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How to find Motivation in Sports Anime

Hinata Shoyo Haikyuu receive

Art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr The human body is a very complex structure, every organ in your body, every ligament and every nerve works to keep us healthy. And like a machine that needs to be oiled and tended to have it last for a long while, our bodies need nutrition in many ways to

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Why you can’t get out of bed sometimes (and that’s okay) 1/2

The ringing of the alarm clock wakes you up. Your body is heavy and every limb feels like a burden on yourself. As you slowly come to be more conscious of your surroundings , your head is already filling with thousands of thoughts building up for you to realise that it’s way too hard to

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Haikyuu!! The Significance of Losing

art by @Ruttika_Shin on twitter Comparison of polar opposites When you compare two different entities, chances are that you’ll find yourself with polar opposites. Humanity is prone to see in black and white as well as good and evil. Opinions get thrown from one side to another because everyone believes they are right until proven

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Haikyuu!! Quote Time: part 04

“He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom.” Ittetsu Takeda Ittetsu Takeda had some very powerful quotes in the anime as well as the manga. The man who worked hard to make Karasuno what it had become and developing into a much more powerful team than they could have imagined. The one who

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BNHA Quote time: part 01

“You can become a hero.” Toshinori to Midoriya The quote that had the most impact in the series and shown to be always repeated over and over again, “you can become a hero.” A sentence taken lightly or even as a joke by others, but what is the actual weight of these words said by

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How to improve writing efficiently

The art and struggle of writing, is it a talent for only the few chosen authors? Is it something you are born with? Certainly not, someone could say there are people who naturally have it easier to improve in creative areas may it be art, writing, poetry etc. but creativity is a skill you can

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