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Scent. – a Haikyuu!! fanfiction pt.22


Art by @ocaxoka on Twitter Stay calm. Stay absolutely calm. That was the mantra I kept repeating in my head, but I could definitely feel the rush of blood through my ears. My heart thrummed in my chest as I speed walked through the halls and opened the huge glass doors to run outside. My

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10 reasons why Kageyama’s and Hinata’s relationship is underrated

header by @Ruttika_Shin Twitter Our most favourite freak duo, excelling in most of the matches and bringing us surprises just like the opponents start gawking when they see their notorious quick attack. Despite the fact that we know Kageyama and Hinata are sure the best Duo there exists, it’s often seen from a standpoint inside

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Haikyuu!! Quest AU

header by @edalnem on twitter As we rested for a while calming down from our long journey, I took the leather bag and let the water slip into my throat letting my sword lie in my lap watching Kageyama, Hinata, Kindaichi and Sugawara carefully. Sugawara bandaged Hinata who took severe damage from the last fight

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Is Oikawa Tooru an ENFJ ?

header by @elydraws tumblr (This article contains spoilers, so if you have not watched until season 3, you have been warned!) His favourite food is milk bread, his favourite motto, “if you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks!” But did you know that No.1 from Team Seijoh, Captain and Setter well-liked and

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