waved her off. 

Adjusting my mask, I took a sharp turn to the lecture hall where I would have to listen to another professor talk about the best business strategies and mindsets, which made me sigh into the cloth around my mouth and nose. 

This is a waste of time. 

The light in the lecture hall was a little more dimmed than usual, and I was pleased to see less people than last week here so far. The professor was already setting up their presentation so I tried to find an isolated place farther away from the murmuring groups of people. 

Shuffling through the seat, I took the last corner seat of the last row, making sure to put my bag on the seat next to me in the hopes of repelling all extroverted students. 

I adjusted my glasses and mask again and placed my notebook and a black ink pencil on the desk in front of me. 

I peered over to the projector that showed the PowerPoint presentation of the lecture and sighed when I realized that the professor just showed the key points of the slides. Meaning that I didn’t have to guess what he was talking about as I couldn’t hear him. 

30 minutes into the class until I realised a knot in my stomach forming. 

The professor had stopped changing the slide and gestured immensely with his hands, and then some students started to stand up and form a group of two to three people. 


Group work. 

With a heavy sigh, I contemplated on how I would shoulder this. I mean, this is just one class. It wouldn’t matter if I left today, and if I went to the front to explain I would have to take my earphones off which would result in debilitating headaches. 

Not worth it. 

From the last row I could look down on the students working diligently, and I saw no one left over anyway. 

What a waste. 

I stood up, grabbing my utensils in my hands and moving around the table row to make my way downstairs, until I saw a movement next to me. 

I whipped my head around to see another student looking at me with an irritated expression, his mouth still forming words that were hard to understand. 

Oh, he’s talking to me. 

“I can’t hear you”, I mumbled through the mask as I gestured to my headphones. 

Normally, this was the second where the other person would motion me to take them off, but this guy only nodded to himself and then looked at his hands and then to me. 

“I’m not deaf”, I mumbled again, afraid to be too loud since I couldn’t hear myself well, “It’s just a precaution for my safety”. 

Clarity danced through the man’s eyes as he grabbed his phone from his pocket and starte to quickly type something before he showed me his notes app. 

[You wanna work together? Or were you leaving?] 


I was leaving, but that was only because I thought the effort would be too great to have a normal conversation. This guy seemed sensible from what I’ve seen so far. 

And he reminded me of something. 

Instead of risking being too loud or too quiet by mumbling through my mask again, I just sat down on my seat again and removed my bag from the one next to me. 

Something about him is familiar. 

He was wearing a black cap and a mask himself so it was a bit hard to guess, but as he pushed it down and took his cap off I immediately saw the resemblance. 

My eyes darted open and he seemed to know what just happened, as he chuckled to himself and typed [twins] into his phone. 

Two Miyas? Who would’ve guessed that that pompous guy actually had a copy of himself running around. 

Contrary to his brother, this grey haired guy seemed to not only have a better fitting hair colour, but also a much more calm personality. 

I grabbed my notebook and placed it between us. 

[Sakusa Kiyoomi, normally I rely on signing, but this should work] 

He nodded and quickly grabbed a pencil from his case. 

[Miya Osamu, nice to meet you] 

Hm, even the name was somehow similar. 

I scribbled something down quickly. 

[What’s the assignment?] 

[Example of a itinerary in a business sense, with planned meetings for a small business] 

With a quick nod, I brought out my notes from last week and we got to work. 

Working with Osamu was relaxing, it felt easy since I was used to doing most things on my own. He was ready to pull his own weight and he even volunteered to present our findings at the end of the class. 

With the notebook between us it was a bit clunky but the communication still worked somehow, and at the end of the day I was glad I didn’t leave. Although my earphones were on, I could feel the vibration of the loud bell as the class was dismissed. 

I stood up to gather my things to leave, until I saw Osamu fumble with his phone and squinting his eyes at something. 

Confused, I waited for him to look at me again and then very slowly and sloppily moved his hands around.

[Where are you going now?] 

Granted, what he signed was a lot less refined but I understood what he meant. Did he just look that up? 

Somehow, that act alone made me not wanna run back to my room, since I needed to get something to eat anyway. 

I motioned to my ears and then made a gesture of something decreasing.

I want to go somewhere quieter. 

“Quiet?”, he enunciated loudly, which I assumed by his exaggerated mouth movement and I nodded. 

He beckoned me closer to his direction and so we took off.

Anime Quote Time pt.07

tokyo revengers mikey bubbgle gum MIKEYYY

Art by @9baMelo on twitter

We all have expectations in life, we all believe and hope for something or may even have a specific goal in mind to what we want to accomplish. If it’s not us, then it’s our parents or guardians who might want a good or better life than they had, and we strive everyday to get to a point of happiness we all desire. 

But life is a rollercoaster, and sometimes as much as we try to do our best and as much as we work, life doesn’t always work out in our favor. 

Sometimes we stop at whatever standstill we have come towards and ask ourselves- what am I doing wrong? 

That is the exact point of contemplation Hanagaki Takemichi arrives at when he realises that his life has gone off the rails completely. 

We look at his tiny apartment that is full of trash and the same cup noodles, scattered dirty magazines and laundry that should’ve been made a long time ago. Takemichi sits in front of the TV not even thinking too much of his situation until he watches the current news. 

His middle school girlfriend, Tachibana Hinata has died in the midst of some sort of gang affiliated accident. 

Everything halts, and he starts to rethink his life choices, while he reiterates that all his life Takemichi has done two things:

Run away and apologize. 

His problems have made him fear any sort of confrontation, and his adult years are filled with other people stepping on him on every occasion. The regrets he starts to feel that all of his life he has yet to accomplish something he is proud of looms like a dark cloud over his head.

As a young adult, this is a sentiment many can relate to.

Be it with education, academics, working or taking care of others, as a young adult it’s hard to break out from the safe shell that school had provided before and jump into the cruel real world. Sometimes we get so invested in the daily life full of hardships, that we forget how deep we are riding ourselves into hopeless situations.

Takemichi, has realised that his life is utterly horrible and the only good memories he had were the ones from middle school which now had the dark truth of his ex-girlfriend’s death looming out of it. 

So of course, he thinks to himself:

“I never thought that my life would turn out like this”. 

What do those words mean for Takemichi? 

It means he once had dreams, ideas and expectations on what his future would hold for him. 

Maybe it was a certain job, maybe it was stability in financial matters or not being a virgin anymore. Whatever it might have been, his life now as a DVD clerk with thin paper walls and nagging neighbours was not his ideal of life. 

In this society that builds heavily on work experience and a common norm that consists of getting a job and earning money quickly, Takemichi much like many other young adults has realised that nothing he does brings him joy.

So he falls into the trap of staying home most of the time, lacking motivation to do anything but eating, working, sleeping and repeating that process.

But what can he change? 

