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Top 5 anime that start airing this September! [2021]

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Art by Twitter: @tarokunnnn and @_tamomoko After a turbulent summer full of different and interesting anime for us to watch, we are now officially rolling into the new fall season with another list of fresh anime adaptations that you can get excited for! Welcome… Continue Reading “Top 5 anime that start airing this September! [2021]”

Weathering With You: Tenki No Ko (Anime Recommendation)


Art by @_natyjs on twitter “Everything has its price, and the Weather-Miko awaits a tragic destiny.”  When rain falls, nature blossoms after. What we might find “annoying” or “inconvenient” is just the nature of the weather. Such is the setting of the movie “Tenki… Continue Reading “Weathering With You: Tenki No Ko (Anime Recommendation)”

Full Review: Little Witch Academia

After writing about my first impressions on the first episode of Little Witch Academia it’s now time to cover the series with a full review about the 25 Episodes.  Here I am going to write about the anime series adaptation of Little Witch Academia,… Continue Reading “Full Review: Little Witch Academia”

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