Tsukasa Yugi – Playful chaos [Character Talk]

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As we discussed in this week’s breakfast anime about Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, let’s keep the streak and introduce our new section Character Talk with one of the cast: Tsukasa Yugi!

Usually our breakfast anime reviews are spoiler-free, so if you don’t know much about the anime or search for something to watch check them out first, as this post contains spoilers for the anime.

With that said, let’s not waste anymore time on the living side of things and get started with our first guest of our new series!


As Tsukasa Yugi arrives almost towards the middle of the series, starting his appearance in episode 5, he is one of the few indicators that show us the vulnerable and human side of the “Hanako” we had known to a certain point.

We get to know that “Hanako” whose real name used to be Amane Yugi is actually the older twin brother of Tsukasa and was the cause why Tsukasa has died, also becoming a supernatural just like his brother.

In the series Tsukasa was first introduced secretly, as he pretended to be “Hanako” due to their stark resemblance considering the fact that they are twins. Unlike “Hanako”, Tsukasa has a seal on the opposite side of his face in black color instead of white and unlike in his first-reveal he usually wears a white shirt, black Kimono and a grey Hakama, but the same hat as “Hanako”.

He also has two fang-shaped teeth that make him more distinguishable from his identical brother.

Unlike “Hanako” he doesn’t possess a knife or a weapon, but has other abilities as a supernatural, which we will discuss later. 

He is affiliated with the Broadcasting club where he usually resides.

Compared to other supernaturals his behaviour is not explainable, he is not directly involved with the school wonders like “Hanako” and seeks something much more different.

The character

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Just as child-like and cheerful Tsukasa can be there is always a quick switch between his childish antics and a disturbingly aggressive side, one can call it even psychopathic.

Everything he likes and that concerns him revolves around one person: Amane.

Therefore he doesn’t particularly care if things go the wrong way, people get hurt or die, as long as he gets to play with Amane again that is the best outcome for him.

In order to make things less boring he always searches for new things he could play with and entertain his brother as well. We also see that Amane who is the supposed murder of Tsukasa, is only swayed when it comes to Tsukasa, yet Tsukasa’s demeanor shows no regrets nor remorse over his own death and even tells his brother that he loved the look on his face when he killed him.

Sakura mentions that he is very clingy, to a point where she questions his sense for personal space as he is always touching her, hugging her or even licking her ear in one of the scenes, making her imagine him more like a pet than an apparition despite her having a contract with him just like Nene does with Hanako.

Yet without a weapon, despite the curiosity, cheerfulness and no fear of anything we see Tsukasa’s strength in many cases of the anime: one of it being altering Mitsuba’s wish. 

He shows his overwhelming physical capability in No.3 Domain in which he squashed Mystery No.3’s head with his bare hands, even though the domain is the place where the representative of the mystery is the most powerful. It shows that Tsukasa’s real strength is yet unknown if he can exhibit such strengths in other domains.

In the same arc we get to see that he is able to put at least humans to sleep, as he did with Yashiro sharing the same ability as his brother, but we don’t know if the ability limits to humans only or goes far beyond that.

Like “Hanako’s” Haku-joudai, Tsukasa also possesses two Koku-Joudai who can perform several tasks for him and even alternate forms as seen when one transformed into a paper crane.

Underlying his chaotic and psychopathic behaviour we can see him drawing with bugs’ blood on a wall which is allegedly one of the things he likes to do next to Katanuki which he used to do as a child. Here the contrast between the two faces of Tsukasa’s dual personality collide again as the former is the aggressive and cold-blooded side of his, while the other represents his child-like nature that is still heavily curious and playful.

Core role as a character

Tsukasa himself stated that he acts as an archenemy to Amane and is the polar opposite.

If Amane is the one seeking balance among the school wonders, supernaturals and living beings then Tsukasa’s goal involves that everyone should do as they please even if it means that the world would go haywire in the progress. He despises the World’s design and that everyone has to play by some rules, just to seek balance.

Therefore in the series he often interferes with Sakura’s help through the broadcasting club in order to cause discord between the supernaturals and humans.

Even between the supernaturals he doesn’t shy away to disrupt bonds and rules, as we see that he manipulated someone weak like Mitsuba in order to make him strong and satisfy his own curiosity.

Tsukasa represents the pure chaos and child-like discoveries that go further than usual and simple pranks or nosiness, but exhibit his own selfishness for the things he finds interesting as he is ready to sacrifice everything beside his own brother to fulfill his own needs.

Importance in series

Like mentioned before Tsukasa, next to Tsuchigomori is the only tie to Amane’s past that we get to see in the anime.

Tsukasa brings out the side of Amane that acts on justice, but is also more emotional, considerate and humane compared to other supernaturals in general.

As he acts as the polar opposite we get to see the importance of balance that Amane is trying to hold and also the consequences if that balance is disrupted.

Through his manipulation of Mitsuba it was possible to see that appartitions also have hearts, feelings and wishes, making a new-start after death kind of possible since Mitsuba was able to become friends with Kou after his death.

The system of how mysteries can change positions and overtake the next one as seen with No.3 being replaced by another Mitsuba who consumed the heart (forced by Tsukasa) was also only explainable due to Tsukasa interfering with the natural flow of the school wonders.

There is an important message behind the rumors as well that we could implement into our society: if a rumor changes and people believe what they hear, that is the next “truth”. It shows us the simple and primitive side of believing everything that is heard without proof and alternating the real truth by mere speculations as seen with many examples throughout the series.

But also his characteristics that contradict each other and his immense love towards his brother despite Amane murdering Tsukasa when they were alive, shows us how complex human emotions can be and that love and actions cannot be explained in reasonable ways sometimes.

What makes the character so interesting?

Weirdly enough despite the fact that we do not see a single good-natured thing about Tsukasa in the anime only when it comes to his brother (but even then he is not fully good towards him), one cannot hate this character for no apparent reason.

Acting as the chaos and meddling into several relationships, even destroying them just to satisfy his own curiosity and also not caring about the slightest thing while he goes along with his whims, Tsukasa is the perfect depiction of a child that does not know where the limits are.

Whether it is due to him dying at a young age or just his personality in general, but a manipulative, psychopathic yet cute and adorable character makes Tsukasa in a way unique, even popular.

In the fandom despite the many theories considering Tsukasa and Amane’s past, doesn’t leave the character being hated, on the contrary it is not explainable why he is not hated.

Still the love towards his brother which seems in a way disturbing yet  shows us that there are no bonds between those too is also an impressive asset, as usually in other series characters like Tsukasa who show such characteristics always have a certain motive connected to their regrets or vengeance.

Which again makes Tsukasa to what he purely is – a playful chaos among the supernaturals.


Toilet Bound Hanako-kun – Have you heard about No. 7? [Breakfast Anime]

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In this week’s Breakfast Anime post I want to present you a series that might have reached the ears of some of you as it came out in 2020, but still is unknown to others.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun or also known by the english title: Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, a story based on the old ghost-story that is quite popular in japan very similar in name.

As we covered Kai Byoui Ramune that goes more in the mystery direction and Horimiya which took us to the romantic side of anime, Toiletbound Hanako-kun is a mix that takes us to both directions while still being very unique in its own way.

Many manga-readers might be emotionally overwhelmed and unstable due to the last chapters, but let’s go a step back and focus on the anime itself , again spoiler-free!

Haven’t heard of our No. 7 yet?

Then let me introduce you to our most charming school ghost in today’s blogpost and his little radish girl!


The plot starts when Yashiro Nene, a first-year Highschool girl hears about the rumours of the ghost Hanako-san. The ghost is supposed to fulfill a wish if you manage to summon her in the third stall of the girls’ bathroom on the third floor of the school. In exchange Hanako will take something precious from the one making the wish, yet Yashiro still goes her way to summon the ghost who is supposed to take something special from her in order to make her crush like her back.

Yashiro knocks three times at the stall and utters the words, “Hanako-san, Hanako-san, are you there?”, which is the start of a much more complicated relationship between her and the seventh of the seven school wonders. 

As the young apparition seemingly tries to help her out to fulfill her wish Yashiro’s journey to uncover the truth about the seven school wonders and the sudden change that causes them to go out of their supposed positions begins.

Will Yashiro get her wish fulfilled?

And what is the truth behind the seventh mystery: Hanako of the girls’ bathroom.


