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Is Kageyama Tobio an ISTJ? – MBTI Analysis with functions

Art by ruttika_shin on twitter Spoiler warning for the entirety of the Haikyuu!! anime Parts of the manga after chapter 292 will not be discussed. Thread with caution dear reader! This is the new and improved MBTI type analysis for the Haikyuu!! character Kageyama… Continue Reading “Is Kageyama Tobio an ISTJ? – MBTI Analysis with functions”

Did you know Nishinoya is an ESFP?

header @kahmurio deviantart With a height of 159cm and the number 4 on his back, our fierce libero of Karasuno has always a big presence wherever he is. One of the manliest among the crows and with his apparent animal-like instincts he never fails… Continue Reading “Did you know Nishinoya is an ESFP?”

Is Oikawa Tooru an ENFJ ?

header by @elydraws tumblr (This article contains spoilers, so if you have not watched until season 3, you have been warned!) His favourite food is milk bread, his favourite motto, “if you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks!” But did you… Continue Reading “Is Oikawa Tooru an ENFJ ?”

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