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Koikimo – how sick is this love really? [Breakfast Anime]

header by @ttosom58 Twitter Love is in the air, maybe because spring already arrived just like the new anime in this season of 2021! With Horimiya that we covered last time and just recently ended, let’s talk about another Romance-Comedy anime today: Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui! or for short Koikimo! The title

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Kai Byoui Ramune – Are you having a mysterious disease as well? [Breakfast Anime]

Stress, obsession and worries.  As long as the human has the heart inside of his body is bound to suffer sooner or later, at least once humans experience distress in their life at some point. But what if that very distress manifests into an illness, worse what if it’s not just any illness but a

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9 Romance Animes you should watch

Who doesn’t know the feeling when you have just finished a bunch of Shounen animes filled with action or maybe some sad movie you simply cannot get over with that easily, and all of a sudden the thought comes up, “ah it’s about time to watch some romance again.” For those of you who are

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