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Jujutsu Kaisen – First Impressions (spoiler free!)

Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi Itadori Nobara A-Zebra

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr Oftentimes if we want to start a new anime, the first thing we do is search it up online.  The arch nemesis of merely wanting some casual information awaits you around every corner, because if there is one thing you will have everywhere it is spoilers! Makii has already made

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Full Review: Little Witch Academia

After writing about my first impressions on the first episode of Little Witch Academia it’s now time to cover the series with a full review about the 25 Episodes.  Here I am going to write about the anime series adaptation of Little Witch Academia, seperate from the movie and manga. Like mentioned before the Anime

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Balance: Unlimited (Fugou Keiji) Review

art by @starwovened instagram Balance: Unlimited is an anime following the story of Haru Kato, who is a detective working in the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force (MCPTF) and the billionaire Daisuke Kambe who suddenly works in the same agency. I found out about this anime through the internet as it had huge hype even

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