In those moments, Takemichi represents many people who believe themselves to have made the wrong decisions. The people that have regrets and blame themselves for not changing what they can when they still had the ability to. 

He shows us the reality of a pushover never speaking up for himself, because if he doesn’t stand up for himself it seems that no one else would have. 

It’s a sad truth, but since we know that Takemichi has gotten his chance to go back into his past and was able to see what could’ve been changed, he makes sure to at least tell Naoto to take care of Hinata so something will hopefully change. 

Hoping to at least leave a trail of newly found confidence behind in his dull life.

He even mentions himself that he never had any confidence or strong will back then, wishing to at least give Naoto the chance to change something.

Of course, we can’t go back into the past to change our lives around so easily. Life is more complicated than it is in anime. 

Still, as shallow as it may sound there is always a way to change at least some aspects of your life that make one unhappy. It may sound ridiculous, but as much as Takemichi can rise up from the ground and take matters into his own hands, so can anyone else with their current life. 

Change is something that can come naturally and without any warning, but it can also come from none other than yourself. 

And if it doesn’t come from the natural flow of life, it is your sign to take matters into your own hands.

Let this be the push for you to start even the tiniest change in your life that maybe could result in a whole new situation for you. 

And who knows? Maybe it will lead to much better endings than we believe. 


Minamoto and Mitsuba: A friendship formed after death

Art by @_natyjs on twitter

We all know of the typical motivational speeches and quotes from famous people, be it ‘Carpe Diem’ to seize the day or the colloquial ‘ you only live once’. In this lifetime that seems oh so long for the youth, yet incredibly short for the ones that barrel towards their last years, we are urged to enjoy life and make the best of it!

Sadly, not every person gets to peak happiness in their lifespan, and we hear stories from all sorts of people that tell us to use the time we have.

Live as if you would die tomorrow!

This basically eradicates all chance for something to happen after death, since we’re focusing on this life we have right now.

But that is not the only way things could go right?

At least in anime, we can have different outcomes to things we can’t quite grasp yet in our world. Reality is no longer chaining if we can write our own stories, and in this case we’re looking at a beautiful friendship that has bloomed not in life, but afterwards.

In the anime Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, the world looks a little different from ours, and we get to see a glimpse of the supernatural with apparitions, ghosts, exorcists and other unworldly beings.

This actually isn’t the first time we’re looking deeper into the Toilet-bound Hanako anime and lore, and if you haven’t watched the anime yet I would strongly recommend reading Makii’s ‘Breakfast Anime’ post here since it is spoiler free and then watch the anime for yourself! We also have another Character Talk on Tsukasa Yugi, as well as a youtube video on it!

Make sure to check those out and come back!

With all of the supernatural things happening in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, after a while of adjusting the premise of wronged ghosts and evil apparitions doesn’t seem striking anymore.

With Hanako being a very unique part of the school’s wonders, destined to hold the balance of the rumours being spread and the supernatural world of the Kamome academy. 

Throughout the story we find that with the help of Yashiro, Hanako and Kou, the unusual trio works together to fend away any harm from the unknowing students. The viewer takes on a very observant perspective, creating the illusion that we are fighting right alongside them.

What do we learn?

A rumour is the backbone of any apparition.

Whatever is talked and hushed about by the students and faculty of the academy becomes the reality, which became a strong tool for our protagonist to change harmful activities of apparitions in a peaceful manner, a good example for that would be the “Mokke” or “Faeries” that were originally cute and mischievous little creatures but turned into terrifying and deadly apparitions due to their changed rumour.

So we know from that point that it is important not to view all apparitions as evil from the get-go, but make sure to look into the background of it all first right?

Well, there is another perspective that blooms now that differs in how to handle apparitions.

The exorcists.

The one who is supposed to rid the world of all declared evil would be an exorcist, in this case the ones that we see in the anime are Minamoto Teru and Kou, both part of the renowned Minamoto clan.

Teru, as the older brother and highschool heartthrob, has a lot of responsibilities and takes care of many things as we can see him be head of the students council and always on the go. Unlike his younger brother Kou who is still learning a lot about the craft of being an exorcist, he is very new to the turbulent situations he gets sucked into with Hanako.

In midst of all of these chaotic events, from altering rumours to invading school mysteries domains, Kou has to battle with two fronts. 

On one hand he is still an exorcist that has to learn to take care of all apparitions, but on the other hand he has witnessed the way Hanako takes care of both sides, the living and the dead. Showing his compassion and the possibility of an apparition having good intentions and no need to harm others. 

As Teru sees the development of his brother, he reminds him that apparitions need to be exorcised as they impose a threat to the students, which should invoke mistrust in all apparitions.

“There is no such thing as a ‘good supernatural’”, as Teru reiterates to Kou what danger they can bring.

Although he greatly respects his brother, Kou has realised that so far Hanako has done no wrong, and even though he still needs to learn a lot about his family’s legacy, he will deal with the apparition the way he sees fit.

These strong words and an obvious act of slight rebellion towards his brother’s codex brings us to the interesting dynamic that Kou builds with a certain apparition himself.

Such encounters of two people with very different mindsets can most definitely develop into very interesting dynamics, and we see exactly that happen as Kou finds out about Mitsuba.

Mitsuba Sousuke, who at his first appearance was merely known as a ghost who haunted the school lockers, would go around as students changed their shoes and ask them a chilling question.

“Do you remember me?

As rumours spread fast, Kou was able to catch him red handed and immediately made it his mission to take care of him.

With advice from Hanako who told him Mitsuba would have regrets that needed to be resolved, he grabbed the ghostly boy and asked him what his regrets were.

Completely contrary to how he looks with his pink attire, Mitsuba didn’t  let himself get bullied by Kou’s harsh approach and so began a chaotic relationship between the two.

The interesting thing about Kou is that he wasn’t ready to give up and wasn’t deterred by Mitsuba’s first defensive layer, instead as he found out that his last wish was to take a picture of something special he jumped at the opportunity to help the ghost.

According to his teachings, he should’ve just exorcised him immediately, just as he threatened to do so with Hanako the very first time, but instead he took time and effort to try and understand Mistuba even though his life was long over, giving him a chance to feel listened to.

Here, the first blossoms of an entirely unique friendship start to form, one that has no ties to being dead or alive but instead one that started with the dedication of Kou and Mitsuba needing to belong somewhere.

Speaking of Mitsuba, his bitter remarks towards Kou from the beginning of their encounter and his feisty attitude quickly dissolved into a more calm demeanor when Kou took the effort to walk around with Mitsuba all day with encouragement and a healthy optimism.

It turns out that Mistuba had been sitting around the lockers and asked the students if they remembered him because he was part of Kou’s class in their first year, which came to a surprise for the exorcist. 