Yashiro Nene

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Our female-lead Yashiro Nene is someone who gives everything if it’s for love. Her falling for her senpai Minamoto Teru despite not even knowing his full name only because he helped her out once, shows her nature of easily having a misconception of what love really is.

Therefore her only wish is for her feelings to be returned.

Nene seems to like cute yet scary-looking things. has a variety of hobbies and talents that she possesses and shows her diligent nature when it comes to work on herself for the person she likes. 

She is gullible and believes every word that is said, which makes her a target for Hanako’s regular teases and jokes.

Despite seeing Hanako’s scary sides as well and still being unsure if he is someone she can trust, she wants to know more about him and goes ways and lengths to do so.


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When we hear of the typical story about Hanako that goes around in Japan we usually have the image of a young girl with a bob cut and a red dress.

But this Hanako here is a full-fledged boy who varies heavily from the origin of the story and despite him appearing before Yashiro in the Girls Bathroom there is still more to him as he is also known as the Mystery No. 7 of the school.

He also oversees the seven mysteries and acts as a supervisor.

While he seems very cheerful and harmless cracking a joke more often than needed, he is also a very serious and cunning being, not holding back when it comes to people going against the rules of the school or his own personal gain.

Despite his cute demeanor he is actually very perverted and tactless, which we see in his interactions with Yashiro and Kou.

Since meeting Yashiro he follows her around most of the time and brings her into weird situations since not everyone can perceive him.

Whether he is someone good or bad is still unknown since there is much more about him to uncover than the surface shows.

Minamoto Teru

Yashiro’s crush and as she claims, the right person she chose this time to fall in love with.

He helped her when she dropped her pencil-case, but doesn’t seem to have noticed her at all. 

Minamoto Teru is well-liked by everyone and always wears a smile on his face. Being one year older makes him a second-year Highschool student and he is also part of the student council, more specifically he is the student council president.

While people tend to compliment Teru for his handsome looks and also being smart, he himself seems not arrogant about those things as he apologizes or is even surprised when for example people like Yashiro give him more attention than needed.

He is the older brother of Kou and part of the renown Minamoto Clan.

Minamoto Kou

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Kou is still in the middle-school division and also known for his pierced ear where he attaches a traffic safety amulet for no apparent reason. 

At first sight he looks like a delinquent which makes him unpopular in comparison to his “prince-like” brother but he doesn’t seem to care much about that, he also is far away from his rude first impression. Being considerate and overly-eager makes him rush into things head-on which some people misunderstand about him.

He is easily flustered when he realizes he rushed into things too quickly and also respects Yashiro, calling her senpai and being very gentle when talking to her.

Yet as part of the Minamoto Clan, a renowned family of exorcists, Kou directly targets Hanako to bring peace to the school and the bad supernaturals that have been lurking around.


There are many more characters in the show that are appearing in the later episodes, each of them having an important role.

Due to spoiler reasons I will keep it as vague as possible, but the characters range from normal students to other much more dangerous supernaturals.

Also the mysteries will each play a big role next to some other characters, who all have unique personalities and ties to something much deeper.


One thing about Toilet Bound Hanako-kun that stands out at first sight is the art-style that differs much from the usual Shounen anime.

The color palettes are often bright, a mixed use consisting of darker shades of purple and brown when depicting more “darker things” and a lot of red is seen in the anime, but also pastels .The art stays cute despite the anime showing us a world of supernaturals.

Animation and Manga are very close to each other, in comparison to style and colors, the cute goth vibe matches the light-hearted yet action-filled stories about apparitions and normal living beings.

Opening and Ending each have a whole different ambience, while the opening is much more action-filled, hectic and even changes the more the story progresses with bursting colors and quick-moving pictures the ending is on the much calmer side remembering one of a picture book story.


Many familiar voices appear yet again in Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, where we start with Megumi Ogata the voice actress who voices our main-lead Hanako-kun, she also lend her voice to characters who we know from the Danganronpa series as Naegi Makoto and Nagito Komaeda, Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura and Mutou/Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Her voice perfectly matches the slightly twisted personality of Hanako as she can go from a very cute boyish voice to a deeper intimidating one when needed.

Yashiro Nene’s voice is also the one we heard in Demon Slayer as she shares the same voice as Nezuko Kamado spoken by Akari Kitou.

Yuuma Uchida who we also remember from one of our breakfast anime posts, voicing Ramune from Kai Byou Ramune and also Souma Kyou from Fruits Basket, is voicing Minamoto Teru this time a different role than his usual characters but they all share a bit of a change in attitude from time to time.

Kenjirou Tsuda (Chisaki Kai from BNHA) and more roles also lend their voices for the variety of characters we see as the story progresses.


Unlike the first impressions of the anime, this is not a romance-focussed anime as the story progresses. While Nene’s main goal is to let her crush reciprocate her feelings by summoning Hanako, the story takes a much more different turn as she is sucked into the world between human beings and supernaturals.

The variety of characters, the art-style, the interesting variation of what is about happen between the seven school mysteries, the exorcist Minamoto Kou and Hanako will let one watch to know about the notorious No.7.

What will the fateful encounter entail and reveal?

And who is Hanako-kun really?

A story that will enchant you and always ask while watching: Have you already heard the rumour of-

With that I hope you will enjoy the mysteries of Kamome Academy and its mysterious beings.

Until then, let me harvest some fresh daikon,


Scent. a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.23

Art by @a-zebra-was-here on deviantart


I drew back for a second and eyed the man sitting on my treatment table.

“Are you actually complaining right now?”, I asked in a tone that might’ve sounded nice to an outsider, the guy twitched and shook his head.

“I told you not to go crazy on the extra practice sessions”, my gloved hands prodded at his shoulder blade, “does that hurt?”.


I suppressed a chuckle at the obvious attempt of the guy to look calm and collected, but said nothing. 

Let the alpha keep his tattered pride.

“You’re new here aren’t you? If you keep doing these reckless things at some point your AC-joint will strain and you’ll be out for a while”, I pushed against the dip on top of his shoulder, you’re lucky it’s just a badly tensed muscle”.

“Thank ya, I’m new but I feel like m’treated well here”, he snickered as I rubbed a pain relieving cream onto his shoulder, “don’t wanna pass up too much varsity practice ya know?”

Varsity volleyball huh?

“I get it. Just don’t go overboard. Next time you’re sent here because you’re overworking yourself I’m kicking you out!”, I mused and smiled at him.

A grin came right back from him and I gestured for him to hop off the table.

He rolled his shoulder tentatively and I watched him with furrowed brows, a typical D1 athlete. They all boast and shout until they go to lengths so they can stay a starting player. And when they get hurt they all come running.

“Right, so you take that prescription for the ointment and put it on for a couple of weeks even when it hurts less”, I scribbled down the name of the cream, “Atsumu Miya right?”

“That’s the one!”, he chimed and I chuckled as I passed him the small sticky note.

“Take care!”, as he started walking to the door I lowered my maks out of habit and took a quick breath in and out. Relaxing and letting myself go for a moment before the next client came rushing in.

Atsumu froze from where he stood and slowly, as if in slow motion, turned back to me.

“Why do ya smell like that?”, he spat dumbfounded.

“Excuse m-”

“Ah, well you didn’t expect that guy to be an omega hm?”, another Alpha loomed at the doorway and I shook my head as Kuroo waltzed in as he talked to Atsumu.

“Omega?!”, the blonde quickly looked between me and Kuroo and I shrugged.

“Yup, I know. I don’t look like it, I get that a lot”, I chimed, trying to smile through my annoyance.

“But you’re a guy?”

“Whoa, pump the breaks Tsumu”, Kuroo walked and stood next to him now, “it got nothing to do with that. What’s that about?”

I sighed and couldn’t contain a smile, “happens a lot Kuroo, people think I’m a beta because I work in the infirmary. I might look all nice and calm, but don’t test me”, I held a finger to Atsumu.

He held up his hands in defeat, “Yer the second omega I’ve ever seen so I’m j’st surprised! No hard feelins’”

With a wave of my hands I ushered him out and now looked at the guy in front of me.

He just shook his head and shrugged, “Youth. So gullible, right Suga?”.

“I’m older than you?”

He let his hands fall to his sides and pouted.

“Come on up now, let’s look at that inflammation”.

Kuroo trotted towards me and I ushered him to sit in front of me. 

With a quick movement I placed my mask over my face again and noticed his eyes squinting for a moment. 

“What is it? “, I asked as I tapped his shoulder to check his responses. 

“Do you have to wear that? Even with me?”

