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Haikyuu Quote Time: part 13


Art by @nanaboodraws on twitter “When you’re hungry, and you eat a small mouthful of something…it makes you even hungrier.” Miya Osamu Every person develops from the moment they step foot into this world until they leave one day their own special way to… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 13”

Anime Quote Time pt.02

“Why wouldn’t you stay at the bottom with me?” – Mai Zenin, Jujutsu Kaisen Ep.17 art header by @_natyjs on twitter In Jujutsu Kaisen we see a lot of interesting dynamics from teacher and student to two souls inhabiting one body. And amongst them… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt.02”

Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.02

 “Work at it. All I can do is work hard! That’s the story of my life!” – Tanjiro Kamado header by @01ki on instagram With Demon slayer being an anime that gives us a tragic story right away, we have our patient and steady… Continue Reading “Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.02”

Anime Quote Time pt.01


“I’ll leave you now. Congratulations on graduating”  Miyamura Izumi (Horimiya) Art by @potteto on deviantart The anime Horimiya shows us the lives of a group of students that are close to graduating highschool, as it branches off into their secluded character arcs and shines… Continue Reading “Anime Quote Time pt.01”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 12

“I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that” – Kita Shinsuke art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr Our past molds our present, and our present builds our future. We live… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 12”

BNHA Quote Time: part 04


“Violence for the sake of others makes it admirable” – Shigaraki Tomura art by @Ruttika_shin on twitter Heroes and Villains. Both couldn’t be more different from the other, and yet they are two sides of the same coin. What might be a villainous act… Continue Reading “BNHA Quote Time: part 04”

Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.01

“If you can only do one thing, hone it to perfection. Hone it to the utmost limit.” Jigoro Kuwajima art by @Ruttika_Shin on twitter Zenitsu Agatsuma, one of the main characters of Demon Slayer and a very peculiar character next to his peers come… Continue Reading “Quote Time: Demon Slayer pt.01”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 11

“Hinata Shoyo came here to create a chance he wasn’t given.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi Ep.3 Season 4 header by@Ruttika_Shin Twitter Ballboy arc, we already heard about it in another blogpost and are aware how much of an impact it had on Hinata. This time… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 11”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 10

art by @a-zebra-was-here on tumblr “You can fly even higher” Kageyama Tobio Since the first episode of Haikyuu the crows are what represent the Karasuno Volleyball team.  Their black feathers blast past Hinata’s metaphorical vision as he first sees the little giant play. As… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 10”

Haikyuu Quote Time: part 09

“It’s not like I have been playing in earnest the whole time. I ran away from it once too” – Ennoshita Chikara Ennoshita Chikara, the current second year of the Karasuno team and a wing spiker, might make the impression of being a simple… Continue Reading “Haikyuu Quote Time: part 09”

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