He learns that Mistuba had to change his personality drastically as he was a victim of bullying in elementary school and when that didn’t help he tried to be his true self again but still failed to make any friends or lasting relationships. As he died because of an accident, he suddenly realised that no one from school remembered him and that he was all alone.

His wish to take a picture was not his true wish in hindsight.

As Kou told him that he was sorry for not recognizing him as a ghost, he made sure to promise they could be friends from now on even if Mitsuba was dead.

This made Mitsuba’s true wish emerge, as he just wanted to make friends at the end of the day.

Pairing with Kou’s empathetic nature, the next events twist into a dark and traumatizing direction, as the beautiful friendship between two opposing characters who should be enemies by design, is cut short by Tsukasa Yugi who took Mistuba’s wish in the literal sense.

As “the bent neck boy at the school entrance”, Mitsuba loses his mind and all of the precious time he had with Kou as he attacks him and has to quickly be fought by Hanako to which he just disappears and only leaves his beloved camera.

He disappeared, yet Kou still had to mourn the loss of his friend as he was traumatized in the last seconds of seeing him. After giving everything he could to help Mistuba and after truly realising that they could become friends even now, he has to say goodbye to him at the end of the day.

Although this might sound like the end, we get another reconnection of the ‘after death friends’ as Mitsuba has been recreated by Tsukasa and made him the 3rd Mystery. While his personality is still the same and he starts to connect with Yashiro, he does not remember his past and even Kou is erased from his memory.

This of course upsets Kou, which only shows us how quickly their bond has formed and how much Kou wanted to be Mistuba’s friend.

Although they have found each other against all odds and even after death, the friendship of Mitsuba and Kou had sadly been severed by the interference of Tsukasa and therefore found its tragic end. 

The wounds stings even more when one thinks of what this friendship represents.

It embodies something so genuine, something so real that it could even go against the normally contrasting relationship of a ghost and an exorcist, a friendship so strong that it gave Mitsuba the feeling of belonging and being able to be his true self, one that could let the young Kou rethink his work as an exorcist and find the heart to help someone in need.

True friendship doesn’t get swayed by outside factors if both parties truly want to be there for each other.

A true friendship will even go against death, which shows the beauty of this one, that sadly had to find an abrupt end.

But even so, Mitsuba could finally have someone he could truly call his friend, but it was Kou who lives with the remaining memory of a lost dear one.

When we look at such relationships, we can decipher it and take part of it to our real lives as lessons to be learned. Even if we can’t commune with ghosts in this life, Kou’s resolve and Mitsuba’s past give us hope that friendships and safe spaces can develop even later in life, when we think it’s now impossible.

And a simple act of kindness is all it takes to make a friendship start to flourish.

What would you think is the true core of a friendship? Leave your opinion in the comments if you want to!

Until then, see you next tea time~


Wedding Deal – Chapter 02 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art by @ruttika_shin on twitter

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 02:

Just like he said he didn’t seem to put much pressure when it came to directions, but it still looked as elegant as any other prince at this event when he pulled me closer, not too rough yet with a lot of force.

Calm down Y/N, just one dance and nothing more.

“…”, there was more than silence when it came to that man, I didn’t blame him, I wasn’t much of a talker myself and I also was someone who invited him to this dance and not the other way around.

As I followed his lead which was unlike his statement, very easy to follow and looked like he had a lot of practice in it, I wondered after the second song started why he didn’t stop yet as we silently swirled and pulled back just to get pushed together again. I only thought about how he must have pitied me since I asked him out, I must have looked desperate for this dance while I only wanted to cover for my friends.

My eyes wandered around the room as I couldn’t see Chiaki and Hiyori was still dancing with Prince Ushijima, her face red from anger and embarrassment yet she kept her poker face as she was obviously exhausted but didn’t want to admit defeat.

What is that crazy girl doing?

I heard the man beside me clear his throat and as I looked back he had fixed me with his eyes before averting them and dancing on.

He must be tired of me… I even wondered why he would do a second song in the first place…

“If you rather would dance with someone else just say so”, he suddenly said as his gaze caught Prince Ushijima’s fierce dance with Hiyori and when I finally understood what he said I accidentally tripped on his foot which he hid, but his face showed slight features of pain as his eyebrow twitched for a split second.

Immediately my gaze wandered to my mother who signed me to watch my step and I lowered my gaze while the fear grew bigger.

“It’s not a big deal”, he lowly muttered so that only I could hear and his face that he leaned down tried to peek in my face.

“I am very sorry”, I muttered back and remembered his words, “also… I really don’t want to dance with someone else.”

His face had a confused expression with a slight red tint that disappeared just as fast as it came.

“I see… “, he just looked down on me while keeping the lead as the third song started.

I realized that his reaction must have meant that I said something weird again or that I was missing something.

“I-I meant you don’t need to dance more than one dance with me out of pity. I already had much of your time today, Sir. If you rather would dance with someone else, I am a bit busy myself since-“, since my mother would kill me if I trip one more time and my head was somewhere else instead despite that I enjoyed his tight grasp that didn’t feel suffocating at all unlike other men who didn’t care much how their partner felt.

If it had been on another occasion I think I would have enjoyed this a tad more…

“It’s not out of pity”, he said curtly and I tilted my head as I was still lost.

He seemed to search for words as he looked around the room and back to me.

“Out of all the women I had danced with, you seemed like someone who would be the least annoying. It’s quite the opposite I think because you asked me out of a dire situation I might have enjoyed the pure feelings… I am sorry I don’t know how to phrase it. I am a bit bad with words, usually I don’t even talk that much”, there was even a slight vulgar word that slipped out and I couldn’t help but let out a wow at his seemingly un-prince-like slip up.

“I guess that’s it”, he sighed and let go of my hand which felt like I lost something despite that he was still next to me.

I stared at the man who rubbed his neck and then ruffled through his hair before he stood straight again, “please forgive me for my manners.”

I shook my head and smiled a bit, “not at all. I think your… that side of you is quite funny… not in a bad way”, I tried to explain and watched my mother from the corner of my eye.

He followed that gaze and gave me a glare.

“I heard your mother is looking for a suitor, at least many people in our province and the neighboring one were talking about the 3rd Princess finally being able to marry”, I couldn’t help it but my jaw dropped open as I heard for the first time that my mother was looking for a suitor.

Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.35

@Ruttika_Shin on Twitter

Never have I felt like this.

A low thumping in my head continued throughout the day after I saw Asami leave with Atsumu and Mikoto yesterday. 

It hadn’t dissipated even after drinking copious amounts of water and trying to distract myself from it, but even through the night my head seemed to not want to cease its battle against me.

I was familiar with the push and pull one could feel with all the pheromones dangling in the air. I knew what it was like to be annoyed by all of the different scents clashing in a lecture hall, I also knew how it felt to feel a certain need when my cycle came.

Those were all things I could cope with, emotions I could handle even if sometimes they annoyed me more than they did any good. 