I followed his eyes to my mask, and a sigh escaped my lips as I kept working. 

“I always wear that when I’m working. Especially when it’s alphas. You know why”, I hoped my tone was as calm as I wanted it to be. 

It was true that I wore a scent blocking mask to not get affected by any kind of scent around me, as I believed that I should treat all of my patients equally no matter what secondary gender they were. 


“I know, I know, it doesn’t bother me I mean I’m used to it”, Kuroo let his head flop to the side when I pushed at his neck to prod at his bandages, “but I though, you know we know each other for a while now and you don’t wear it when you’re out of the infirmary right? “

Good point. 

But did I really want to tell him though? 

I knew Kuroo from my psychology classes, which I took out of pure interest and curiosity at first, but since I was coming close to the end of my nursing program, I was even considering minoring in it. 

We got along quickly after that, and I knew a lot of other athletes through varsity and other clubs, so Kuroo and I got to be close friends quicker than I would like to admit. 

“Let’s just say”, and I let that sentence hang in the air for a bit before I continued,”I like to keep a safe distance from my clients. That’s what my mask and my scent blockers are for. And not everyone is as laid-back as you are Kuroo”. 

Or has as much self-restraint. 

I regretted the words the second they came out of my mouth, because I could basically feel the pity drooping off of him. If I took off my mask I was pretty sure I could smell it too. 

“Oh come on, don’t give me that, just make a weird joke about it”, I hoped to restore the tense air in the room back into the joking attitude we had beforehand. 

Kuroo sharply exhaled out of his nose, which was probably supposed to be a laugh and I chuckled as I retracted my fingers from his injury. 

I turned around in my swivel chair to grab the laptop on the side and typed in the updated findings into his chart. 

“If you don’t stop pouting over there I will have to bring Shiro in here, she would punch you if I asked her right?”

At that, Kuroo groaned but laughed in the end, and I finally exhaled and relaxed my shoulders. 

He shouldn’t worry. 

I’m fine. 

“So, what’s the news? Am I dying?”, snorting at the alphas lame joke I shook my head. 

“Sadly not”


“You’re not dying! But the injury is still severe. You’re working on it with physical therapy and ice?”

He nodded and I quickly typed away on my laptop. 

“Any unusual pain? Can you show me how much you can rotate your arm before it starts hurting?”

With that, Kuroo heaved his arm up horizontally until he strained and gritted his teeth, and before he could do any more damage I pulled his arm back down. 

“Easy there, I said before it started hurting! Still, that’s better than last time so you’re improving. Keep at it with the exercises and no practice or hard labour!”

He saluted and I slapped him onto his healthy shoulder, “up with you!”. 

“You still shouldn’t take scent blocker all the time. I heard those can really mess up your hormone balance and stuff”

I couldn’t help the big snort then came out of me, “is that so? I was so unaware, you know since I am a nursing student working with imbalanced clients all day!”

Kuroo actually looked embarrassed as he ducked his head, and I just exploded with laughter. 

“Stop laughing! I was trying to give you advice!”

I stopped laughing for a moment. 

He sounded absolutely mortified, but I had to give him credit where it was due. The scent blockers I took effectively took away most of my scent which almost made me invisible, but the side effects of the drug weren’t fun. 

Differently from heat blockers, which were so commonly used and tested that they didn’t have much of an influence on an omega’s body, scent blockers were still a bit more experimental and definitely strained the body. 

Still, I have to take them. 

Before I could think any further, my mind stopped at that and I looked at Kuroo again. 

“You’re right I’m sorry, but don’t worry about me I’ll be fine!”

My smile was brighter than ever, and not even Kuroo dared to dig deeper on that. 


“Alright, if you say so”, he nodded and started to walk off adn out of my reach, I’ll see you later for lunch?”

“Yup!”, I chimed back and he raised his arm in a goodbye without even looking at me. 

The door felt closed behind him and I quickly turned around and tore off the mask that clung to my labored breath. 

Don’t you think I want to take this off? 

Don’t you think I want to walk about not having to worry about my scent? 

No way, this is better. This way at least I don’t get into weird situations. 

“Excuse me-”

Scrambling to put up my mask again and slanting my eyes at the person who just darted in, my gaze fell on a small woman looking at me with concern dancing in her eyes. 

“Hey, uhm sorry can I help you?”

“Huh?”, I blubbered out. 

Help me? I’m the nurse? 

“No, you just look a bit pale, uh sorry for intruding but are you-”, as she moved towards me her steps suddenly faltered and her nostrils flared up. 

Ah, here we go. 

It all starts over again, the first time I meet a person. 

Why do you have no scent? 

You smell funny… 

Why are you wearing a mask? 

They are all the same. 

“I just realised I have no appointment, ah- but I just wanted to ask for an application for the infirmary. I heard you guys need new people all the time?”


“I don’t have a practitioner’s license yet but I can help with other stuff I’m sure!”


She doesn’t care? 

Or better yet, she doesn’t perceive it? 

“Uh, sure yeah but uhm”, I fumbled with my words, “do you not? Uh?”

“Hm?”, her Caramel scent waved off of her in steady streams, a typical scent pattern for an omega I presumed. 

She scented the air again and I waited for her shocked response, but nothing came. 

“You don’t seem stressed, so I’m assuming it’s not because my scent disturbs you?”

Her comment made me do a double take. 

Why would that be a problem? 

Unless she has a harder time perceiving scents? That would make sense, because it sounds as if she didn’t assume me to be a beta. 

That’s interesting… 

“Right, application! Uhm”, I turned around to check for my patient list and realised I had no appointments lined up for today, “do you have time for a quick chat now? It’ll spare me the paperwork?”

The omega piped up with a smile and nodded. 

With a smile myself I walked to the phone plastered on the wall and dialed a quick number. 

“Kiyoko? Yeah I’m done with appointments, I’ll leave you with any emergencies if they happen can you cover for me? Great, thank you!”, I hung up the phone and smiled at the girl. 

“Would you like a coffee?”


After a bit of small talk and standing in the line of the nearest school Cafe we sat down for a nice chat. 

“So Mikoto, did you actually not notice that I have no scent?”

With huge eyes she looked at me and took a deep inhale before she looked at me in disbelief. 


“I didn’t notice at all! But my beta friend always tells me I’m dense about scents anyways”.

I knew it, it was probably less about her being dense than her perception of scents was different.

I’ve never met a girl like her, especially an omega. 

“Well, that’s no matter for us anyway, it’s actually better if you want to work at the infirmary because you won’t get affected so much by the clients”

“OH okay, I’m glad that works out!”, she took a tiny sip from her drink and I nodded. 

“You can just send me most of your data per Mail, and skip the CV I just need to see if you like the work and you’ll be set!”

Her giddy attitude made it easy to converse with her, and I haven’t felt as relaxed as I did right now in a while. 

How refreshing. 

“Thank you so much Sugawara, I really appreciate all of this”. 

I smiled back at her and took a gulp of my iced Chai as well. 

“It will be good to have new people at the infirmary. It’s only Kiyoko and I so far and two other interns like you so we’re always in search of more students. Again, I thank you too!”

I saw how her eyes glinted at ‘other interns’ and I was glad to find a sociable person in our ranks now. 

“So tell me, how long have you been aware of your own scent pattern to make it flow that way?”

Mikoto stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me dumbfounded. 

“Scent pattern?”

“You mean to tell me you don’t actively work on your scent pattern? 

Mikoto looked at me with a rather irritated expression, her scent still wafting off of her but with a note of slight burn. 

“Uhm, I really don’t know what you’re talking about but I guess if my scent is weird I can-” 

Immediately I drew my hands up to stop her, “no way! No, no! I was just wondering if uh okay let me explain. Scent patterns are like your signature” 

The omega looked at me quite intently and I tried to explain it further. 

“You know the scent glands produce oil that makes our scents, and every person has a scent pattern that they exhibit. There is lots of theories and even more people speculating, but I think that betas are the best at detecting them” 

“Betas?”, the surprise in her voice was evident and I nodded. 

“As they are naturally inclined to diffuse situations they have a very strong sense of smell but are less affected by pheromones. Therefore most of them can almost feel or see the scent pattern of other people” 

“Wow, that’s extremely interesting… I have a lot of beta friends, but I didn’t know this!” 

I took a sip from my drink before I continued, “Yeah, it’s a very instinctive thing and most betas don’t make a big deal of it. I’m an omega that can detect these patterns very well too, and I just saw that yours is really special. I thought you did that consciously!” 

