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Anime Quote Time pt.01


“I’ll leave you now. Congratulations on graduating”  Miyamura Izumi (Horimiya) Art by @potteto on deviantart The anime Horimiya shows us the lives of a group of students that are close to graduating highschool, as it branches off into their secluded character arcs and shines… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt.01”

BNHA Compatibility : La Brava and Gentle/Sidekick and her Villain pt.1

header by @_natyjs on twitter La Brava and Gentle Criminal, the power duo villains that touched our hearts in the last episodes of season four in Boku no Hero Academia, yet despite knowing that they are with no discussion literal partners in crime they… Continue Reading “BNHA Compatibility : La Brava and Gentle/Sidekick and her Villain pt.1”

Goodbye my dream part 01

I stared at him in his full-fledged white and aqua coloured jersey, dark brown hair and his brown eyes blinking several times. At first, he looked just as confused as I must have looked but there was this smile that one thought would never… Continue Reading “Goodbye my dream part 01”

Solid Priorities – a Kageyama Fanfiction

Chapter 1 My first day at the new school started, well: boring. I was kind of hoping something weird or zany would happen, I would trip and meet the love of my life or awkwardly embarass myself while introducing myself. But no, this was… Continue Reading “Solid Priorities – a Kageyama Fanfiction”

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