This is different.

Like a flash, memories from the last day came in unhinged and without mercy shuffling through my mind as if they were a slideshow designed to make me lose my mind.

“I’ll be quick about it”

I cringed at my own voice booming through my head, what was I thinking saying things like that?

Again, the unfiltered smell of fresh caramel burned through my nose as if it was actually there and I groaned aloud.

I remembered how it felt when her ankle twitched upwards as I held it to check for the joint that was attached to her foot. At the moment I wasn’t quite sure what compelled me to hold her heel firmly down to the floor, but how was it that it just kept replaying in my head again and again?!

My eyes twitched and I looked to the side to face my alarm clock.

7:39 AM

My alarm would ring in six minutes anyway.

With a huff I stood up a little too quickly which made my head hurt even more. I closed my eyes to make the room stop spinning and realised that the throbbing in my head wasn’t the only thing feeling uncomfortable.

My god. Seriously?!

An ice cold shower and a freshly brewed coffee later, I took a peek at my schedule for today, which just made me sigh again.

With what happened yesterday at the anatomy class and Asami’s lecture I already had enough on my mind. I always had enough on my mind.

“Can you open your legs please? I’ll be fast”

Is that what omega pheromones can do to you?!

I mean yeah, I probably shouldn’t have scent marked her all over, but seriously I was obviously out of it!

The first emotion I felt about the whole situation was anger. Doing what felt right in that class was the only thing I could do. I had no malicious intent, I wasn’t explicitly trying to scent mark her, and she scent marked me too.

“You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”

That had felt the most unfair. It simply wasn’t true.

How many times did I have to sit in a meeting with someone from the beta committee to report an incident again? How many times was it that that annoying head council drilled me for uncomfortable details?

I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder as I left my dorm room, leaving it opened since Iwa might still come back in from his morning jog.

What monster wakes up at 6 AM to go for a jog?

The more I walked in the direction of the center building where my next class would be, the more students and conversation could be heard in the background. Since it was close to 8:30 AM, most students would be awake now and crowd into the cafeteria.

My head still hurt, the more I thought of the events yesterday the more the thumping worsened.

Did I overreact?

The feeling of my palm pressed on her skin entered my brain.

This is the day I will die for sure.

“-it was amazing!”

I heard a man’s voice booming over the other murmurs as I entered the cafeteria.

“Aren’t those super hard to get?”

“Well, I have a guy who just started to give them out, and the price is okay for the effects”

“So, it works like regular drugs or something?”

I stopped for a moment to listen.

“Better! Since they’re heat suppressants they’re safe to take and the best thing is you get no withdrawals!”

“Right, right”, he had stopped for a moment to think, “but what about the omegas? Don’t they need that shit?”

“Who cares man, they’ll get raped anyway with or without them”.

Everything stopped for a moment, and my eyes shot open as I heard their cackling laughter echoing in my ears.


“Hey, someone’s staring, scram!”

As I took a second look to where the two guys stood I realised they were already gone, but the bubbling confusion in me was not to be removed.

“You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”

At that moment, the realisation that struck me came with a lot more than just the stunned feeling of being wrong. It came with all of those moments I sat in front of the beta committee or the students council.

Every single one of those times, there was an omega in their room, feeling this realisation.

Absolute helplessness.

Worse than that, Mikoto didn’t even complain yesterday. Maybe she didn’t even realise. It was Asami who had informed her of how unsafe it was, an unmated omega scent marked to the brim by an alpha. I was always told it was a bad thing to do, but I never knew why. 

I never thought of why that would be important.

What did I do to her?

My head almost exploded and I pressed my hand against my temple to push against it.

Should I talk to her, or should I leave it?

Ugh, my head hurts.

I turned left to get to my lecture, knowing I had to gnaw on this a little longer before I could find the right timing and talk to Mikoto or Asami.

With my head in the clouds, I steered towards the back of the hall, hoping for a quiet moment to focus. I spotted an empty chair next to someone with a very dull scent, which would be less distracting and more comfortable over all.

As I gestured to the seat, the other students nodded with a smile and I plopped down on it. 

Instinctively, I flared up my nostrils to take in the scent albeit it being dull, until I realised that there wasn’t any.



I opened my book and peered over to him with squinted eyes.

No scent.

“Are you confused as to why I smell like nothing?”, he piped up with a knowing smile and I nodded, curious as to know what was wrong with him.

Scent blockers?

But that would mean he’s an ome-

“Oh”, I mumbled.

“Got it?”, he grinned and extended a hand which I took, “I get that alot, the ‘he’s an omega?’ look. I would prefer my own name though instead. Sugawara Koshi”.

I smiled at his open attitude, “Oikawa Tooru, nice to meet you.”

“Oikawa? Oh, I heard that name before”, he stopped for a moment.

“Do you know a Mikoto?”

Yuru Camp – lie yourself back this fall [Breakfast Anime]

sky gems anime green grass stars

header art: Twitter: @tarokunnnn and @_tamomoko

As the second season already finished airing early this year on April 1st of 2021, it’s now time to go a bit back and look at the first season that went on in 2018.

Yuru Camp, also known with the english title Laid-back camp is just what you would expect, or maybe a bit more.

From a loud daycare to school ghosts, we already got some topics covered but this time it’s all about girls, camping and of course to enjoy life to its fullest,

Are you ready to discover nature’s beauty and all the fancies about camping?

Then let’s set up our tents and get started on today’s blogpost!

Also, our breakfast anime series is always spoiler-free for you to enjoy, so no need to hesitate and worry.


With 12 Episodes each filled with wonderful sceneries, Yuru Camp’s story is still not dense in that context given the fact that it’s a Slice of Life anime.

Yet the story begins with Rin Shima who goes on a camping trip close to Mount Fuji around late fall or winter time, when she sees a girl sleeping on the bench at her arrival at the site.

Even after many hours of setting up her tent, getting firewood and looking around the campsite Rin finds the girl still sleeping where she left her. When the girl who turns out to be Nadeshiko, the main character of the series, wakes up and finds herself in the darkness of the camping site she follows Rin in distress.

After seeing the beautiful sight of Mount Fuji at night, Nadeshiko tells Rin that she moved to this town and came to the camping site to see this very sight even though she overslept. From thereon through many coincidences Nadeshiko meets Rin and even sees that they go to the same High School.

Seeing the beautiful Mount Fuji and how wonderful camping could be, she decides to join the Outdoor Activities Club in order to experience even more beautiful places like the one that she saw with Rin.

What will await Nadeshiko and Outdoor Activities Club?


Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Energetic and always cheerful, Nadeshiko is seen as the happiest while eating. 

As she is a little scatterbrain and clumsy, making her get help from others most of the time.

When she encountered Rin at the campsite and saw the beauty of nature that day, she decided that she wanted to continue with camping as well.