Mikoto shook her head vigorously,” No, I never knew. I didn’t even know that patterns can be an active thing to control. My beta friend always says I’m dense when it comes to scents”, she laughed it off but I felt like that actually bothered her. 

This world lived off of the fact that we had to work with our scents. I was surprised an omega like her would be dense about smells. 

“That’s totally fine, I think your scent is really soothing. Also sweet” 

“Thank you!”, she smiled, but her eyes were not quite looking at me.




“Wanna work on your scent awareness?”

Jujutsu Kaisen: Relationship Dynamics

Jujutsu Kaisen @melo9ba

Art by: https://melo-9ba.tumblr.com/

During our experience of watching anime and reading manga, or consuming any other kind of media, we can find all sorts of interesting characters that all have their individual flair. Often enough, we adapt or relate to their mannerism and look deeper into how they act to see a piece of ourselves in that story.

Sometimes we even want to see something that is inherently different from what we are, we may be inspired by a character that can act differently than we do in our current life, seeking to see what it would look like to have a different perspective.

We’ve already looked at some aspects of Jujutsu Kaisen, but now we will explicitly examine the abundant relationships that we can see in this anime..

Before we delve into it, let me issue a spoiler warning for the first season of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, manga contents will not be discussed, proceed with caution my friend!

Dynamics are something that we can observe anywhere and at any time, it encompasses the behaviour of two or more people who interact with each other and can say a lot about their relationship. That relationship doesn’t have to be romantic or platonic, but can also be legally binding or for work arrangements. 

With a very original and individual story it’s no surprise that the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen are just as special. We encounter some characters that have immense depth in them, especially since the anime loves to switch up from very heartfelt and comedic moments to dark and suspenseful ones very quickly. So we can find a lot of interesting dynamics to look at, all of them representing something distinct.

From students to teachers, workplace colleagues or power-dynamics with a huge divide, every single one of those dynamics had a different significance and showed us a small part of how interactions can be realistically represented.

Now then, let’s jump in!

Gojo Satoru/Nanami Kento:

In this case, we’re looking at two people who might have a similar position in the world of Jujutsu Sorcerers, hence having to spend a lot of time together on missions and such but both of these characters are very different in how they approach life. 

Gojo is incredibly carefree and reckless, always has a joke on his lips and does not like to see immense strictness instead he enjoys a good mood and to be challenged. As it couldn’t be more different for Nanami, he cares very much about order and rules, even basing his fighting style on the fact that he doesn’t like overtime and therefore prefers a rigorous schedule. This duo shows us polar opposites that work together and might clash in any other way but are connected through their mutual respect. 

Even though Nanàmi might not like the way Gojo almost plays with everything around him, he learns a bit of spontaneity and so does Gojo in a matter where he can benefit from a bit more planning in his life. It’s a dynamic that is rooted in being on the other end of a spectrum, which is often a very complementary relationship.

Itadori Yuuji/ Megumi Fushiguro/ Nobara Kugisaki:

If we not only look at the trio as a whole but also mind the dynamics in between that, Nobara and Yuuji are more reckless and emotionally tied to their ideals. Although Itadori might be more on the introverted side, he quickly feels at home with new people, and Megumi and Nobara are especially part of that. Nobara rounds that excitement off very easily, as she is just as excited about trying out new things and traveling.

Looking at Nobara and Itadori as the side which represents more emotion and instability, Megumi balances that out with his rather stoic personality. He keeps both of them calm and at bay, even though it doesn’t always help since they are both forces to be reckoned with, especially Nobara. Should we look at Megumi and Yuuji on the other hand we will find another variation of a precious friendship.

They met before they encountered Nobara later, which made it possible for us to see them interact on their own. Itadori is inherently hyperactive during the first missions with Megumi and does not listen to him, but feels the need to support and protect him anyways. Megumi on the other hand looks annoyed by his friend’s antics, but ultimately cares for him deeply as we see in the first fight between him and Ryomen Sukuna. This also demonstrated that Megumi isn’t emotionless, but just feels differently than others and internalizes it. He is distraught by Itadori ‘dying’ the first time and bonds with Nobara over that as they both grieve in silence but at least share their grievance.

Between the three, although they all balance each other out, Itadori connects both Nobara and Megumi as the glue of the group as they grow to become even better companions, which is a beautiful representation on how friendships can build quickly and healthily with the right environment and the correct people. It all boils down to trust and support.

Itadori Yuuji/ Junpei Yoshino:

A bond that bloomed so quickly and beautifully, yet was cut so fast is the relationship between Itadori and Junpei. 

Itadori has the innate ability to bring out the good in people, instead of being prejudiced by appearances he makes his own judgements by communicating with new people in his life. His emotional intelligence is hence extremely high, we see it as he easily befriends all sorts of characters in the anime and thinks deeply about all sorts of emotions and troubles others could be going through. 

He meets Junpei during a mission and is instructed to check if he could be involved in Mahito’s transformation of his classmates. After finding out that he technically has nothing to do with it, Itadori makes another friend by staying at his side and releasing that Junpei and him could become very close.

Junpei on the other hand, someone who has been bullied and abused is not used to such friendliness and enjoys Itadoris company so much that they bond quickly. As much as Junpei is happy to have a supporting role in his life now next to his mom, it is the carefree nature of Itadori that quickly builds up trust in both directions.

Right when their friendship finds its high, through Mahito’s doing and Junpei’s past their relationship turns sour and as much as Itadori wants to save Junpei, his trust is broken just as much as him which leads to an incredibly tragic ending.

The dynamic between Itadori and Junpei is incredibly sad as Junpei’s death could have definitely been avoided, so it seems cruel and disappointing that Itadori wasn’t able to save what was broken beyond repair.

Mahito/ Junpei Yoshino:

Again, not all dynamics are naturally good. As good things can’t exist without the bad, there are sadly always relationships out there that stem from a toxic or manipulating route.

Just like Itadori was able to bring support and trust to Junpei after a long time of being lonely, Mahito did just the same thing as he feigned to be Junpei’s ally. The power dynamic that lies beneath the shadows is extremely unbalanced, showing us as the viewer that Mahito only wants to control Junpei and have him as a convenient play-thing, while Junpei is glad to have company and unknowingly becomes manipulated in this relationship.

In getting planted with the idea that all Jujutsu Sorcerers are bad people, he just brings himself to believe it and listens intently to Mahito, whose intentions are not at all in Junpei’s favor. This is what we see as a polar opposite to Junpei’s relationship with Itadori, but since Mahito was there first he built up his trust to Junpei quicker and also catered to his insecurities.

As Junpei sees the negative things in life more than the positive, thinking he should hurt others like he was hurt as well, therefore being more ready to delve into the negativity brought by Mahito. A person that lived in a dark place will find darkness just as comforting, if even more comforting than the light. Just as much as your eyes hurt when someone turns on the light.

Todo Aoi/ Itadori:

It seems unusual, but who wouldn’t keep the premise of friendship tied to your taste in women? The question that Todo often asks is an unsatisfying reply to “What is your taste in women?” hold a very big significance to him. Expecting that Itadori will reply something lame, he is shocked as he hears his ideal woman is something he agrees with.

A brotherly bond ensues, both of them seeing each other eye-to-eye and respecting the other person’s power. Although Todo is older and technically in a superior position, their friendship quickly evolves as they fight each other. On such a simple basis one would think they’re simpletons but Todo actually exhibits a high amount of knowledge and intelligence while helping Itadori to fight off Hanami.

As they continue to call each other brother and best friend, we are shown a healthy and very fun friendship between two males which is not often represented in anime. An unending bond that started with the same taste in women but was built on the foundation of fighting-spirit, intelligence and huge respect for one another.

Zen’in Twins:

The sad backstory we learn about the Zen’in twins in Jujutsu Kaisen is one that tells us a lot about the dynamic we’re facing here. If you want a much more detailed analysis on Mai and Maki’s relationship please click here for Makii’s Quote Time Analysis.

The sisters that are both born with low and almost no cursed energy and got ridiculed by their own family after they were born. We know from their flashbacks that their relationship was quite close as they were young, Maki helping her sister as she was afraid of curses lurking around and Mai seeking refuge in her sister’s support. It was a bond that was designed to hold and flourish into a great sisterhood, but was cut short by the Zen’in clan.

