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Is Nishinoya an ESFP? MBTI Analysis with Functions

header by @kkumri instagram With a height of 159cm and the number 4 on his back, our fierce libero of Karasuno has always a big presence wherever he is. One of the manliest among the crows and with his apparent animal-like instincts he never… Continue Reading “Is Nishinoya an ESFP? MBTI Analysis with Functions”

Games for you to play despite having no time -pt.2

White haired Boy with Book Falling @melo9ba

header by @ https://melo-9ba.tumblr.com/ Sometimes while we lose ourselves in the rush of the world and our heads already full with the workload of what to do next, we seek to pull the brakes and calm down even if it is for a mere… Continue Reading “Games for you to play despite having no time -pt.2”

What do you want to see next?

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MBTI x Haikyuu!! Shuffle: The Explorers

Next round of the MBTI Shuffle! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, the Haikyuu!! Shuffle is an analysis according to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  It’s no new feat to analyse characters through MBTI Types, as Makii has posted Oikawa Tooru’s… Continue Reading “MBTI x Haikyuu!! Shuffle: The Explorers”

Is Kageyama Tobio an ISTJ?

Spoiler warning for Haikyuu!! season 1-3! Parts of the manga after chapter 190 will not be discussed. Thread with caution dear reader! “The first game, second game, the playoffs, the nationals… I am going to win them all” The genius setter from Karasuno and… Continue Reading “Is Kageyama Tobio an ISTJ?”

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