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Full Review: Little Witch Academia

After writing about my first impressions on the first episode of Little Witch Academia it’s now time to cover the series with a full review about the 25 Episodes.  Here I am going to write about the anime series adaptation of Little Witch Academia,… Continue Reading “Full Review: Little Witch Academia”

First Impression: Little Witch Academia Episode 1

After shoving it off for a while and having some full shounen blast, I wanted to finally start watching Little Witch Academia that I heard so much about. Being a little head in the clouds kind of person I really enjoy fantasy and magic… Continue Reading “First Impression: Little Witch Academia Episode 1”

Why Howl’s Moving Castle is a mesmerizing movie

Ghibli movies. For me, they are the ultimate comfort movies. Whenever I feel low myself the first thing I do is hop onto Netflix and zap on either “Howl’s moving castle” or “The castle in the sky”, why? I will tell you right now.… Continue Reading “Why Howl’s Moving Castle is a mesmerizing movie”

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