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Haikyuu!! Quote Time: part 04

“He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom.” Ittetsu Takeda Ittetsu Takeda had some very powerful quotes in the anime as well as the manga. The man who worked hard to make Karasuno what it had become and developing into a much… Continue Reading “Haikyuu!! Quote Time: part 04”

BNHA Quote time: part 01

“You can become a hero.” Toshinori to Midoriya The quote that had the most impact in the series and shown to be always repeated over and over again, “you can become a hero.” A sentence taken lightly or even as a joke by others,… Continue Reading “BNHA Quote time: part 01”

How to improve writing efficiently

The art and struggle of writing, is it a talent for only the few chosen authors? Is it something you are born with? Certainly not, someone could say there are people who naturally have it easier to improve in creative areas may it be… Continue Reading “How to improve writing efficiently”

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