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Journal Journey – a Haikyuu fan-fiction -Chapter 05

Oikawa Tooru Haikyuu Melo9ba

header art by: https://melo-9ba.tumblr.com/ Chapter 05 : It’s not you, it’s me As I played with my pencil in class, watching the blackboard absent-mindedly there was something that bothered me for more than a week now. Scary. Weird. I didn’t even realize I dropped… Continue Reading “Journal Journey – a Haikyuu fan-fiction -Chapter 05”

Haikyuu!! Merry Go Round of Life [Hinata]

Haikyuu Hinata Shoyo spike @melo9ba

header by @ https://melo-9ba.tumblr.com/ I was falling, the gush of air that made my whole dress become almost blanket like or even an umbrella depending from where one would look from. It was the usual, I only wanted to jump down the hill, fill… Continue Reading “Haikyuu!! Merry Go Round of Life [Hinata]”

Haikyuu!! Quest AU

header by @edalnem on twitter As we rested for a while calming down from our long journey, I took the leather bag and let the water slip into my throat letting my sword lie in my lap watching Kageyama, Hinata, Kindaichi and Sugawara carefully.… Continue Reading “Haikyuu!! Quest AU”

Talking Through Air – a Oikawa Tooru HC pt.3

It has been shortly over a week since the stranger fell from the cliff. Everyday I have nursed him to health, brought him his food and drink to get him back to where he was before. It was my duty, my passion and my… Continue Reading “Talking Through Air – a Oikawa Tooru HC pt.3”

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