Maki who wants to live a life that wasn’t designed for her as she paved her own way and Mai who was pressured into following her, is a relationship that is based on how their family treated them for being “useless” in their eyes. Not only were they mocked for being women and powerless, they were also shattered by the expectations of their clan.

Betrayal and taking matters into their own hands broke a bond that was once so beautiful, and one can only hope for the sisters to reunite in a world that wants to see them apart.


What’s really interesting to see here is the diversity in different relationships that is displayed in Jujutsu Kaisen.

It isn’t just about good people and bad people, but how a good person can resort to violence and hatred, or how a bad person can be understood if their motive is explained. We are looking at a story that shows us the crushing reality that everyone is different and can be understood or hated depending on which perspective you see. 

We have a family that is split and people who’ve known each other for moments that develop mesmerizing relationships. It only goes to show that in reality, relationship dynamics can change as quick as the tide.

People vary constantly and become different than they were before or just evolve from something new entirely. The people they surround each other with says most about who they are, and Jujutsu Kaisen has presented beautifully written characters and dynamics throughout the anime for us to appreciate.

What do you guys think? Did you relate to any of the dynamics mentioned? Were there any that you would have added? Please leave it in the comments!

Until then my cursed friends~


Haikyuu Quote Time: part 13


Art by @nanaboodraws on twitter

When you’re hungry, and you eat a small mouthful of something…it makes you even hungrier.”

Miya Osamu

Every person develops from the moment they step foot into this world until they leave one day their own special way to interact with the world. 

With experience, our personality thrives bit by bit as we explore the things we love or hate, the people we adore and can’t live without or the ones we would rather never see again. That exploration leaves us with our own special do’s and don’ts, a mark that we can leave on the world or an image that protrudes when others think of us.

In Haikyuu!! season four, we are first introduced to the Miya twins when coach Ukai shows Karasuno what kind of team they will be playing against. In that instance we learn about the idolized setter Miya Atsumu and his twin brother Osamu who were one of the biggest threats they were going to face.

Along the lines of the season, we learned bit by bit more about the characters displayed and therefore also more and more interaction between the twins. While they seem very calm and collected from the outside, they show a familiarity that is uncanny.

In this post we will look at Osamu’s words to Atsumu as he watches Hinata exhibit something he calls hunger, but does he really just mean the natural instinct when we need sustenance?

As mentioned before, Atsumu and Osamu are constantly in a close relationship to one another, one that is simply very representative of how siblings interact. They constantly bicker and throw mean comments at each other’s heads, as Osamu doesn’t hesitate to call Atsumu out on his high and mighty behaviour, while Atsumu doesn’t relent on pushing his brother to the utmost limit.

Osamu even mentions that he doesn’t really trust his brother, as he lies and steals his stuff without asking and never listens to reason. They’ve also had their fights and fair share of dark moments, but what does not stop is the gravitation pulls them together again, showing their extremely well written sibling relationship.

Siblings just sometimes communicate in a weird way, and from the outside it might look completely freaky, but it simply seems to work as at the end of day they just have that shared thought process.

So when Osamu sees Hinata gleefully look at his team and cheer them up after his great receive, Osamu compares it to eating rice.

This time even his twin is confused, as to why his brother is thinking of rice all the time but Osamu explains quickly, that it is just something you will never get bored of. Your appetite brings you to want to eat, and even though you might get satisfied for a moment you “start feeling hungry again straight after”.

While the elaborate explanation of what makes you hungry and how rice is a seemingly unshakable food item one can’t go without, might be strange even to Atsumu. Osamu continues to show the similarities of Hinata and relentless hunger.

It’s his own special way to equate that feeling of getting hungry to playing volleyball, because that is just Osamu’s way to see life around him. It’s an instinctive reaction, something that stems from his own experience of loving food and the way it makes him feel just as happy and satisfied every single time.

He looks at Hinata who doesn’t care if the team just got blocked or lost a point, but only at the fact that he just received a great spike and would love to do it again and again until he is satisfied. This insatiable hunger for playing volleyball is all Osamu can see when he takes a glimpse of Hinata.

It might sound ridiculous to use a food metaphor in a high stakes volleyball game, but again like mentioned before, everybody sees the world in a different lense. We use comparisons and metaphors to make known of what we experience and how we explain it shows a lot about our character.

Atsumu listened to his brother’s musings and made a side comment on how content he looks whenever he eats anything, even if it is a cold meal. This not only shows us that Osamu loves the satisfaction food brings him, but also that his brother understands what he’s trying to say.

When you eat something, as in when you finally after all of your hard work get something just right, and you only eat a mouthful, you get hungrier.

If you’ve spent some time being hungry and you get the taste of something incredible, the sudden realization of what you have missed makes your craving for it even stronger.

The twins might not know about Hinata’s backstory and how he worked so terribly hard to get to where he is now, but we as an audience understand immediately what it meant for Hinata to land that perfect receive. 

It is a feeling that is contagious and unrelenting, an instinct for Hinata who only wants to stay on the court as long as possible. An insatiable hunger that he runs after day after day because to him it is like food: essential.

 A Source of happiness that might be simple but holds so much joy that he can’t help but want to go at it again, and again, and again.

Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.22


Art by @ocaxoka on Twitter

Stay calm.

Stay absolutely calm.

That was the mantra I kept repeating in my head, but I could definitely feel the rush of blood through my ears. My heart thrummed in my chest as I speed walked through the halls and opened the huge glass doors to run outside.

My chest rising and falling as I tried to assess the situation in front of me.

There was blood everywhere.

What in the world?

My mind started to reel into all sorts of side tracks, how did all of this even-



I started to run towards the first two students I could see that walked almost normally, with no sign of leg injury.

“Hey, hey! You guys, blue shirt and white jacket! Are you injured?”, just to make sure even though I asked I quickly evaluated both of them, but had no time to check thoroughly.

If they look fine and respond, don’t waste your time.

Keep going.

I nodded to myself.

“Uh, yeah we’re fine”, the guy in the blue shirt stammered back.

“Okay, can you guys wait here and call the ambulance? I will send you others that are just mildly injured so I can take care of the others okay?”

Both nodding profusely, I kept running towards the gardens right in front of the campus.

I could see some other students confused or slightly hurt and send them back to the front, sweat forming on my forehead as I searched between the benches and under the tables for other victims.

Panting, but still trying to keep my composure I turned to the left only to find someone on the ground crouching and holding their leg.


“Iwa?”, I scrambled to the floor next to him and winced as I saw the gaping wound on his leg.

Focus, focus. What to do?

“Okay, look at me?”Iwaizumi looked up with a scrunched face and I nodded after checking his reactions, “I’ll apply a makeshift tourniquet, and you keep holding that pressure yeah? I’ll come back for you”

I started to apply the tourniquet and he groaned as I held it tight.

“I’ll be back”

“Damn it, I’m fine, go!”

I stood up as quickly as I could and continued to scout the region.

There was a pile of minor injuries at the front where I set up the camp at the front of the doorway, and Iwa had a major injury on his leg that I should tend to befor-

My eyes feel on a figure right next to a huge tree, close to some bushes on the side.

Oh my god.

As quickly as I could, I threw myself at the lying girl who looked at me with locked but terrified eyes.


She stayed immoblie, her eyes merely darting from the left to the right, her mouth rigid.

“Can you hear me?”, I asked, a little more panic than I wanted to show.

No response.

I checked quickly for any injuries outside, but couldn’t find anything.

How do I check for reflexes again?


I grasped her hand quickly, holding it against mine.

“Can you hear me? Press if you can”, I nodded at the light pressure on my palm.

“Okay, great. Can you move your legs?”

No press.

Might be some sort of trauma?

“Alright, you’re okay. We’ll have help here soon”, I pulled a sharpie from my pocket andrew a line on her forehead.

In the second where that happened, she suddenly got up and smiled with a relieved sigh escaping me.

This was almost too real.

A crowd behind me started to clap and Mikoto did so herself, as I held out my hand to help her stand up.

“Well done Oikawa! You passed the triage test! You evacuated the slightly injured, placed a tourniquet and even found a probably lethal head trauma! You passed!”

Another wave of applause as I saw Iwaizumi walking towards us with obviously no gaping wound on his leg, and Mikoto just lightly bounced up and down as if she had recovered from a brain injury in seconds.

That’s great acting for ya.

It was so good that for a second I forgot myself. It was all just a scenario for my finals.

The applause ebbed into small murmurs and I felt a tenseness in my shoulder as the examiner came towards me with a clipboard. 

