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Koikimo – how sick is this love really? [Breakfast Anime]

header by @ttosom58 Twitter Love is in the air, maybe because spring already arrived just like the new anime in this season of 2021! With Horimiya that we covered last time and just recently ended, let’s talk about another Romance-Comedy anime today: Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui! or for short Koikimo! The title

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Games for you to play despite having no time -pt.1

header by @chychydapotats instagram Stray Cat Doors Sometimes while we lose ourselves in the rush of the world and our heads already full with the workload of what to do next, we seek to pull the brakes and calm down even if it is for a mere thirty minutes. Exams, work and other stuff keep

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Haikyuu Quote Time: part 06

Picture @Kahmurio deviantart “If you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks!” – Oikawa Tooru The most famous quote when it comes to identifying the one and only setter it belongs to: Oikawa Tooru. A quote he repeated several times to himself and told Kageyama Tobio in middle-school explaining indirectly what it means.

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