Therefore she immediately joined the Outdoor Activities Club in order to get her hands on the basics and be able to go out as much as she can.

But the girl with a black hole stomach soon has to discover that the club consists of only two members.

As persistent as she is and with her charming nature, Nadeshiko decides to ask Rin to join the club as well and go out on another camping trip together.

Rin Shima

Solo camping specialist and fond of camping, so much that she even goes her ways in the cold seasons to live out her hobby.

While looking cute and delicate from the outside, Rin shows a particularly cold attitude towards strangers and especially people who want to meddle in her solo camping experience.

Yet she seems very curious whenever she meets Nadeshiko despite that she avoids her when seeing her again in High School and rejecting her offer to go camping together, even more when she asks her to go with Outdoor Activities Club.

Still it seems she cannot escape Nadeshiko’s persistence that easily… 

Aoi Inuyama

One of the two members of the club before Nadeshiko joins them.

She is the calm and composed one among Nadeshiko and Chiaki, and has to be the sound mind when it comes to their discussions that lead to mostly nonsense if not for Aoi.

Gentle but also straightforward when it comes to the truth Aoi is more of the big sister or Mum figure in the group.

Always carrying a new magazine to the clubroom, she inspires the club for new fresh ideas on what equipment they could get.

Nonetheless she also can get carried away in Chiaki’s and Nadeshiko’s antics.

Chiaki Oogaki

More or less the leader of the club, even with Aoi around.

She is mostly the one who pushes the group to take action, if not sometimes too recklessly or trying to go head-first into situations if it wasn’t for Aoi.

Usually seen as an idiot, Chiaki is actually very knowledgeable when it comes down to it which earns her the admiration of Nadeshiko.

Yet she is also very loud and overconfident leading her to fall into her own traps at times.

Ena Saitou

Rin’s close friend who likes to make funny sculptures with her hair.

She is the one who likes to push Rin a little and make her befriend others.

As someone who is very warm and easy-going, Ena befriends the Outdoor Activities Club easily despite her lacking interest in camping like Nadeshiko or Rin.

Most of the time she is seen to live her life a bit more on the cozy side, but still doesn’t fear meddling into Rin’s life by acting behind her back in order to open new opportunities for her.


As mentioned Yuru Camp shows a lot of beautiful landscaped due to the topic being mostly all around camping. Not only that but a lot of tips and tricks are shown almost like an easy to follow tutorial whether it’s about food recipes or how to set up a tent, it almost feels like it’s supposed to motivate and teach the viewer a bit about camping.

The character designs are very unique and they vary from each one, for example Nadeshiko’s cute and bubbly colors that represent her personality very well to Aoi who is warm but very mature as seen in her color palette that was used.

The opening is very cheerful with a lot of colors and very dynamic while the ending is more on the soothing side giving off a very melancholic and nostalgic vibe, showing sceneries and also sitting at the campsite while it’s night.

From the falling leaves and beauty of the fall season to the beginning of spring and the burst in colors of it. Yuru Camp captured atmospheres and the gorgeous nature very well, not forgetting the most important part: Mount Fuji in many forms and colors.


Let’s start with Rin Shima who’s cute and calm voice that shows her ice princess demeanor is lent by none other than Nao Touyama, known for her voices Yui (Seishun Love), Lacia (Beatless) and Ichinose (Classroom of the Elite).

Nadeshiko Kagamihara on the other hand is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori who is known for a variety of voices for example the cool and composed Hayasaka (Love is War), the loyal and quiet Hinaki (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and the humble Lean (KonoSuba).

Aki Toyosaki voiced the gentle and caring Aoi Inuyama who shares her voice with characters like Uihara(Railgun), Mei (Pokémon) and Justine and Caroline (Persona 5).

The cast also consists of Rie Takahashi who voices Ena Saitou. She is known for her roles as Emilia(Re:Zero), Megumin(KonoSuba) and a lot more popular ones.

Last but not least Marina Inoue who despite her small role as Nadeshiko’s sister did a flawless job on her nonchalant and strict attitude. Her name is also known in the industry for voicing characters such as Touka(Date A Live), Yaoyoruzu (My Hero Academia) and Armin( Attack on Titan).


For a change of pace Yuru Camp is very nice to escape the hustle of life and be reminded that there is more to the world around us than our workplace or stressful daily lives.

With the focus on camping as hobby close to nature even as someone who was never interested in camping in the first place, Yuru Camp successfully made me think about trying it out at least once and also reawakened a certain awareness for nature’s beauty that tends to get forgotten with all the things that are going on in the world.

The characters who are all very charming and adorable in their own way, as well as being individual, can put a smile on the face with their humor. For example Nadeshiko’s pure happiness while eating already managed to get one reaction or another.

Yet there is not much story going on in this series, it’s more something that should be watched when you want to lie back and have something calmer to enjoy or even watch it next to doing something else, but it sure calms down and unwinds when watching unlike other series who need much focus.

As camping is mostly seen as something done in late spring or summer, the perspective of camping in fall or winter was also a nice change and an interesting fact as truly nature can be enjoyed in each season having unique beauty in each and every one of them.

If you want to lie back a bit and be reminded of how beautiful nature can be and also maybe looking for a new hobby, then this fall you should try for Yuru Camp and find the little camper inside of you.

With that said, let me set up a campfire for tea,

  • Makii

Gabi Braun- the blinded warrior [Character Talk]

aot attack on titan levi

header art: https://twitter.com/9baMelo

Up until now we had characters that had a charming side despite their different roles such as Tsukasa Yugi being an antagonist and Todo Aoi who is a rival yet mentor at the same time.

But in today’s blogpost things will be a bit different, since the character we are going to talk about is someone who is hated among the fandom for several reasons yet a very important role for the series and also the viewer to understand a concept of Shingeki no Kyojin.

The character mentioned here is none other than Gabi Braun, Eldian blood but a proud follower and warrior of Marley who seeks to eradicate the people of Paradis Island and atone for the sins of her ancestors.

This post will contain major spoilers for the anime series, it will not go further than season 4 part 1, for those who are still watching it read at your own risk.

With that said, let’s get started on the passionate child blinded by war.


The fearless warrior with strong idealistic values appears in the final season for the first time and starts her screen-time in Episode one right away.

An Eldian young girl around the age of 12 born in the Liberio internment zone and raised there. She is the cousin of Reiner Braun and also the candidate who is most likely to be chosen to inherit the Armored Titan due to her great achievements and strong will to get rid of the Paradis Island. She views herself and her fellow Eldians as “true Eldians”.

Risking her life several times when even grown men show fear and also being very intelligent when it comes to battlefield matters, Gabi took out a train on her own in order to save her fellow soldiers.

Not only that but she does not fear facing the survey corps all on her own, climbing up the airship while many Marley soldiers were killed by those very enemies she tried to face alone as shown when she still managed to kill Sasha despite being surrounded.

