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Manga or Anime, which one is better?


header by @Ruttika_Shin Twitter How many of you did ask themselves or maybe discussed with others which one was better: the anime or manga? And often there is a distinctive winner and at other times you just simply cannot decide. Why is that? Why… Continue Reading “Manga or Anime, which one is better?”

Danganronpa : The significance of Despair

header by @ https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2550807 When everything seems like the worst nightmare and your own reality becomes the epitome of it, in those times people have an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, that nothing matters anymore and seems meaningless the perfect feeling of utter defeat, one… Continue Reading “Danganronpa : The significance of Despair”

Strong but underestimated male anime characters

Did you ever wonder what real strength means? Is it measured by the fact you can punch someone to death with your bare fists or that you don’t even need to touch your opponent to kill him off? Maybe even one kick to score… Continue Reading “Strong but underestimated male anime characters”

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