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Solid Priorities – a HAIKYUU!! Fanfiction pt.3

Chapter 3 Its been a week since I moved to japan now. To me it felt almost alarming as to how quickly I adjusted. Everything stills feel new and fresh, and I’ve learned alot of new stuff about living here, mostly through trial and… Continue Reading “Solid Priorities – a HAIKYUU!! Fanfiction pt.3”

Solid Priorities – a HAIKYUU!! Fanfiction pt.2

Chapter 2 I woke up with the blaring beebing noise of my alarm, that I quickly slammed quiet. Groaning, I streched myself in my duvet and gave out a sound weird enough to alert someone. Good morning world. 6:46 pm. First things first: shower.… Continue Reading “Solid Priorities – a HAIKYUU!! Fanfiction pt.2”

Solid Priorities – a Kageyama Fanfiction

Chapter 1 My first day at the new school started, well: boring. I was kind of hoping something weird or zany would happen, I would trip and meet the love of my life or awkwardly embarass myself while introducing myself. But no, this was… Continue Reading “Solid Priorities – a Kageyama Fanfiction”

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