As a child she may look innocent to others but her being a warrior-candidate implies that she stands out of the masses, not only among her peers but also grown soldiers and high-ranked officers. 

The character

From the beginning it is clear that Gabi does not fear anything as long as she can successfully achieve victory and she does that in the perfect manner that is to be expected from her. Yet it seems she always surpasses the expectations from the higher-ups which earned her the most advantage to be chosen to inherit the Armored Titan power, as we saw her even throwing away her clothes and rushing in while a mass of soldiers feared to step forward to face the train.

Despite that she also shows natural leadership traits as she is very assertive when it comes to her own ideals and goals, is also a trait that makes her very reckless and over-domineering not listening to others opinions and trying to force her own thoughts upon them.

She is very dense when it comes to daily matters or things that are mostly usual for children in her age, for example when Falco openly shows his affection and worries towards her she does not understand them as romantic feelings but rather sees him as a competitor while everyone around her already took the hint that Falco has a crush on her.

Her hatred towards the Paradis Island Eldians shows no limits as she doesn’t show any regret in killing any of them as seen when she killed Sasha on the airship and being surrounded by those who loved her dearly, even when being confronted with her deed and being seen as a heartless monster she does not flinch away nor does her way of thinking change.

It is seen that she was successfully manipulated by the false story of her ancestors that Marley uses in order to brainwash warrior-candidates and not only that, also with fear and even death when not showing loyalty towards Marley and acknowledging the fact that Eldians are a sinful folk. But Gabi on the other hand does not fear death or question her own loyalty it’s quite the opposite she is proud to be a “true Eldian” who could serve Marley and bring peace to her “homeland” by inheriting the Titan power and eradicating the people of Paradis Island.

Through that Gabi’s thoughts align with those of Marley and we see her mostly act upon her hatred and not on her own common sense which she seems to lack in many points throughout the events of the final season. It makes her a self-righteous brat that justifies her own actions and even kills civilians’ lives based on that firm belief, which unlike Falco made her want to fight them despite being imprisoned on the island.

Core role as a character

As we now know much more about Gabi’s character it’s easy to assess which role she has in the series despite being stamped as a support character.

If we view the series from the perspective we have encountered up until the final season she is viewed as an antagonist of the Paradis Island citizens, especially Eren Jaeger.

Not only that but she is the representation of innocent children or at least despite the circumstances of war and its harshness, when it comes to Gabi being a full-fledged warrior other people still view her as such. Being brainwashed through the propagation of Marley’s ideals stripped her away from her own ability to form an opinion on who should be her ally and who should be her enemy. Showing that very innocence of not being able to distinguish on her own and being very trusting towards the “adults” who forced her will to become something that she didn’t decide on her own in the first place.

The way that Gabi views the world in a much simplified manner as seen, her own kind being the good people and the others being the bad still shows the naivety within her.

On the other hand due to her extreme way of thinking and perspective the viewer is able to understand the actual conflict in the world of Shingeki no Kyojin since Marley, Eldian and Paradis Island are all terms that were mentioned at the end of season three leaving behind great confusion about the general problems mentioned by Grisha Jaeger. Not only that but since the story was told from the perspective of the Subjects of Ymir up until that point who lived at that isolated island clueless about the outside, Gabi is on the other side of the story, being Eldian herself yet not recognizing her fellow Eldians who are corrupted in her eyes.

Importance in series

With the things up until now we can tell that Gabi plays a valuable role in this series not only causing the death of Sasha that caused many consequences even within the survey corps, but also shows the stark contrast of environmental influence and how much control government and propaganda can have on a mere child. A one-sided view of war not questioning a bit if the enemies are truly “devils” or not but following the manipulation.

Despite her being Eldian as well she blindly follows the Marley government in order to rank high and gain status along with her family to become a honorary Marley citizen.

Yet this thin line between enemies and oneself was even made clear to one of the most loyal and blinded warriors, Gabi Braun as she was imprisoned within Paradis Island along with Falco. After escaping when the Blouse family took them in and cared after them for the time being Gabi is seen to stay adamant that those before her are still her enemies and not to be trusted, as she despite the things she was taught and blinded with is surprised to see that it’s far different than what Marley taught her.

It’s the beginning where expectations and reality meet in front of her, as a heated discussion between her and Kaya revealed that Gabi blamed them for the sins that the Eldian Empire used to do are being now repaid so they deserve to suffer as Kaya mentioned her mother was also eaten by a Titan. Flaco explains that the government used the destroyed village Kaya grew up in was destroyed due to a test of strength, it is also revealed later on that Sasha was the one who saved her.

Even after knowing about Gabi’s und Falco’s identity Kaya goes her way to help them and sends them to a restaurant where a Marleyan chef works at and lead them to a possible escape route, to Gabi’s surprise the friendliness of Kaya despite her knowing their identities took her back, a first indication that started to change her tiny bit shaking that false one-sided view of war that everyone on the other side is evil.

Soon enough Gabi starts facing the true consequences of having killed Sasha as she proudly boasts to Nicholo, the Marleyan chef, that she killed her being immensely proud of it before the latter attacks her and almost kills her, telling her he was in love with Sasha despite that he was Marleyan.

Mr and Mrs. Blouse along with Kaya, finally get to know that Gabi is the real killer of Sasha Blouse and their demeanor changes when her and Falco’s identities are revealed. Now the killing was different for Gabi.

It showed her change and view being shifted that the so-called corrupted Eldians on this island who lived along with some Marleyans weren’t what she expected. She saw reality unfold and the killing she did this time, which seemed natural up until that point, was now a heavy burden and even endangered Falco’s life on her own accord.

Being faced with the horrifying reality and confusing revelations that her actions could have been with no meaning or even wrong she represents many people in our own world who went through the same.

Acting blindly without giving others a chance to justify themselves or heavily act upon own beliefs seeing them as absolute, from a fearless blinded soldier to a shaking child who finally understood that her simple world may not be so simple anymore, as the feeling of losing Falco may have been felt by many others whose lives she took.

What makes the character so interesting?

Despite that many people hate Gabi she is a very important character who shows us the opposition of the story we saw up until now, Sasha who was a beloved character not only among the fandom but also among the Paradis island people getting killed due to Gabi being a child and therefore hesitating lead her to her death.

Yet we saw snippets of Reiner’s journey, Gabi is just going through a similar one as she is at a point where she is unsure and lost her determination that she once had not being able to trust anything anymore that what she was taught.

As Gabi is being hated by many for her behaviour it is actually a bit more complicated than her being a warrior who takes people’s lives due to her beliefs, one has to consider that Gabi is about 12 years old and on top of that not only her parents and cousin but also herself grew up with that behaviour and rooted hate deep inside of her, something that cannot be unhinged when considering that she is a warrior-candidate carefully chosen by the Marley military making her the perfect puppet that she is supposed to be.