I hadn’t even noticed him watching me throughout the simulation, but I knew for sure he had to watch in some way. Pressing my lips together in anticipation I nodded at him as he squinted his eyes at me and then the papers in his hands.

Most of the students that were walking around now either left or went to their respective classes, as their part of playing the injured was over.

“Well, well”, the examiner that spoke was an older man who I have never seen before, and I remembered Takeda-sensei telling us that it was intentionally a person we had no emotional tie to so they could examine us properly.

At this point the uncertainty of it all and the fact that I couldn’t read him made me even more nervous than I should be.

I did everything right didn’t I?

Before I could start to run a mental list of all the things I might’ve forgotten, the examiner cleared his throat after tapping his clipboard one too many times.

“You’ve managed to enter the field quickly and calmly, your first reaction to the less injured was calculated well”, his eyes trailed down on his list and my heartrate picked up as I awaited the bad points now, “placed a tourniquet in a timely manner and found a potentially disastrous brain injury”

Did I pass?

Oh my god, did I pass?

My brain felt as it was about to implode, the examiner still looking stiffly at his notes.

I mean what he said sounded right but I had no idea how important all of that was to the grading process. I wasn’t even sure if it was graded in the first place:

As long as I pass it’s fine, I can probably take some extra classes to alleviate the bad grad-

“Congratulations Oikawa, you passed with a full score”.

I couldn’t even quite view the professor’s smile correctly as I felt like my whole world did a backflip, and I only realised what was happening when I felt a strike against my back that made me topple forwards a bit and a blooming grin started to form on my face.

The impact still stung a little bit, but Iwaizumi’s genuine smile made it all worthwhile.

“I told you, dumbass”, he played angry but his voice pitched a little too cheerful to be convincing, “you worried for nothing”.

For a short moment I relaxed my shoulders and let my defenses go, “wow, again with the dumbass? This was a huge test so of course I was worried!”

“You made it!”, a cheerful voice chirped and I tilted my head down a bit to find Mikoto rubbing a wipe on her forehead where I used my pen, “you metaphorically saved my life”.

And her giggle made my chest swell a little with pride.

“But really, this pen is harder to get off than I thought. Is it permanent?”, she kept rubbing harder and left her forehead in wrinkles and she scowled a little.

Iwaizumi stepped towards her and I watched as he took away the disinfectant wipe and cleared her face with one swift motion.

“You were rubbing on the wrong spot”, he mumbled and I tried to hold my laughter at his sheepish reply.

Before I could taunt him myself, a slight cough made me turn around to the examiner again.

I raised my face quickly and faced him, confused as to why he was still standing here.

Maybe I get a certificate or I have to sign something?

“As you may or may not know, I am actually also part of the board of medicine and we take in all of the students who apply for medical school every year”.

His tone sounded very serious and had an imposing nature, and just now I realised that the examiner was probably an alpha as well. His scent ironically smelled like some sort of metal and I asked myself if there were mostly alpha’s at med school as well. Or would it be just as diverse as it was on this campus?

All I knew of the medical school campus was that it was affiliated with this university but was farther away from here. I guessed about an hour of a train ride until one reached it from here, which also meant moving.

“So I’ve seen your report cards and credit scores already, and I must say you are one of the most promising candidates so far”.

“Thank you sir”, I ushered at his words and was awestruck.

I knew my grades were good, but I would have never thought that I was on some list for a placement in med school. Again, I swallowed down a lump of giddiness before he continued.

“If you just pass the last of the classes, which I don’t doubt you will, and do your routine ride in an ambulance once you will be set for a bright future!”, he extended a warm hand and I took it with a smile.

“I will see you hopefully next year when you apply!”

And suddenly my hand felt cold as the examiner let it go and turned around after he nodded to me a last time.

Is it already happening next year?

Has it already been two years?

My mind was reeling as I thought of taking my MCATs next year. 

Is this really happening?

I’m becoming a doctor?

As if I’ve never realised that before, I felt a twinge in my chest.

What about volleyball?

Otome Hametsu/Hamefura – When all leads to doom![Breakfast Anime]

art header by @ttosom58 Twitter

As the latest promo-videos revealed that the second season is going to start at July 2nd of 2021 it’s highly about time to write a little breakfast anime review to get ready for some more scenes with our cast of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta…

Also known as My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!(yes this is the whole title) or shortly Hamefura.

The series originally started with the Light Novel followed by a manga adaptation and a while after in 2020 the first anime adaption was released. In this post we will focus on the anime adaptation and see what the main character will have to face in order to get doomed!

Of course keeping it spoiler-free for you guys to also enjoy a binge-marathon until season two comes up!


Ever wondered how your life could suddenly change due to one event?

One single thing?

Maybe just falling over hitting your head and then suddenly you realize “Wait a second this body is not mine, and this life is also not mine”, memories of your old life filling your head as you see, yes definitely I must have landed in another world.

The same happens right at the beginning of the series when our female-lead regains her memory while lying injured on the ground realizing that the world and the name she is now clothing herself with is none other than from her favourite Otome game she used to play, Fortune Lover. But she did not become the girl that claims all the guys rather she is the Villainess herself – Catarina Claes.

After realizing that the world she is living in is based-off the very same otome game and her taking on the role of the rival she analyzes how her life is supposed to go on in the next years since the anime starts when Catarina is still a child. With the memories and mentality of a seventeen year-old highschool girl the now young female-lead plans out all her routes only to find out that she is either exiled or killed in each and every one of them.

Not wanting to face her doom so early after having died at the age of seventeen in her previous life, she now is determined to avoid each and every scenario that triggers her doom ending – which she personally calls doom flags.

How will her story lead on and who will she join forces with?

What doom will await her in the end?


Catarina Claes(now)

In this context we refer to our female-lead as Catarina Claes who differs strongly from the former figure of the Otome game in many aspects. The only trait that both of them have in common is their appearance and scary look.

As now things have changed heavily for the current Catarina Claes she is more than cautious how to interact with each character to not trigger her doom ending and occasionally has a meeting with her own little personas in her head of how she should avoid her own misery.

Despite that she is very reckless and careless in many senses as she takes on habits from her old life like climbing trees or rude mannerism which is uncommon for her current role as someone from a noble lineage. She also talks very loudly, has a big appetite for sweets, is carefree and not really bright when it comes to academics.

She also meddles into things a lot which shows that despite her being cautious she gets herself into trouble without thinking about the aftermath.

Like the rival in the game she also possesses little magic power which ultimately means that she has to meet the heroine of the game Maria Campbell and set her own deadline until that point.

Geordo is already engaged to her at the start of the anime which makes her a big target for some of the other endings.

Unlike other female characters in a harem anime she seems to have no real romantic interests, but only wants to survive, which lays her focus heavily on her plans and strategies.

Geordo Stuart

He is the first love interest that also appears right off the start of the anime. Based on the description of the game and her own experience Catarina labels him as the sadistic prince with a smile on his face, showing that he is actually very twisted despite his outside demeanor.

Known for being very responsible, hard-working and popular due to his charming looks while he also is officially a prince by status.

Even when angered, the smile on his face never disappears which makes Catarina very wary of him. In the good ending of the original game he exiles Catarina while in the bad ending he kills her and disappears due to the guilt.

He has a twin brother which he is not on good terms with.

Alan Stuart

Geordo’s twin brother who is described with tsundere traits as his mean outside comes with a kind and soft core. He is on bad terms with his brother due his jealousy that the former is much more talented despite them being twins

He is engaged to Mary Hunt and also gets to know Catarina through Mary.

Catarina mentions that the rival in his route is Mary and not herself since she shouldn’t appear in that one.

Keith Claes

He is the adoptive brother of Catarina who was a womanizer in the original game. Due to him being bullied by the former Catarina and growing up lonely he became the womanizer in the game who will find true love with the heroine and only focus his love on her from that point. In the good ending Keith exiles Catarina and in the bad ending out of rage kills her before he vanishes.

With that in mind Catarina tries to avoid that ending by doing the exact opposite of what happened in the game.

Nicol Ascart

As Catarina states he is a character she doesn’t know much about since she never played his route herself. It is only known that he is very handsome and also charms males and females alike with his smile that is not seen so very often

Despite his stoic and cold appearance, Nicol is very protective when it comes to his sister Sophia since she is labeled as cursed due to her looks.

