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Anime Quote Time pt. 10

Art by @yuumei deviantart “If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world, accept yourself and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.” Alibaba Saluja (Magi) As one walks through life with all trials and tribulations… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt. 10”

Anime Quote Time: pt.08

supermarket blood shattered glass crazy black hair

“I knew you didn’t actually betray us. Baji-san was fighting on his own. I knew it from the start” – Chifuyu Matsuno (Episode 21) Art by: Twitter: @tarokunnnn and @_tamomoko The first time we see Chifuyu and Baji meet, they both sport very different… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time: pt.08”

Anime Quote Time pt.07

tokyo revengers mikey bubbgle gum MIKEYYY

Art by @9baMelo on twitter We all have expectations in life, we all believe and hope for something or may even have a specific goal in mind to what we want to accomplish. If it’s not us, then it’s our parents or guardians who… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt.07”

Anime Quote Time Pt.06


Art by @_natyjs on twitter “When I was a little boy I wanted to be a hero. Not some damn business man. But a superhero who could send rotten villains like you flying with one punch.” – Saitama Saitama from One punch man is… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time Pt.06”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 14

Art by @pottetto on deviantart “It’s plain to see that Fukurodani isn’t Bokuto-san’s one-man team. Even so, there isn’t a single person among them more fearsome than Bokuto-san” -Tsukishima Kei, Ch.95 page 14 Tsukishima Kei, is often referred to as Karasuno’s rational mind and… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 14”

anime quote time pt.03

Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi Itadori Nobara A-Zebra

Art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr Every person on this earth is unique. We individually walk through this life, making our own decisions depending on our environment and how we were raised.  Our behaviour stems from patterns we have observed in our youth and experience… Continue Reading “anime quote time pt.03”

Anime Quote Time pt.02

“Why wouldn’t you stay at the bottom with me?” – Mai Zenin, Jujutsu Kaisen Ep.17 art header by @_natyjs on twitter In Jujutsu Kaisen we see a lot of interesting dynamics from teacher and student to two souls inhabiting one body. And amongst them… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt.02”

Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.02

 “Work at it. All I can do is work hard! That’s the story of my life!” – Tanjiro Kamado header by @01ki on instagram With Demon slayer being an anime that gives us a tragic story right away, we have our patient and steady… Continue Reading “Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.02”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 08

header@ pottetto deviantart “I will protect your backs!” – Nishinoya Yuu, Chapter 41 Page 17 Nishinoya Yuu forms the strongest defense especially when Daichi joins the back row in the court. As the libero who is prohibited to take part in the mid-air battle… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 08”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 06

Picture @Kahmurio deviantart “If you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks!” – Oikawa Tooru The most famous quote when it comes to identifying the one and only setter it belongs to: Oikawa Tooru. A quote he repeated several times to himself… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 06”

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