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Anime Quote Time pt.07

Art by @9baMelo on twitter We all have expectations in life, we all believe and hope for something or may even have a specific goal in mind to what we want to accomplish. If it’s not us, then it’s our parents or guardians who might want a good or better life than they had, and…


The Selection Lore: Cast System

Blessed be Illéa, the wondrous country that emerged from the ashes of its history and brought its citizens peace and most importantly: The Selection. Who will the prince choose, from the assortment of beautiful women laid before him, and is there something we’re missing in the shimmering palace with its dances and luxuries? Today, we…


Quick Announcement:

[…]Big parts of our city and surrounding ones have been flooded, streets and building have been destroyed and everyone is doing their best in coming together and repairing.

That is why our blogposts for last week and maybe until the next have been delayed and will come a bit later, but we’re doing our best to still deliver your favorite content!

Why you can’t get out of bed sometimes (and what to do) 2/2

Now you may already know why you sometimes can’t get out of bed, if not read the first part of this blog post here, but let us find out together what we can actually do against that! First things first, if you want to get out of bed there are multiple things you can do…

Why you can’t get out of bed sometimes (and that’s okay) 1/2

The ringing of the alarm clock wakes you up. Your body is heavy and every limb feels like a burden on yourself. As you slowly come to be more conscious of your surroundings , your head is already filling with thousands of thoughts building up for you to realise that it’s way too hard to…

The thing about Fan-fictions

picture @Ruttika_Shin on twitter Fan-fictions, for some of us they are something they bring the most fun as we try to indulge in a world of a series that we enjoy and love, seeking more than we got from the official director or author. Yet there are some important things about fan-fiction that are ignored…

How to improve writing efficiently

The art and struggle of writing, is it a talent for only the few chosen authors? Is it something you are born with? Certainly not, someone could say there are people who naturally have it easier to improve in creative areas may it be art, writing, poetry etc. but creativity is a skill you can…


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