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Gabi Braun- the blinded warrior [Character Talk]

aot attack on titan levi

header art: https://twitter.com/9baMelo Up until now we had characters that had a charming side despite their different roles such as Tsukasa Yugi being an antagonist and Todo Aoi who is a rival yet mentor at the same time. But in today’s blogpost things will… Continue Reading “Gabi Braun- the blinded warrior [Character Talk]”

Anime Characters That Deserved Better

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr Tragedy and Misery is a trope we see so many times around us and as well in anime, because it resembles and takes things from our own realities.  As much as there is love and happiness in life, it… Continue Reading “Anime Characters That Deserved Better”

Emotionally Strongest Female Characters in Anime

Right, so what happens when you google “strongest female character in anime”?  Easy, you get a list of absolutely great female fighters. Overpowered abilities or typical shounen-power induced fights. Of course I will never say that Erza Scarlet from Fairytail  isn’t one of the… Continue Reading “Emotionally Strongest Female Characters in Anime”

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