Catarina also states that in his route Sophia is the main rival of the heroine due to his overprotective nature which makes her contemplate if there is a doom flag as well.


The style of the animation is rather simple but very beautiful since we see many sceneries that kind of reminds one of Ghibli movies or Violet Evergarden despite that the quality compared to Violet Evergarden is less detailed yet held more cute.

The characters also wear a lot of different clothes next to their default ones and we also see a lot of variety when it comes to fruits, food and sweets in the anime giving it a nice aesthetic.

Especially the ending is created in a more serious and darker vibe which reminds the viewer that there are possible bad endings with every character that enters the scene. 


Maaya Uchida who is known for voicing Norman from Yakusoku no Neverland, Fischl from Genshin Impact and also Hiyori from Noragami, lended her voice to our main character Catarina Claes.

And she is not the only familiar voice who perfectly captured the over-energetic nature of her character.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who voiced Inosuke from Demon Slayer, Kirito from SAO and many others impressed us with his more calm and collected voice when he spoke Nicole Ascart with his stoic demeanor, a stark contrast to some other roles which he managed perfectly.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki(Makoto from Free!!), Tetsuya Kakihara(Natsu from Fairy Tale), Inori Minase(Rem from Re:Zero) and many more that just present all characters with their voices completing the perfect nature of each and every single one of them.


Despite that the anime has the genre shoujo and isekai, the typical cliche of waking up in a new world and immediately having everyone love the perfect heroine is very distinct in this one.

With Catarina Claes being a very unique and not your usual female-lead she still is lovable as a character herself without any romantic relation to that. Her easy-going nature and ways of dealing with certain situations often bring out a laugh and make the anime so light-hearted that you just cannot stop to watch as one wants to see where her antics lead her next and if she really can avoid her doom ending.

Even the Shoujo aspect is more due to the setting rather than our main character since her only goal is not romance, quite the opposite due to her doom flags she stays away from it which makes it more and more interesting for the actual plot that is set out for her.

But there are also little dark moments, relatable topics and sad scenes where one could drop the one or another tear as the anime grows a bit darker at some points, yet never loses the essence of being light-hearted.

If you are looking for a nice change of Isekai anime where it is not the heroine but about the unfairness towards a Villainess who wants to survive- Otome Hametsu is definitely the next thing you should watch.

With that let’s await season 2 that is about to come in some weeks and watch the first one to recap!

Here is the trailer of season 1 :

See you next tea time- Catarina did you steal my Snack?!


Anime Quote Time pt.02

“Why wouldn’t you stay at the bottom with me?”

– Mai Zenin, Jujutsu Kaisen Ep.17

art header by @_natyjs on twitter

In Jujutsu Kaisen we see a lot of interesting dynamics from teacher and student to two souls inhabiting one body.

And amongst them we have the Zenin twins who seemingly cannot stand each other.

But in the intense fight where Mai repeatedly says how much she hates her own sister there are other things that quite defy the words she uses, ever so lightly and explain the pain leading to her apparent grudge towards her sister.

Today’s quote, “Why wouldn’t you stay at the bottom with me?”, is something that Mai mumbled after being completely defeated by her older twin, mentioning that she never wanted to be a Jujutsu Sorcerer in the first place.

To understand the full meaning and depth of this quote we need to look back at why the younger Zenin twin who was always presented as strong and cold, would say such a phrase.

Unlike her older twin who is unable to see curses without her glasses and cannot use cursed techniques, Mai even if it’s a small amount, is a bit different than her sister and can see them as well as we saw in the same episode use one cursed technique herself.

It makes her more fit in a role of a Jujutsu Sorcerer if we regard things in a simple manner, but still we see that Maki Zenin does a more befitting job than her sister as her raw physical abilities surpass many others and also her quick-witted mind.

Still Mai told her that she never intended to become one but was pressured into becoming one since Maki left the clan to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer herself in order to become the next clan leader and take revenge on one of the three major clans and also her own family besides Mai.

Since Maki left her sister behind in a sense and made her become something she never intended to be, it forces her perception to look at her as the one who couldn’t simply sacrifice the pride she had in order to stay with her.

The sister who had protected her from the curses that Maki couldn’t see herself and always backing her up, promising her to never leave her behind because as a child we already see that Mai had the fear of her sister becoming independent and not needing her anymore.

Ending up breaking that promise, the label of “liar” was now on Maki as her younger twin remembered how things used to be and that her sister wouldn’t want to associate with her anymore.

For Mai in the circumstances they were born in, seen as a bad sign for the family since they were twins with no apparent power and their family making them into simple servants, had only her beloved Maki that made her life a bit better.

Yet Maki couldn’t stand the treatment of her family and being seen as useless despite that she is fully known of her own capabilities which is later proven as right that she might be a fourth-grade but her promotion to second-grade was only held up many times due to the Zenin clan meddling in. 

The core difference since their youth : Mai was the more fragile and reserved person seeing the scary things that Maki didn’t care about nor see but still wanted to face in order to not hate herself. Maki is the one who is stronger not only in battle but also her determination and the goal she wants to pursue.

We see that Mai didn’t mind being ordered around or treated badly as long as she had her sister next to her, pained by the reality that they are still so very different ability-wise but also the way her sister carries herself around she asks her: “Why wouldn’t you stay at the bottom with me?”

Which could mean many things as we saw before.

On one hand it could mean that Mai wanted to confirm if the feelings she had were only one-sided and that her sister never even considered staying with her forever in the beginning.

On the other hand she is asking that in frustration due to the pain of being left behind and having to endure a harsh life afterwards as it also means, “would it have been so bad to just be by my side instead of being selfish?”

For Mai it was more than just living a cozy lifestyle instead of risking her life as a Jujutsu Sorcerer, it was the fact that her sister left her behind after a promise that Maki herself might have forgotten but Mai desperately cling to that as she utters the word ‘liar’ and ‘I hate you’ when Maki apologized and left as she stated that she would have hated herself if she stay at the bottom with Mai.

Mai’s pained question was answered with a sad reality of her sister prioritizing her own goals a tad more over her own sister which makes this quote so meaningful yet sad.


Scent. a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.21


Art by @nanaboodraws on twitter

“Don’t freak out”.

That sentence has followed me through my entire childhood.

Even up to this point in life, I hear it at least once every couple of days, and I say it just as many times to someone else.

It might seem like any other unimportant phrase but to me, especially when it came from the right person, could change everything.

Maybe it sounds a little harsh.

Don’t freak out.

One could also say, “Hey, it’s okay”, or, “Don’t worry”. But this sentence right here was a special one for me.

I remember that Sakusa said it the first time in elementary school, when I had forgotten to tell my parents about the project I needed glue for the next day. I went to his house in a hurry, babbled him full of anxious phrases that I couldn’t even finish until he grabbed my head and said it.

“Don’t freak out”.

Sakusa was very similar as a child to the version he was now. I mean sure, he was bigger and stronger and definitely more cynical, but even as a child he was just as blunt.

Somehow, at that time I stopped rambling and listened.

He brought me up to his room, gave me a glue stick and said, “See? You’re freaking out over nothing”.

It started from that moment on.

In a way, we have both been anxious since we were children.

I felt the intense need to lie to my parents when something bad happened, just so I wouldn’t disappoint them. Covering up small little things until they built to something huge that I couldn’t control anymore, which just made me even more afraid. 

Sakusa somehow always knew when to intervene, telling me how to get out of the mess I made. I never took his bluntness negatively.

After a while, when we both got into middle school, I used his own phrase.

Fifth grade really was a turbulent time.

Some guys from his class had just thrown sand at him because he had the habit of staring other kids down and scaring them, and even though Sakusa could take a lot, I remember when I dragged him to a washroom and helped him get it all off.

“Don’t freak out”, I whispered, and his shaking hands calmed a little as I draped a clean handkerchief over them.

It was the ultimate comfort.

From then on, we both learned what the other needed to calm down again, almost as if we could detect a dip in mood before it happened.

“Don’t freak out Asami, he’s gone”, as I clutched only onto his jacket, knowing anything else would tick him off, but it was enough.

“Omi, don’t freak out. I’m going to touch your neck with the ice pack, okay?”, when he sat on the floor shivering through a panic attack.

It was a staple in our communication, and a beautiful code phrase even if it didn’t get that bad.

When I looked at him as we moved to a crowd and I just asked, “freaked?”, he would begrudgingly shake his head.

Or when I came out of my english exam for my A-levels and he just mouthed the words from afar. I recall shaking my head and giving him an awkward thumbs up.