Her being heartless when it comes to her wrongful actions but in the end she was just a child facing consequences and getting her simple world turned upside-down after realizing that all her killing is coming back to her when she is about to lose Falco. Being raised to be the best and honorary when following Marley but also seeing her closest friend almost dying due to her own actions that seemed wrong in the first place, it’s a heavy responsibility laid into a child’s hands.

As every child learns that actions have consequences at some point, Gabi also learned it through a different and much bigger incident. The wonder child who had a big future ahead of her is no longer as amazing as she opened her eyes to the world around her for the first time.

Simply said, many hate Gabi for the things she did, yet not consider where she came from and how she was raised. It doesn’t justify her actions in any way but it’s a point that should not be overseen as it happened in history already many times.

Gabi Braun the blinded warrior opened her eyes for the first time and that’s the time she realized she was a mere helpless child in the first place, pulled by the strings of Marley.

  • Makii

Wedding Deal – Chapter 01 [Iwaizumi x reader]

header art: @kkumri on instagram

“This is the story of how I traded freedom by becoming his fake wife”

– Y/N

Tip: If you are using Chrome there is a little add-on called InteractiveFics with that the story is much more vivid since Y/N will be replaced with the name you type in. Give it a try you won’t regret it~

Chapter 01:

If there was one thing I hated the most, it was those banquets they held and princesses of each province having to attend. Even the ones that weren’t supposed to become heirs or weren’t of any importance like me.

I am the 3rd daughter and therefore I wasn’t necessarily needed at this event, yet the only comfort I had were one girl to my left and other to my right as both of them unlike me who was watched by my mother strictly, stretched out their legs in a very unlady-like way while one of them chewed curiously on one cupcake that seemed to be from another province.

“Do you guys get privileged food like that, oh wow I never saw something like that!”, the one almost two years older than me said while taking another bite and leaning back before stretching straight and being reminded that this was an official meeting as she nudged her cousin to do the same.

“Hiyori, sit straight, and don’t glare, you know our family will scold us if they take any photos!”, Chiaki said while adjusting her dress that slipped away a bit on her chest and legs.

“So what? I don’t care. We are not even royals or nobles unlike Y/N whose mother is going to devour her if she doesn’t sit like a jerk- ”, she was cut off.

“No cussing!”, Chiaki shoved the weird cupcake into Hiyori’s mouth and adjusted her dress in her stead.

I sighed deeply, “how many times do I have to tell you guys, I am just a princess by name, I am not important. Also Chiaki sometimes you behave more like a princess than I do, don’t talk yourself down”, and I regretted immediately saying that as she had that smile on her face while her eyes wanted to wring my neck.

“Ah must be nice to be a royal saying such things huh? Unlike us pebbles who were invited by your generosity”, some men were staring at us and I felt uncomfortable.

“Yeah, nice to be a rich kid, huh. If I were you I would have bought all these shoes, girl and left them in debt. Wait you are a pebble, I am not one”, Hiyori wiped her face and stared at her shoes, “I gotta get some new ones though.”

“You got some this week”, her cousin still smiled and even the men probably felt her annoyed vein popping from that mischievous grin.

“And?”, was the cue that pulled the last string before I caught Chiaki in my arms in order to avoid her from choking her own cousin.

“Y/N let go”, she muttered and despite that I sometimes feared her, this time it felt like I was holding a child, thank goodness I was sitting in the midst.

“Okay, Timeout prince number five just entered. Guess he is late”, Hiyori pointed at a man with spiky hair, clothes in a navy blue suit with gold accents, black gloves and shoes as his gaze swept around the room before I felt Chiaki shift in my arms making herself comfy on me instead of backing off as she and her cousin analysed the guy.

“Who is he?”, the one in my arms asked and Hiyori was much quicker than me answering.

“He is from the province of Aoba Johsai, 2nd Prince Iwaizumi Hajime. Despite that he hates events like this everyone needs to attend them. I heard the first prince already arrived too. But Johsai is really far away. Heard he came to find a suitor on his mother’s behalf but shoved off marrying for years now”, both of us stared at her and she shrugged.

“Okay I am the rich kid but how-“

“I got my ressources girl”, she winked and stuck out her tongue as Chiaki shoved in a snack for her to eat casually.

“Our parents will kill us”, Chiaki muttered and I nodded as Hiyori shrugged.

“I already had to attend the other event so I can roam around”, but the freedom didn’t last long before a tall and well-built guy blocked our guy with a stoic face and olive-colored hair he stretched out his hand like it was taught in etiquette class and asked Hiyori for a dance.

Chiaki immediately sat up like she was supposed to and we saw how Hiyori ignored the man at first.

“Lady, I may have not asked in a proper way but I want to take your next dance”, the already deep voice of prince Ushijima had a slightly rough and strained undertone.

“Fine”, she said after letting him stand for some minutes and took his hand as she whispered, “he thinks I am a lady pfft guess he doesn’t know I am a commoner girl, let me teach that rich boy a lesson.”

“And there she goes”, Chiaki muttered and sighed worried about her cousin, “I guess she will be the one who gets a lesson, she got Ushijima of all people.”

“What are you gonna do if they find out you are not royalty?”, I asked not having thought this through when I invited them, my mother doesn’t know that  I befriended commoners yet she didn’t ask for their rank this time.

“I guess I will ditch Hiyori and scram. The food is weird anyways and the people are super stiff, like look at that brunette guy he looks like he would kill someone in this room any time soon”, she laughed.

“So you are a commoner”, another deep voice let my heart drop to my feet and my guts twist as I held my breath, I didn’t look up but a shadow was looming over us before I saw black shoes in front of me.

As my gaze wandered from the navy blue suit to a pair of olive-eyes my hands started sweating and I couldn’t bring out a word as I saw the 2nd prince of Aoba Johsai  leaning down right in front of me.

“W-Who?”, I could only bring out and look away.

“Not you, I know you from other events, Princess Y/N but”, his eyes wandered to the girl next to me as he fixed her and she smiled widely, if anyone else looked at her you would think she was not having a single problem.

“Me?”, she asked in a friendly tone, one leg over the other.

“Yes. The one who called the first prince stiff and a murder”, his gaze turned into a slight glare before I acted out of fear standing up and taking his arm as he looked at me surprised.

“M-May I dance with you Prince Hajime?”, I stuttered my face red yet I feared if Chiaki was caught being a commoner and badmouthing the first prince that she wouldn’t be simply lectured, no, worse….

“W-Wait, but-” as we turned around she was gone and the last thing I saw was that someone followed her into the crowd and I wanted to do the same before I felt a strong grip on my hand.

“Didn’t you want to dance?”, the man with a rough voice and the olive-eyes fixed on me didn’t let go.


“Or did you want to trick me into one to shield your friend?”, he tilted his head with slight disappointment on his face.

