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MBTI Romantic Compatibility: Romance Anime


  art by @pottetto on deviantart Introducing a new part of the MBTI relationship compatibility series! Today, we will be discussing two beautiful pairings residing in the area of romance anime.  For those of you who are new here, in this series we look… Continue Reading “MBTI Romantic Compatibility: Romance Anime”

MBTI Romantic Compatibility: Studio Ghibli pt.1

Studio Ghibli has graced us with many impactful and beautiful movies for years and years. Something that is incredibly beautiful to see is the romantic relationships that blossom through the stories they tell. In this post we will look at the relationships of two… Continue Reading “MBTI Romantic Compatibility: Studio Ghibli pt.1”

BNHA x MBTI Shuffle: The Sentinels

If you’re new and don’t know what I am talking about, in this post we’ll be exploring the blue category of Myers Briggs personalities and add BNHA characters into that mix. If you’re more interested in in-depth character analysis according to the MBTI test… Continue Reading “BNHA x MBTI Shuffle: The Sentinels”

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