No, I sat next to him in a library, his mask hanging loosely from his ear as he looked at me while I scrolled hastily through my deadlines.

“Don’t freak out”, he muttered as his earthy scent enveloped me.

I smiled unconsciously and already felt much calmer.

“You know, whenever you say that I already feel a lot better than before”, I muttered.

“That’s the plan, idiot”

I looked at him with a fond smile, and maybe if I didn’t quite imagine it his lips turned up a little too.

“You really should talk to him though”.

“Who?”, I questioned as I looked again at the list of deadlines only to find mine to be situated t next week.

I sighed in relief.

“You know who I am talking about”.


“Don’t freak”

“Shut up!”

He nudged me with his water bottle and I groaned at the impact. 

“I can see you looking at him from afar, you really should talk to him” 

I hated that he was right.  

So much. 

Especially when it was my inner world, Sakusa was the voice of reason in my head. 

When I had sneezing and coughing spells because of my allergies he scolded me that I don’t wipe the counters in my room and fluff out the bed too much. 

He was right, but I still hated it. 

“What should I tell him?”, I sighed as I closed my laptop and turned to him. 

My arms leaned on the chair and I crossed a leg over the other. 

“I’m not saying confess, but I know you” 

He does. 

“When you fall, you fall hard. You make up stories in your head, you swoon and sigh all day”, he stuck out his tongue in disgust, “it’s horrible” 

I laughed lightly and gestured to him to continue, so he did. 

“You fall in love easily, you stay in love easily. You make up your mind about liking someone and stick to it, which makes you loyal”, he squinted his eyes, “and a pest”. 

“Can you get to the point?”, my heartrate accelerated at his claim, because again I knew he was right. It was hard to get someone out of my head if I planted them once, except for when I replaced them with someone else. 

My stomach made a horribly uncomfortable flip and I gripped the chair handle. 

“Don’t freak on me now, we’re just talking” 


“Make sure you know what you want. The longer you stay alone and only think about him, the less real everything becomes. The more you’ll get roped into something you can control”. 

“So?”, I asked with a whisper. 

“So, a relationship is not to be controlled. If you want him, take him. Not that person in your fantasies”. 


I inhaled deeply, held it for a moment and pushed the breath out again. 

“I love how I just prodded at something I didn’t even know was accurate but your reaction tells me I was absolutely right”, he snickered. 


“What”, was my absolutely intelligent response. 

“Well, I had a hunch you liked him. But now I know”. 


“Stop being loud you idiot”, he grumbled. 

My heartrate picked up again, and there was a deep sense of longing situated somewhere in my chest, but there was also relief.

If Sakusa knew, that would make things easier.


“Thank you”, I mused at him.

“For what?”

“Everything”, and with a sigh, I let my head fall onto his shoulder.

“You’re a horrible sap”, he mumbled, but I could only hold back my tears.

He didn’t flinch away.

I guess… it’ll all be okay.

How to find Motivation in Sports Anime

Hinata Shoyo Haikyuu receive

Art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr

The human body is a very complex structure, every organ in your body, every ligament and every nerve works to keep us healthy. And like a machine that needs to be oiled and tended to have it last for a long while, our bodies need nutrition in many ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Today, we are going to talk about exercise and how we can gather the motivation to get up and work on our physical health from nothing other than sports anime.

You heard me right!

While watching anime is ironically an activity you will most likely perform while sitting or laying down, let us look together why physical activity is important, how that relates to anime and what to do after striking the match of motivation!

We hear it from everyone around us, especially people who are active themselves and even doctors.

Exercise is good for you! It’s good for your body and mind!

But why is that so?

Well firstly, like the example with the machine suggests, our body responds extremely well to exercise if it is done correctly. In this instance it is always better to start slow and look at what is best for yourself which might differ considering your age, gender or other attributes.

Rigorous and controlled movement of your body makes you sweat, which might be unpleasant at the beginning if you don’t like much exercise, but we can’t really see what’s happening on the inside. As you move more and more, your blood circulates a lot quicker through your body to deploy oxygen into your organs. If you’re actually interested in an anime more on that note, here’s the link to Makii’s Hataraku Saibou post!

With your oxygen levels raised, you’re straying further from the possibilities of heart diseases and even heart attacks. It also helps to lower your blood sugar and insulin levels which is very beneficial for prevention of diabetes or for people who used to smoke, as it prevents withdrawal symptoms more efficiently.

It’s not just the physical aspects of your body that are being mended, but exercise is also an extremely good measure to enhance your mood and mental health. Not to say that sports will solve all of your problems in an instant, but look at it this way; while exercising your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain that not only elevate your mood but are also essential for your general well-being. You even exterminate substances that make you feel worse, which is why oten after a workout you tend to feel exhausted but a good kind of exhausted.

Another great factor to include is sleep schedule!

Often enough we are torn between wake and sleep, as we can’t really get our mind to shut off after a long day. After some tough exercise your body will automatically deplete its own energy resources, as it’s naturally easier to fall asleep when you’re tired. The longer you have built up your routine of including exercise in your life, the better your sleep schedule will adjust!

If actual units of exercise aren’t your style, don’t worry! There’s a variety of things you can try, even stretching can help a lot in regulating your physical health and is a great way to wind down as you focus on each of your muscles.

Now after all of these facts about exercise which will probably sound a bit dull, how do we incorporate anime into this?

Do you know that feeling when you watch a new anime and you just want to dive into that world to see it for yourself?

Anime often incorporates a great deal of hype element, keeping us on our toes while watching so we stick with the extremes that are being displayed no matter the genre.

It’s the same with sports anime, right?
Just as much as the shounen protagonist in a fantasy world wants to defeat the villain and save humankind, the drive behind that one athlete to defeat everyone and win his favorite tournament is just as strong! In this case, we can even relate more to the anime character in a sports anime as his world is definitely closer to our real world as well.

Especially since we’re often shown the narrative of the underdog who fights tooth and nail to become the strongest, we can look at ourselves and think “If they can do it, I can too!”.

Of course the reason for the underdog becoming so strong is the intense workload they put on themselves to see quick and amazing results.

Another great thing sports bring are the teams.

In anime those teams can become more than just friends but more than a family, and to see so many different people work together is also a huge motivator.

Our brain immediately sees what can happen after a portion of hard work and that is precisely why we are suddenly so motivated after watching an episode of our current favorite sports anime. We envision ourselves what it could be like to be part of a team, dream or goal that we would do anything for.

Constant challenges and emotional outburst are not only part of the show that is animation, but also exist in real life! People dedicate everything they have into their sport just as much as an anime character might! Or they won’t! Sometimes it’s all just for the sheer fun of it all, and if the stiff rulings of a team feel more confining to you, be sure that there’s those happy go lucky teams everywhere in real-life as well as in anime!

The sheer rivalry between characters that have only their sport in mind is immensely empowering, and therefore a good reason to start your own journey into a new sport whichever kind you might prefer.

Now if you can’t or don’t want to grab onto your next volley- or baseball or catch the next bus to your track field or gym, there’s other ways to blend a bit of healthy exercise into your life!

Hobby teams of most sports are able to be found almost everywhere, but if you have a busy schedule and simply joining a club is too much right now, try to trick yourself into sneaking some exercise into your daily life! You might for example take the stairs instead of taking the elevator all the time, or try to do short span runs or even jumps while doing some other activity! How about leaving essential stuff like food or your water bottle scattered around your place so you’ll be forced to walk around to get it?

Try to see it as your personal ‘I have to become the best hero/player/fighter montage’ if the exercises seem dull! Imagine how some of your favorite heroes in anime have done the same so far!

An easy way to motivate yourself is to get friends and family involved! I myself have a hard time getting myself to exercise regularly on my own, but as soon as another person steps in the obligation kicks in and so could your motivation!

Another way that’s a bit less social but just as effective could be to exercise while watching a show you would watch anyway. Or rewatch something old you’ve had in your mind anyways, you could even try an audio book or something else in the background to get you through your reps!

And one more thing to conclude: it is never too late.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by people telling you that you can’t do something. Whatever the reason might be, anyone can do anything if they just set their mind to it properly and stick to their goal with discipline.

I’m the last person who would call herself the epitome of discipline, quite the contrary, but there have been people in my life who have always taught me not to give up and stay positive, so I shall give you the same wisdom!

Now let’s go out there and take matters into our own hands! Until the next teatime!

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