Okay Y/N… you have to keep calm, one dance it takes one dance and a bit of social distraction for him to let it go…

I tried to smile a bit concerned and nodded.

“I wanted to dance with you, yet I was afraid you would deny my wish since I asked you… it’s against etiquette rules to ask the man to dance so-“, he scratched his head with his other hand while not letting go of me.

“Well, if you wanted to dance, I don’t see a problem nor would I tell anyone about something as strict as etiquette rules. I ever wondered if women actually liked to get asked out for a dance…”, he muttered a slight shade of rose on his cheek while he stared intently.

I was also flustered by his honest answer.

“I-uh… I guess it is nice sometimes…but it feels also… unfair…”, my gaze wandered to my mother who glared at me and signed for me to grasp myself and not slouch which I did.

“Even you”, his eyes followed mine to my mother,”I guess we should make this a good one, and enjoy it while we can”, he understood immediately and as he looked back there was a slight grin on his face.

“Just to tell you I am not much of a dancer unlike what rumors say about Hajime Iwaizumi”, he muttered.

I laughed a bit and positioned myself as he held out his hand, “I guess it makes it much easier for me to easen up then.”

Scent. a Haikyu!! Fanfiction pt.34


Art by @ocaxoka

“Right, right, no I mean you reacted very well to it so I know you feel better but-”

I was immediately cut off by Atsumu on the other line as he yelled something intelligible to who I would assume to be his brother. 

I flinched at the loud noise and sighed to myself while I held my phone a little farther from me than I should.

“Atsumu?”, I asked into the speaker and the clamoring in the background ceased for a moment.


_What do you mean “ya?” I was talking and you cut me off!!_

“Well, uhm like I said even though the exposure therapy is working I would like to review it with-”

A loud exasperated sigh came from the other side which made me stop and reevaluate everything I said in seconds. Working with Atsumu sometimes only fueled my raging authority issues. It was hard enough to talk to him, but when he was annoyed or inconvenienced? 

Lord help me. 

“So it works right? What do ya want then?”, his voice was distorted by static and I took a deep breath in to calm my frailed nerves.

I was already stressed enough as it is.

“Can we just quickly review? You had to get closer to Mikoto bit by bit while trying to unlearn what mentally *feels* like imprinting right?”

Please cooperate man.

“Yeah? I mean t’was hard in the beginnin n stuff but like I said when caramel girl danced out of that class being scent marked all over I didn’t even feel the need ta puke”

Ah, well that was more honest than expected.

“Okay, so you think you need more counseling? What is your plan for the next stages?”

“End stage is supposed ta be feeling no attachment right?”

I hummed an affirmative into the phone.

“I think we’re there then”.


I clasped my hand over my mouth and looked around to check if anyone heard me. 

“Ya heard me right? I mean I was just as affected as any alpha would be if an unmated omega paraded around reeking of an alpha. Ya get possessive sometimes, it happens”. 

I remembered where Mikoto was right now as he said that. 

“Right. Okay then, I’ll need you for a last review session tell me your schedule for the next few days”.

“Ah, wanna see me one last time huh? Can’t blame ya! I’ll send it to ya” 

This conversation started to move from draining to actually annoying. 

That’s nor fair to him, Asami. 

With the last energy I could muster I mumbled a goodbye and told him to take it easy until I saw him again. 

“Yes m’am!” 

He hung up. 

How easy it seemed for him to overcome this. I was happy that he got so far, but it still bugged me deep down how he talked so leisurely. Maybe it was just part of his huge athlete douchebag facade.

On that note, I fumbled my phone out of my pockets to check my messages. 

No new ones. 

I still opened the chat to see if maybe I could read more into what I’ve already seen, but to no avail. 

Asami: Are you still showering? It won’t get off anyways! 

Mikoto: Just came out, I wanna go back in though. 

Asami: Don’t you idiot, you’re gonna burn yourself. 

Mikoto: Yeah well still, I can smell it everywhere. 

Asami: Just hold out! It’ll be over soon! I mean I can get you a blocking mask? Maybe it’ll help? 

Mikoto: No, I’m going to take a nap. 

My last message was left on delivered. 

I couldn’t blame her at all. Having the scent of an alpha clinging to you after being touched all over and feeling not only exposed but also incredibly dirty? I couldn’t even imagine. 

I kept walking down the hall as I listened to the surrounding chit chat of the people. 

“Did you hear how alphas react to heat blockers?” 


“Oh my god yeah it’s supposed to be this amazing trip like-” 

As they turned the corner I couldn’t listen anymore, but that small exchange alone sent shivers down my back. Who would willingly take heat suppressants as an alpha? 

They really can afford to do anything. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar figure walking towards me, and as I took another look I realised it was Oikawa who had slowly started to strut in my direction. 

I looked around to check if I was actually the one he came to, and swallowed as he approached. 

“Hey Asami!”, he sang as he stopped in front of me and I nodded shortly. 

It has only been a day and you’re just waltzing around? 

After again causing her pain? 

“I heard Mikoto is on a sick leave?” 

Yeah. Sick. 

“Uhm, yea she is wenn she doesn’t feel too good”, it wasn’t a lie that I told, but I didn’t tell the whole truth either. 

Oikawa clocked his head to the side, as if he looked right through me and nodded to himself. 

“Hm, well you know she is sick so rarely, I was just checking to see if she’s okay, can I talk to her?” 

“No”, was my immediate and very cold response out of instinct followed by, “Oh, uh well uhm she’s just concerned you might get sick too! So! No visits please?” 

“Is she actually sick?”, his voice became slightly deeper and I hated that I immediately reacted to his alpha voice. 

I couldn’t take this. 

“It’s really rude to use that. She isn’t feeling well. That’s all”, I felt a lump forming in my throat. 

“Okay then, I just wanted to check in”, he slowly walked past me but kept talking, “It’s not like I had any bad intentions”. 

What was he hinting at?


I wiped around to look as he turned his back to me. 

“That is very easy for you to say, but respectfully, you have no idea what it feels for the small ones like us! Especially Mikoto as an omega has struggles you will never understand! Not as long as this entire system is built by alphas for alphas! You alphas know no consequences to your actions!”. 

It all tumbled out of me. Years and years of bit down comments all spilled out on one guy who happened to be standing in front of me. 

The first incident, all the reports on assault victims I had to fill out, all the fake prescriptions for heat suppressants that were taken by non-omegas, all of the snide comments, all of the alpha voices, everything. 

I could only think of Mikoto burning her delicate skin to rid herself of this guy’s pheromones. 

It made me sick. 

Oikawa’s gaze was indescribable. Unreadable. Was he angry? Was he understanding? I couldn’t feel anything from him. 

And then the Realisation kicked in. 

I just yelled at Oikawa.

With a yelp, I quickly turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

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