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The World ends with you – The Animation Full Review

As the popular DS game “The world ends with you” got its own animation this year, it’s just about time to write another Anime review about the famous game that was firstly released on April 18th 2008 in Europe and April 22nd in the… Continue Reading “The World ends with you – The Animation Full Review”

Review: Kagerou Daze Novel Vol.1

Kagerou project also known by the synonyms Mekakucity actor or Kagerou daze, was mainly known for the song-series starting with Jinzou Enemy in 2011 and stretching their latest album called Mekakucity Reload. Around 2015 the producer of the series Jin started a Novel series… Continue Reading “Review: Kagerou Daze Novel Vol.1”

Full Review: Little Witch Academia

After writing about my first impressions on the first episode of Little Witch Academia it’s now time to cover the series with a full review about the 25 Episodes.  Here I am going to write about the anime series adaptation of Little Witch Academia,… Continue Reading “Full Review: Little Witch Academia”

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